Naivety is holding Liverpool FC back

Si Steers examines whether it is a lack of experience, or just naivety that is holding Liverpool Football Club from moving forward.

Keep calm and walk on

Si Steers explains why the tricky start to life at the helm for Brendan Rodgers actually provides plenty of optimism for the future under his management.

LFC – Living within our means

Si Steers explains why Liverpool must be self-sustaining if they are able to plan long term and get back into the Champions League.

The game plan

An in-depth look at the FSG master plan for Liverpool FC; and the direction the club is taking.

The Liverpool Story

A look at how Liverpool Football Club better needs to define its ‘story’ to improve PR and Communications: and some context to why Ian Ayre needs to be cut some slack as he adapts to higher profile.

A brave new world

A look at what the new ‘footballing’ structure at Liverpool might be, and who is the best ‘fit’ for the manager role.

Time to put the politics to one side

A view as to why Liverpool FC fans should reserve judgement on the club’s owners – Fenway Sports Group- for now.

LFC: Fit for the future

Si Steers takes a look at how some of the recent announcements from Liverpool FC are getting the club ‘fit for the future’.

Luis Suarez: the demonisation of a genius

It would be fair to say that the hyperbolic British media have hardly gone overboard with praise for Luis’ exceptional hat-trick against Norwich on Saturday.

What next for Liverpool Football Club?

Si Steers takes a look at the departure of Damien Comolli and one or two of the theories as to why he lost his job; also looking at how the Club may move forward.

Can moneyball work in football?

Si Steers takes a look at whether Moneyball can work in football; and where Liverpool need to learn that statistics are only part of the answer.

Through the wind and rain

Si Steers explains why we as supporters need to look to the future rather than having expectations based on our past.

The Comolli role

Si Steers discusses Damien Comolli’s role at LFC as director of football.

The stadium issue: we have to get it right

Si Steers discusses the importance of FSG making a decision on the new stadium, or redevelopment of Anfield, this year – before we are left behind by more of our rivals.