Reds record confidence boosting win over Spurs

Liverpool 3-2 Tottenham
Premier League; Sunday, 10th March 2013

Liverpool recorded their first win over a team in the top seven for the first time under manager Brendan Rodgers as they beat Tottenham 3-2 at Anfield on Sunday afternoon.


After taking the lead through Luis Suarez, Spurs went ahead with Jan Vertonghen heading two, before Stewart Downing equalised and Steven Gerrard‘s penalty gave the Reds three points late on.

Liverpool were missing Pepe Reina (calf injury) but Daniel Sturridge returned after injury. Rodgers opted for an attacking side, keeping Coutinho on the left and Suarez in behind Sturridge. The starting eleven the strongest available in most opinions.

The opening goal had a South American feel to it, with Coutinho linking up well with the ever-improving Enrique down the left and the Spanish full back slid a perfect ball inside the box for Suarez who expertly finished at the near post past Hugo Lloris at the Anfield Road End. His 29th goal of the season – 22nd in the League – and 50th goal for the club (in 91 appearances).

Liverpool were the brighter side in the first-half but Spurs levelled on the stroke of half-time as Gareth Bale’s cross from the right hand side was met by defender Vertonghen who headed past Jones.

It was the same combination that put the visitors ahead shortly after the break, Bale won a free-kick from Lucas – the Welshman holding his face after contact on his shoulder – and his dangerous ball in eventually fell to Vertonghen again as Johnson slipped and he did well to switch to his left foot and volley in.

Spurs had the momentum and it looked difficult to see Liverpool coming back into the game. The substitution of Joe Allen, for Coutinho, gave Liverpool more control in midfield and worked well.

But it was two mistakes from Spurs that really offered the opportunity for the home side. Kyle Walker’s bizarre back pass was miscued and Lloris came charging out, Downing did well to round the keeper and with a defender on the goalline he hammered it low and hard.

And the winner arrived with 8 minutes remaining when Jermaine Defoe stretched for a ball and put Suarez in control in the box only for Assou-Ekotto to rush in and take out the Uruguayan. Steven Gerrard expertly put away the spot-kick to the keeper’s left.

The win puts Rodgers side into the top six for the first time this season and records their third straight League win for the first time under the Northern Irishman.

Liverpool: Jones, Johnson, Carragher, Agger, Enrique, Lucas, Gerrard, Downing, Suarez, Coutinho (Allen 59), Sturridge (Henderson 88).
Subs not used: Gulacsi, Skrtel, Wisdom, Sterling, Shelvey.

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  • kistrand

    What a victory! We seemed doomed after Spurs went ahead when we were outplayed all over the field. Good thing we got a share of luck for once with the equalizer. Have to say, though, that Gareth Bale’s ‘my face hurts’ antics resulting in the free kick before the 1-2 goal were just pathetic. How he managed to hurt in the face from Lucas barely touching his shoulder is certainly strange…

    • terry b

      their heads collided stupid

      • kistrand

        No way they collided, watch the replays before you go calling people stupid! Just watched it again myself to double check and they did not collide at all, not the slightest.

      • Madrileno

        with comments like that , you numbskull, I suggest you go to Specsavers… I’ve just retracked the incident frame by frame, pity you can;t do the same on your obviously cheap equipment, did you get it at ht eMU charity shop ? I’d hate you to be a witness in a traffic acciident, you’d probably reckon the corpse on the deck was actually driving the motor. Take some advice from Kistrand .. pillock

    • timmohfdred

      I agree Bale’s antics and disgraceful play acting were bordering on the ridiculous. If it wasnt for the ridiculous decisions given for 2 non existent fouls then i don’t think they would have scored.They fluffed countless chances. And how spurs fans are saying that Luis dived is quite frankly absurd. Ekotto took him out simples. Sturridge should have had a pen due to the kick to the back of the foot, and coutinho after he was basically wrestled to the deck in the area. A great win though nonetheless. Onwards and upwards redmen YNWA

  • rodgers supporter

    games like this is why i love football! we played well, we made mistakes and being punished for it, but spurs did the same and at the end we punished them more!
    good work lads! YNWA

    • terry b

      But the mistakes you made were not of the gifting goals kind

      • rodgers supporter

        what are youtalking about?

      • madridleno

        good grief, tb, hat type of numbskull are you, I realise you are a class 1 “Winder-upper” but you don’t have much between the ears do you to not realise that what you call gifting goals were the ones MU had yesterday against Chelsea….. and missed.

