Au Revoir Damien Comolli, In FSG I trust

Owen Kavanagh looks at the dismissal of Director of Football Damien Comolli and the future Liverpool FC has in store in the hands of Fenway Sports Group.

What next for Liverpool Football Club?

Si Steers takes a look at the departure of Damien Comolli and one or two of the theories as to why he lost his job; also looking at how the Club may move forward.

Dalglish: Signings have been my choice

Liverpool FC manager Kenny Dalglish has told the media that all signings since he arrived at the Club have been his choice – not Damien Comolli’s.

Can moneyball work in football?

Si Steers takes a look at whether Moneyball can work in football; and where Liverpool need to learn that statistics are only part of the answer.

LFC European Scouting Report 2012

We identify seven top European players who could add some quality to the Liverpool attack when the transfer window opens this summer.

The Comolli role

Si Steers discusses Damien Comolli’s role at LFC as director of football.

Turning a blind eye

Turning a blind eye is something we’re good at, isn’t it, us Liverpool fans? Take transfers, just as an example.