Kuyt “considering his future”

Reports this week suggest Dirk Kuyt will be one of three players to be let go this summer, and his agent has confirmed the Dutchman is considering his future at Liverpool.

Kuyt has started just 19 games this season, having been shunned for Jordan Henderson at the start of the season.

Kuyt enjoyed a prolific spell at the end of last season but found himself out of the team following Henderson’s arrival, despite the former Sunderland midfielder not being a natural wide player and struggling to make an impression.

Italian side Roma were linked with a move for the 31 year old this week, along with former club Feyenoord. A move to Roma would mean a possible debut against Liverpool in Boston this summer.

Kuyt’s agent Rob Jansen said:

“Kuyt is considering his future. He still has a contract with Liverpool which expires in 2014.”

“AS Roma could be an option for Dirk. They are a prestigious club that is fighting for important objectives. With (Roma sporting director Walter) Sabatini there is an excellent relationship.

“I can say that Roma is part of the list of clubs that Kuyt would take seriously into account.”

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  • http://twitter.com/CorbettsBritain Corbett’s Britain

    Sit on the bench at mid table Liverpool or go and play for Italian giants Roma?

    Must be an easy decision for him.

    I wish him all the luck but will be very sorry to see him leave as that man has got a massive heart and puts in 100% every game unlike others in the first team.

    Even more of a shame as I still think he is one of our better players. I wish KD had played him more.

    • Tornado Thompson

      100% effort & maybe 40% skill doesn’t make him a good Liverpool play. I’ve watched Kuyt time & time again & every time he gets the ball my heart sinks

      • Andj_o

        With your sort of reasoning, I guess you would field a team of Hendersons then.

        • Me

          How do u get to henderson from kuyt?
          kuyt is competing with maxi, spearing, gerrard, as a wand luis as a withdrawn striker.
          And carrol as a centre forward. We need another option to carrol, but it aint kuyt as a starter.
          If he can get first team starts with roma then good luck to him.

          • ChrisFR08

            He will be the striker of Feyenoord.

  • Bekim

    It’s very sad really that he can’t get a game cos of henderson and downig. That’s why we r where we r cos KD thinks that the crap he bough r better than Kuyt, Rodriguez. Whatever u decide I wish u all the best D Kuyt.

  • Ha7u3

    Aqualani, now Kuyt, then maxi to follow and i expect reina to follow in summer/january and suarez in january. thanks KD. you’re doing a grand job. don’t forget to replace them with wolves, wigan qpr rejects for another £100 million.
    KD keeps on talking about hard work. forget looking at dictionary, he should have a look at Kuyt to find its meaning. 

    • saraceninc

      Check out Newcastle history when Kenny took over, people like Ginola left amongst others. He took a good team there and dismantled it. History repeating iteself. 

      • Ha7u3

        ginola, aqualani.  Does KD has something against players with creativity. oh i forgot, henderson is still young, he’s got time to learn.  watch out silva and xavi, you are about to be replaced by henderson

      • Me

        Are u serious? Hows does newcastle even come into this. If thats ur club i feel sorry 4 u. But dalglish wasn’t ur problem. U’ve had lots of players leave u under lots of managers.

  • Leonerick

    Kuyt was a disgrace this season. He complained for the lack of appearances this season, but evety time He was picked up by the manager, He missed any chances and He made an incredible amount of poor passes. His statistics are terrible. To say that Kuyt is one of the best performers this season is really a laughing stock…. Do You really think that As Roma are Serie A giants Ahahahhahahahahaha As ROma are a work in progress, excatly as well as Liverpool….. Our Club need to low average age, and Kuyt is obviously a player in decline. 

    • http://twitter.com/CorbettsBritain Corbett’s Britain

      I don’t think Kuyt is a disgrace, I think he has been one of the most loyal and hard working players Liverpool have had in decades.

      • Me

        I fear u may have missed the point. No doubt he is loyal and hard working. He is old and has not been able to compete for a place in a rebuilding squad.
        disgrace is over the top but point is still valid.

    • howhardgerrard

       I so wish there was a bury button. that way this comment would be 6 ft under by now

    • Ha7u3

      yeah, kuyt a disgrace. he’s a disgrace for putting 100% effort. how dare he not follow the others and turn up for about 10 minutes and pass to opposition. how dare he try to run back and bust his guts to tackle.

      • Me

        He is hired to score goals not bust a gut.

