At-home skills, Robbo reproduces Riise rocket & Trent’s relentless display of competitiveness!

After watching this video, we’re officially ready to label Trent Alexander-Arnold the world’s most competitive person, in any sport, in every regard, in all of human history.

Our defensive Trent and Andy Robertson duo joined 433 for a video competition of a Home Olympics, competing against each other in a range of football challenges and questions about each other.

As usual when Reds stars go on camera with each other, there’s plenty of evidence of camaraderie, humour and off-pitch friendship, which is great to see.

But there’s also a huge amount of competitiveness, desire to wind each other up and will to win, which is even better!

The introduction is typically brilliant and sets the tone for rest of the show: “two of the best full-backs in the world: They’re team-mates, they’re friends, they’re hard to f*cking understand!”

Robbo doesn’t hold back from the jokes as soon as he sees the lovely expanse of greenery Trent gets to shoot his videos in; “I don’t have a five-acre field to play in!” is his first excuse, while acknowledging the long-distance video he clearly had help recording from an upstairs window means it could be Zinedine Zidane rather than Robbo himself attempting the ‘Ronaldinho’ challenge.

On the first task—a killer first touch from a high, dropping ball—Trent wants the point thanks to a series of keepie-ups beforehand, while Robbo opted for a no-nonsense drop-kick from the hands which the young Scouser says gave “ultimate backspin” to, making it easier to control.

Major competitive edge, even on a YouTube video contest! We love to see it.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Wednesday, January 29, 2020: Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold (R) and Andy Robertson prepare to take a free-kick during the FA Premier League match between West Ham United FC and Liverpool FC at the London Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

In Round Two, recreating famous goals, Robbo opted for familiarity: a fellow Liverpool left-back, with John Arne Riise’s free-kick rocket against Man United back in 2001.

A thunderbolt effort ensues—but even here, Trent takes umbridge at a minor fault in the copycat effort.

The No. 66 himself, meanwhile, goes for the Steven Gerrard Olympiacos goal, a never-to-be-forgotten moment for any Kopite, and even provides the commentary for the moment.

Finally, there was a round where they answered questions on each other: What is Robbo’s favourite dish, what are Trent’s dogs’ names, musical tastes and more.

You can find out the winner for yourselves, but don’t skip the section of Trent trying to argue the technicality of how he should get a point because a “chicken butty” is essentially the same food as “fajitas” – competitive doesn’t even begin to explain it!