Play new footy manager game during the Spain game

Football 3s

Are you currently sat watching the Spain vs South Africa match? If so, take the opportunity to try out a new football management game online.

Football 3’s is a new interactive game which involves users picking 3 players from either team currently playing, then competing against fellow fans to accumulate the most points over a 10 minute period. Points are accumulated for goals, passes, tackles and assists or removed for a misplaced pass or a foul. You can make 3 subs during the 10 minute games.

This Is Anfield are currently playing the game now so head over to Football 3’s and join us. We’re pretty impressed so far and enjoy the style of quick, short games in a fantasy football cross Championship manager style.

There are also some prizes for playing Football3s this weekend to top 3’s players.

1st: The person who scores the most points in a single game over the weekend gets those points converted to pounds.

2nd: Score the second highest and we’ll give you four beers from each competing nation. That means 4 Peronis, 4 Brahmas, 4 Castles and 4 San Miguel. Oh, and have 4 Football3s beer mats to protect your table.

3rd: Third highest score gets you 3 beer mats and no beer.

Full Football 3’s schedule over next month:

* Spain v South Africa Confederations Cup 20/06/09 7.30pm BBC3
* Italy v Brazil Confederations Cup 21/06/09 7.30pm BBC3
* Germany v England UEFA U21 Championship 22/06/09 7.45pm Sky Sports 1
* Semi Final 1 Confederations Cup 24/06/09 7.30pm BBC3
* Semi Final 2 Confederations Cup 25/06/09 7.30pm BBC3
* Semi Final UEFA U21 Championship 26/06/09 7.45pm Sky Sports 1
* Final UEFA U21 Championship 29/06/09 7.45pm Sky Sports 1