Liverpool fans react angrily to defeat at QPR


Liverpool fans have reacted angrily to the way their side threw away a 2-0 lead to lose 3-2 at Queen’s Park Rangers in the Premier League on Wednesday night.

Second half goals from Sebastian Coates and Dirk Kuyt had looked to have given the Reds victory in West London, but three goals in the final 13 minutes of the game sealed a dramatic victory for the relegation candidates.

Here’s just some of the reactions from fans in our forums. Have your say by going to our Liverpool FC forums sharing your views.

“Its bad enough to lose a match to a relegation zone team when your 2 nil up, but for me whats more upsetting is, we dont seem to be progressing and worried nothing will change, the same players that fail will be thrown back in next week.” lightdrizzle

“Well at least we have a goal of the season contender. Sadly it was swiftly followed by a capitulation of the season contender. At one point it was a question of how many we’d win by but taking Suarez off was a disastrous decision. We have some players who are as weak as fuck and some players who just don’t give a fuck any more. Embarrassing.” Billy Biskix

“Would just like to get in before all the knee jerking starts and say that yes, the last 15 minutes was completely unacceptable, but before that we were the better team for long spells and played some tidy football. That is all.” Off_The_Heezay

“An object lesson in how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. QPR were poor. We somehow managed to be poorer. Takes some doing that.” Anfield 07

“We make them look like a pub team for 80 minutes, and end up with fuck all…like watching us when Evans was in charge.Best football we’ve played all season, followed by the collapse of a century. How any team can concede three goals against that QPR team is beyond me.” norweigan wood


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  • Tommyrotton2

    Bring raheem sterling and suso up, sell andy carroll and downing!! Get hoilett from blackburn and tello from barcalona!

  • Tommyrotton2

    Bring raheem sterling and suso up, sell andy carroll and downing!! Get hoilett from blackburn and tello from barcalona!

  • Jerry

    bring back rafa…

  • Jcws1993

    KK can’t control what the players did in the last 13 minutes. It’s unfair to blame KK. When he wins everybody will support him. I dont think there’s anything wrong with KK. The problem lies within the discipline and the lack of concentration of the players. We also need young players who would put their lives on the line for the club!

  • Adrumi7

    Rubbish! Utterly rubbish! It’s unacceptable. Liverpool should learn from the likes of manc scum utd. Sorry to say this…..but it’s the fact attitude! It’s the players attitude. Don’t they see how the scums played? They played with pride and dignity, week in week out, all season consistently plus some ‘hair dryer’ treatment from SAF. The way they attacked wave after wave in each game is ‘terrifying’, which in turn earn them so much ‘respect’

  • Desmond Low

    can’t tell you how disappointed i am. my 2 year old is a fan and wears the kit proudly and kisses the badge. i really don’t want him to suffer 20 years of pain like his dad. it’s practically a sin but i am considering getting him to support Arsenal or Spurs instead. Come on you reds! Stop letting us down!

  • Maz_yarp

    Don’t know why u all blaming Kenny taking Suarez off isn’t the issue he doesn’t defend, I thought downing played well, the issue is mental, we have a team made up of the best of the lowere clubs, teams not used to winning week in week out. So when we are in a winning position they’re not sure how to finish it off. Agree suso, sterling, coady, flanno and Robinson should get more opportunities, but now it’s Rly time for us to buy all the young talent, what happened to us being the Spanish club in England.

    • Maz_yarp

      Also do question y Kenny took a rb off and replaced with a cb, flanno was on the bench he is good enough


    Where’s the pride? Where’s the passion? Give the youngsters a go! At least you know they will give a 100%

  • Loken


  • Gcpigni

    Chelsea has Abramovich…
    ManC has Sheikh-Mansour… 
    what we have…? Cheap Yanks

    • Lee Kite

       You are joking?  How much monoey needs to be thown at the team before it starts to perform, over £100 million KK has spent and on what. Dont blame the board blame the manager for wasting money on average players. 

  • Robinicerobinin

    How do you let a 2 goal deficit get taken away in just 15 minutes?? And we are trying to get into the top 4…..not gona happen unless the players that are not performing get taken out of the side & there are players in the reserve side that deserve a chance in the 1st team…..Taking players off because you think the game is sealed with only a 2 goal difference ???….the game is only finish when the final whistle is blown…..C’mon Liverpool, we are better and should be more determined to prove the critics wrong.

  • David Lawe

    It is totally rubbish. There is no excuse for Liverpool only collected 42 points from 29 matches. So what if they have the Carling Cup and the FA Cup in the cabinet, they can’t even get into the Champion League. Worse of all, they are just 3 points above the newly promoted side where a team has so limited budget spent in the transfer market. Stop giving excuses, Liverpool.

  • Marc

    I have supported Liverpool for the past 40 years,we were complete rubbish last night like we have been all season.Get Dalglish out now he never was the right man for the job.

  • Gannoir22

    I don’t think that this scenario of giving up a 2 goal lead would have ever happened under Rafa. Do you have anything constructive to say about what is going wrong me?

  • Bbyrne56

    Pure disgrace!!!

  • Danielgourlay

    It’s time to see if Kenny has it in him to make some ruthless decisions. The league is gone we might as well blood some youth. The cup is still on and the hurt from this defeat could power a great performance in the cup.
    Charlie Adam-taxi to Blackpool I’m afraid you have had plenty of chances and your no spring chicken. Give Jon-Jo a go and let’s hope he’s got the confidence to match his size. I want to see Sterling given a run out put some pressure on the erratic Downing who only seems to deliver against the small fry.

  • Tony the wonder horse

    I would like to see Sterling come in, playing behind Suarez. Dare i say it i would keep aquilani next season too, Spearing doesnt cut it, and Adam is hot and cold. Gerrard and Aquaman in central midfield is a pretty good combo (if lucas is out) .



  • Kingseq

    kd u are good to go

  • Kingseq

    reina is a stupid keeper nd pls stick with spearing instead of adam