Reina, Agger and Carroll get LFC friendly run out



Liverpool played a behind closed doors friendly with Rochdale at Melwood on Sunday afternoon, but the game was abandoned after a serious injury to Rochdale player Reece Gray.

Gray was taken to accident and emergency where he will undergo an ankle operation. He wrote on his twitter to say thanks to the LFC staff.

“Cant thank all the club doctors/physio’s enough that were on hand too assist me 2day at melwood… Really appreciate it #firstclass” he wrote.

Liverpool were leading the game 2-1 at the time of the injury, courtesy of goals from Glen Johnson and Nathan Eccleston.

The game had been arranged to help Daniel Agger with his match fitness, as explained by boss Brendan Rodgers on Friday.

The match also gave Pepe Reina his first action since returning to pre-season training later than any other players following Spain’s run to the Euro 2012 Final. While Lucas made his first start and Andy Carroll also started the game.

LFC: Reina, Johnson, Kelly, Agger, Robinson, Adam, Lucas, Shelvey, Eccleston, Carroll, Pacheco.

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  • j75j

    I like the look of that team more then the one which started on Thursday! Gerrard in for Adam we would have more skill, power and pace all the way through the team!

    • Jay Wright

      Totally agreed j75j – with Downing & Adam taking their rightful places along the substitutes, and remembering that Skrtel, Henderson, Bellamy, Borini & the “kids” (Sterling, Suso, Coates) would also be options, it would look like our depth isn’t as desperate as made out in some quarters.

      Admittedly, the squad could definitely do with a bit more proven match-winning quality and a better backup ball-winner than Spearing though right…

      • j75j

        This will be Rodgers first proper week with a full squad! Should play a strong team on Thursday as well, we don’t want them looking like strangers come West Brom in 2 weeks!

  • TopoftheKop

    Any info on who the substitutes were?

  • Viewpoint_X

    We’ll be fine this season, sure we have Borini snapped up!

  • rompet

    So with only 3 or 4 first team players out we were 2-1 after 50 minutes against a team rated well and truely below us. doesn’t really put too much confidence in you for up and coming season.

    • j75j

      A full strength Chelsea lost to Brighton 3-1 Man City lost against Oldham do these results actually mean anything for the season ahead?

      • Tim Jones

        Pre-seasons don’t mean anything at all

        We had an awful pre-season prior to our last shot at the tile in 2008-09 – although the manager did plat rerseves, youngsters and his new transfers rather than players in the first 11 as rodgers has done

        • billy joe

          rodgers has not yet played his starting 11 you deranged lunatic!!! grow up a bit and get behind the team. every comment you have put up on this post is negative. Fans like you we do not need. Walk alone!!!

          • josek

            That’s the “Rafa cult” for ya

      • Redblooded Male

        Unlike those teams we’ve not managed 1 victory, nor have we even gone ahead in any of pre-season games! & were lucky to beat FC GOMEL. In addition to this, all rivals new forwards have netted: Hazard, Marin, Sigurdsson, Kagawa, Powell, even Santa Cruz for God’s sake! I’m not being negative im merely stating worrying stats.

        • j75j

          We have had Lucas returning from injury, 12 first team players missing from our squad with the Euro’s and the Olympic games! They only joined up with the others just over a week ago and Suarez and Coates return today this will be the first week Rodgers will have a full squad to pick from. It was the luck of the Irish which beat FC Gomel!

        • Tim Jones

          Exactly – and some idiots on here are still waxing lyrical about how great things will be under Rodgers

          I like them to give me one example of what’s behind their new found belief because Rodgers has done nothing but disappoint and almost prove his mediuocrity as a manager ever since his eloquent performance in front of the media at his unveling as LFC manager

          I wasn’t sure about him then – but every single thing he’s done since then has made me sure that he’s the wrong choice

  • Tim Jones

    anyone else heard about Rodgers wanting to bring in
    Ashley Williams to repace Daniel Agger.

    Like Roy Hodgson he seems to have a complete inability to get his head around the concept that juisat bewcause a players is good enough for the likes oif Swansea and Fulham it doesn’t necesarily follow they’d be a hoit at Anfield – as the case with the abysmal Konchesky proved with stunning clarity

    I’d be surprised if he made it to the new year – I just hope we manage to limit the damage he’ll do by them

    • j75j

      Rodgers said he’s looking at the European loan market big hint really for the papers but they go and link us with another Swansea player!
      The fact Kelly played at centre half looks like he will be the fifth CH behind Agger,Skrtel,Carragher and Coates if we lose Agger and Skrtel he will be forced to bring in another CH.

    • Redblooded Male

      Not good! I saw this in The Mail a day or so ago, but didn’t want to bring it to everyone’s attention. We’re gonna be the PL’s version of Team GB at this rate: Cole, Adam, Hendo, Downing, Carroll, Spearing, Shelvey, Allen(?), etc

    • Jack The Lad

      You’d believe anything!!!!

      • Tim Jones

        If anyone can be accused in believing anything it’s fans like yourself Jack. who are willing to believe any old sh*t the club sells them – without being able to see what’s going on infront of their very eyes

        This is eactly the type of thing I’d expect Rodgers to do as like Kenny, he doesn’t seem to be able to differentiate between genuine class – Aqualini and Agger – and normality – Henderson, Borini, Demsey, Williams

        I am shocked by how little some LFC fans seem to care about their team

    • j75j

      You are listening to what the papers are saying but ignored what Rodgers said! The papers have linked us to every ex-Rodgers player going!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    Tim calm down, the mail always talk nonsense about Liverpool,there’s no chance of Williams coming to us,he’s not good enough and Rodgers knows it.