Martin Hansen – It’s impossible to dislodge Reina!

Former Liverpool reserve keeper Martin Hansen has discussed his recent departure from the Club, telling Danish press that no matter how well he performed, he would never be able to dislodge Pepe Reina.

Hansen, 21, left Liverpool on the final day of the January transfer window, joining Viborg FF.

He told “I’m coming back to Denmark with a feeling that more waits further down the line. I know I can compete, and I’m satisfied with my own effort in England. The situation is just that one of the world’s best keepers is at Liverpool, and they really like him as a person too.”

The Danish youth international was highly rated at Anfield, arriving from Brondby in 2006 but left having not made a first-team appearance. The closest he got was when Roy Hodgson named him as the Reds’ sub-keeper on seven appearances “That made me see some light and opportunities ahead, but then he got fired and it was just downhill from there.”

Speaking about Reina, he added “Just watch the Carling and FA Cups. He (Reina) plays those too. There are noone else that will get their chance while he is that. That much is certain. And he hasn’t even been injured for 5 years, and if he was he played anyway. In my 5 years at the club, he missed 3 games.”

“While Reina is there I don’t see any reason to waste my time. There are lots of other clubs where I can get to and play. I just grew tired of it. When I got home from matches and practice I told myself that I could do this elsewhere.”

“I could arrive home and feel that I had performed outstandingly and just been crazily good, but I just knew that no matter what I did it wouldn’t change a thing. In the end I couldn’t take it anymore. There had to be more realism and less politics in it for me, because in Liverpool they don’t just put a youngster at goal or let the best one on the day play as you do other places.”

“I’m not saying I’m better than Reina, because I’m not, but sometimes you could wish for a bigger chance as you see in other clubs. That’s just not the way Liverpool works, as I found out.”

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