        • Daryl Cavanagh

          Best just to ignore idiots like Terry B just a troll

  • Redblooded Male

    Coutinho had Walker sussed, he reminds me of Silva with his quick feet & eye for a killer pass. His pinpoint through ball to Sturridge was incredible, only Daniel’s heavy touch prevented him going round Lloris. Over the moon that Sigurdsson flopped, & Parker & Dembele were disgraceful. I was so hoping Suarez took the pen, just so he could stretch his lead as top scorer, & secure the golden boot, but he should get it anyway, RVP’s peaked & is out of form. If we continue like this, the game vs Chelsea could effectively be a CL playoff!

    • terry b

      I feel you must have been at goodison. Look at the stats. apart from the two gifted goals

      • Madrileno

        you back again, numbskull… no one’s arguing that Spurs didn’t have more possession & corners and they ARE good, it’s simply that as a ManU freak, I say that literally, you firmly believe that your “I-got-away-with-raping-a -Dutch-chamber-maid-in-my-Hotel” RVP , is the automatic choice for a golden boot, He’s as hypocritical as your whiskey-nosed manager..who screamed his anger to the world when Suarez didn’t sh ake Evra’s hand, but totally ignored Benitez on Sunday. God, what a team to support. Family adulterer Giggs, Refuser of drug-tests Ferdinand, I-play-away-from-home Rooney, the twin Brazilian cheats (Rafael & his useless brother) they’re like a circus with Coco the clown in charge. OT should be renamed BT (Big Top)

      • John Boy

        What are you on about? Think you’re in the wrong place son. You are not welcome here.

  • junior galtieri

    Given the amount of bad luck we had at the start of the season, if these things do even themselves out, then a win such as this is long overdue

    Our forwards seem to be clicking – although Sturridge looked off the pace – and our big players – Gerrard, Suarez – are leading by example

    I don’t see why winning our remaining games is beyond us – especially with our hgardest remaining games – Everton and Chelsea – both being at home, where we have good records against both teams

  • Gray

    It wasnt the perfect performance, one in which we rode our luck, but also took our chances with their mistakes. It makes a nice change. A win is a win and this was extremely important. What I would like to see is perhaps our defending of set pieces and crosses coming into our penalty box. I wince everytime the ball is played in as you are never sure if Agger loses his marker or Johnson failing to make a challenge. Sturridge played his part keeping their back four busy and Coutihno was impressive again with some great vision and skill. And one little mention for Stewart Downing….well done son. You aren’t a world beater but you are starting to look like the player Kenny bought you for. Suarez…well ive run out of superlatives for you! YNWA! Same again at Southampton please boys!

  • jmLfc

    well to be honest if suarez had of done bale’s antics there would be a nation outcry agree

  • Darryl W

    12 out of a possible 12, it’s been sometime since we won 4 league games on the trot, I was thinking that the game against Spurs would be a very good pointer as to how far we’d come (or not) thus far this season and I’m delighted to say it was an excellent win.

    I’d like to know just whether or not the result would have been different if we’d also played on Thursday, but it’s still an excellent result all the same.

  • JulHI

    It was a great winning game! Congrates to all the boys! We’v beaten one of the top 6th!

    BR – Keep it up, jus maintain the same squad.

  • Butragenio

    Good performance, although still to sort out concentration lapses and weak defense on set pieces and corners. Suarez is a god. Finally brenda got the formation and subs spot on. First important team beaten this season. If we could build on this we could end the season on a decent high.

    • kevinR

      Crawl back under your rock mate

      • Butragenio

        I have. your mum was here to keep me company. didnt have time to thank her, so please send her my regards.


    whats up with downing 2 goals in a row

  • Carlos G

    I think it’s safe to say we are on form now, still there are tons of improvement to make, mentally speaking after we go down we seem to crumble but on the plus side we are scoring a high fee of goals per game .. lets keep that hope up lads YNWA

  • munyuktae

    Great performance, a very thrilling match, hope that they could build from it, take pride and believe in themselves. Worth noting that anfield is getting quiet, especially when the team was a goal down which in my opinion that the players in dire need of our support, the buzzing finally came after the equalizer until the final whistle. The players showed us that they are worthy of our supports, that they are willing to fight despite the grim situation, the question now is: are we willing to do the same for LFC? Lets sing our songs, chants their name, be the 12th man, and make anfield a strong fortress like it used to be. YNWA!

  • seanyw

    A good victory even though not a top-4 challenging performance. But surely we are progressing in the right direction. Very positive indeed to see Suarez scoring again and Coutinho/Enrique making our left flank looking more dangerous and creative than in past few years.

    Shaky defence and particular on set pieces had given two goals away to Vertongen – too much to afford in close matches like this. We were lucky to get away and won thanks to even worse mistakes Spurs made. BR must be alerted and get some improvements.

    We lost the midfield to Parker and Dembele before Joe Allen came in. Unless Gerrard and Lucas get help there, we will be vulnerable to teams which play high and pressure a lot.