FIFA authorise goal line technology

Football’s world governing body FIFA have announced that they have licenced two goal-line technology systems for isntallations at football stadiums around the world.

Hawkeye, which has been used successfully in tennis and other sports for several years, and GoalRef are systems hoping to let technology make the decision to the age-old question, ‘Did the ball cross the line?’

The move of bringing technology into the live game of football is a first for FIFA, with some critics sceptical that it could open up the chance for technology to take over the game in more ways than goal line technology.

“This milestone means that the companies now have authorisation to install their technology systems worldwide” said a Fifa spokesman.

“Once a system has been installed in a stadium, the system undergoes a final inspection to check its functionality.

“This is carried out by an independent test institute, and the results of this so-called ‘final installation test’ must be successful.

“Only a positive final installation test qualifies a system to be used in official matches.”

Hawkeye involves six ultra-powerful cameras to determine whether the football has crossed a goalline or not. It then sends a signal to the referee if it has.

GoalRef uses a microchip in the football to detect whether the ball has crossed the line. Again, the referee is instantly notified.

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