Female Liverpool fans given Anfield opportunity this weekend

Ahead of this year’s International Women’s Day, the Livergirls International event will be taking place at Anfield on Saturday.

Female Liverpool FC fans both locally and internationally are invited to the home of the Reds for a day to remember, where you can ‘come alone – but you will not be alone’.

The day features special guests, music and a two-course lunch, taking place from 12 noon to 5pm.

The campaign was started eight years ago by the official supporters’ branch of Liverpool FC in Norway when LFC author Ragnhild Lund Ansnes became the first female board member in the Norwegian supporters’ branch.

Headling this year’s event is former player Steve McManaman, plus motivational talks from Rob Glover (BootRoom Productions and former ballroom dancer), Chloe Bloxam (RedmenTV), Oliva Graham (Homotopia), plus Kieran Molyneux (BOSS Night), and DJ Niamh Grace.

Last year’s Livergirls International event saw over 100 girls from different countries get together, helping to put Liverpool FC’s fans in the leading seat when it comes to looking after the clubs’ female fans as well as celebrating inclusiveness and diversity.

“When I became a board member, I was surprised by how low the percentage of female members were in the club, compared to all the female fans I met at supporter events, on LFC book signings around the country and how many Red females engaged on social media,” explains Lund Ansnes.

The Norwegian Supporters’ Branch kicked off the Livergirls campaign with John Barnes in Oslo. This was followed by the creation of their own social media platform where girls can share their passion, ask questions and build friendships.

“The feedback on how much this campaign has meant to so many girls in such a gender-equal country as Norway, made me want to take this campaign worldwide,” says Lund Ansnes.

“Imagine how much we can do for female LFC fans all over the world when we create safe and comfortable platforms for all girls, no matter geography, religion or political views.”

In 2019 Livergirls International became a reality with its first event, and in 2020 Liverpool FC also gave the campaign support, when then-CEO, Peter Moore, was very enthusiastic and supportive.

Moore helped it grow and the annual celebration was moved to Anfield Stadium – where it will take place for the third time this weekend.

You can purchase tickets for Saturday’s event, here.

* This is also a community-building project for Liverpool supporters of Liverpool North. There is an opportunity for everyone, participants of the event or businesses to part sponsor or fully sponsor a female supporter or a community table to invite girls from the community around Anfield Stadium who would like to attend, but is unable to afford a ticket, or mothers of children from Millstead School close to Anfield, a school for children with special needs, who need a little break and a lift. The local supporters who will receive the sponsorship will be chosen by our chosen charity 23 Foundation and Lynn Irwin from Millstead School.