        • Ha7u3

          oh, is carrol hired to score goal, is henderson hired to pass to his team.  is downing hired to score goal. i guess not, because they have not been scoring. so kuyt is the only one hired to scoroe goals. silly me. now i understand, why we cant score.

          • Me

            U answered ur own question.
            Only reply is what work dog do you shoot first?
            The new one who is still learning, or old one who has seen better days.
            downing is next, but hes not past used by date yet.
            Henderson is positionally lost at the moment in the attacking 3rd, but you have to be lucas or gerrard to work with luis in there.
            Surely ur not destroying a team on first year?
            Not scoring is far more complicated that u are an attacking player so u score the goals. Please.

        • Andj_o

          You must be an idiot or Henderson.

          • Me

            Hes a centre forward who has learned to play out wide, but never come to term with attacking mid or withdrawn striker.
            Henderson is a holding mid who isnt able to hold that role, and has therefore been fighting kuyt for the wide outside role.
            Although i dont except even a half-thought answer, if thats all uve got.

    • Scottie

      I don’t think he has really performed too well this season, but then again neither has Carroll. What do these two have in common? Both of them have been playing their hearts out and have been putting in far more effort than the likes of Hendo, Downing, and Adam but unlike those three, they have not been picked to start very many consecutive matches this season. It is hard to have a good “run of form” when you play ten minutes one match, 45 the next, and maybe if you’re lucky get a start the week after. Kuyt has made some misses and has been in worse form than usual, but if you compare him to the other lads who have replaced him, he still has been on par if not better than them.

    • Jeffleon

      kuyt may not be one of the most skillful player in the world but he is very hard working and scores cruial goals that what make him a kop hero.. every players has their ups and downs.. but i think kuyt is doing good this season.. rmbr the goal va cardiff and man utd?

    • redsfan

      we are in the FA cup finals thanks to his effort against the mancs

  • Gerald


  • Ashfah Ngog

    Chi Bas or so.i lu, why put all the blame on Kyut when Caroll and other 3b British players arent performing. My Puki Mak tells me he is being made the scapegoat.Dont you all forget the important goals he scoresd for the last 5 years or so.Kunkit time time for me, bye !

  • skrtel37

    You all seem to think that he’s leaving because of one rumour (this might be the second). Lots of agents will take ruours, get a response form their player and the depending on how the player responds they will make it seem like the playerwants to or will sign for a new club just so more clubs who have that player on the shortlist but were hoping to sign him in another year or so wil sign him now and will bid more than they originly going to pay meaning more money for the agent. Kuyt’s is a smart person unlike some players and he knows that he can’t move because of the season Liverpool has had because fans will be outraged that that’s his excuse when he has stayed with the club through other bad times but he should only move if Kenny doesn’t play him more because when a player is in their early 30s they know that they don’t have many years left and if they’re like Kuyt and try their best all the time and actually do well then they want to be playing at a club that plays them enough so that they don’t have to go through another transfer. Basically Kuyt is smart and will try not to upset the fans but even if he moves because he has to and everyone thinks that it’s the right the decision, they will still be upset but not angry like when Torres or Meirles left

  • lord_hughesy

    Think the time is right for Kuyt to leave. He has always lacked the guile we need to open sides that defend deep against us, and his “100% work ethic” will become even less effective in the coming years.

    Time to cash in.

  • Redblooded Male

    Dirk will become a cult hero for sure, & I like everyone else will notice his absence, but now is not the time for sentiment. These are desperate times & an overhaul is necessary. Everyone says Terry, Drogba, Lampard etc should be shipped out so why not our old guard? Carra, Aurelio, Kuyt……
    I’m trying to start a campaign to sign Prolific Trabzonspor striker Burak Yilmaz, please join me, Wiki, YouTube, Google him whatever, he’s the real deal, he’ll be cheap, & he’d set the Prem alight. We’ll have to act fast as he won’t stay unknown for long, Martin Jol is sniffing around him & he signed Pogrebnyak & Bryan Ruiz who I also rate.


  • REDS11


  • Just

    Kuyt great worker always gives his best but honestly has one of the worst first touches I’ve seen at anfield probably good time for him to move on we need more pace and imagination than he offers, as for the Aqualani brigade 3 managers felt he wasn’t right for the team o league can’t just be a coincidence

  • DH1

    If it wasn’t for Kuyt, we wouldn’t have lifted a trophy at Wembley 7 weeks ago, and let’s not forget his goal against Manure in the FA Cup. This alone makes him about 25,000 times more useful than, say, Adam.