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No one can doubt that it has been another great season for Liverpool Football Club. Despite a disappointing early League Cup and Champions League exit, Rafael Benitez’s men have picked up a club Premiership record of 82 points from this season’s Premiership campaign and got to the FA Cup Final.

We’re asking the fans in the This Is Anfield forums to tell us your highlights and memories of the 2005/06 season. From next week we will be starting a regular feature on the site entitled ‘My 2005/06 Memories’ so let us know yours and you could be featured on the site!

To send us your memories, go to this topic in the forums. If you haven’t already registered for the forums, you can do for free by clicking here.

Here are just a few of their memories sent to us already…

‘œI would say “wins” and “improvement”, “Rafalution” it’s the overall in contrast to last seasons “one” epic cup final win, though the Champions League campaign of course was brilliant, it is 25th May 2005 and the heroics of Istanbul that will live on forever in our minds.

The FA Cup run is great – but ironically I was more ecstatic at the prospect of getting as many points scraped together, although we all knew we were never going to overtake Chelsea this season.

Basically I’m sick of cup finals, I want the 19th title!’

‘œBeating Chelsea was special, listening to whinger afterwards was funnier though!
Seeing the team put consistent runs together and as Rafa says, “controlling the game”.’


‘œThe look on Stevie Gerrards face, changing when he realised Xabi Alonso’s long ranger against Luton was actually a goal. Class!

Beating Chelsea. Maureen’s pathetic whinging made you realise the class act we have in charge.

The emergence of Momo as a truly class act in midfielder, and the knowledge that Gollum ‘˜almost’ had him!’
Johnny T.

‘œWow so many but I have managed to condense it down!

The most emotional atmosphere for me this season has got to be standing in the Kop for the Benfica game way after the final whistle had gone knocking us OUT of the Champs league!! Everyone was sad but proud as we sang and clapped both teams off the pitch and continued to let everyone know what SUPPORT is all about!

Watching the UGLY sisters dejected face after we knocked the Mancs out of the FA Cup at Fortress Anfield, especially when he fell and landed on his bum as the ground chanted the famous Neville ditty!

Another high was hearing that Robbie “God” Fowler had re-joined the fold and his subsequent year contract extension!!

Lastly watching the Mighty Reds make mincemeat of Chavski both on and off the field in the FA Cup Semi and the party of singing we all had in the theatre of Delussions as the dejected Chavski supporters trailed out heads hanging sadly!!

Great memories and still one more to come in Cardiff whatever the result ends up being we will as always play our part come what may in making it a Final to remember!!’

Let us know your favourite memories from the last campaign here.

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