LFC chairman admits to mistakes


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Liverpool chairman Tom Werner has admitted that mistakes have been made in regards to the failure to replace departed attackers such as Dirk Kuyt, Andy Carroll, Craig Bellamy and Maxi this summer.

“Obviously, we have made some mistakes in the past”, admitted the American. “Our intention is to deliver, strengthen the squad and move forward.”

“We know that January is a challenging time and I don’t want to say we’ve got x or y but, hopefully, the fans will be pleased with what we do accomplish.”

Werner was in attendance as a Luis Suarez inspired Liverpool saw off Wigan at Anfield on Saturday, and he discussed recent speculation on the Uruguayan forward.

“He’s a beautiful player to watch and, as a Liverpool fan, I hope I’m watching him for many years to come. We made a long-term contract with him in the summer and we are going to see a lot of his play at Liverpool.”

Meanwhile, Brendan Rodgers also discussed his hopes for the January transfer window, explaining that there won’t be major changes.

“We’ll look to do something in the January transfer window” said the Reds boss. “There’s not going to be wholesale changes in terms of players coming in, that’s the reality of where the club is at.

“We’re looking to grow over the next six months, we’ll get some reinforcements in January and that will support the group who have been magnificent for me so far.”

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  • ash

    I home Tom Warner and the rest of the board have realised after watching the match that, its pretty simple, top players like Suarez will bring goals and victory for the club, therefore we need another one like him, otherwise we don’t need much strengthening in other arias.

    • Gano1

      Well said!!!……….It’s all about another goalscorer!!!

  • badnaan

    this idiot werner should shut up! How many mistakes will FSG do and also publicise them by apologizing to magazines and blogs?! C’mon just shut up! Dont ruin Liverpool’s name.

  • rubyrm

    The yanks screwed up big time. We could be challenging at the top of the table for a champions league spot instead of mid table if we had some good players brought in last summer.
    The kids have done a good job thus far but reinforcements is a must this jan.
    BR has done well with the limited resources available.
    The kop will be screaming for FSG’s head if otherwise. The fans only have that much patience. Apologies are useless. Get on with it FSG or else the wrath of the fans will be upon yous. come jan.

    • Error

      8 Points below 4th position is hardly “challenging for a mid table position”. 8 Points change in a course of a month.

      • rubyrm

        true ,but it is where we were from the off and where we could be now with the additional players.

        • Jms

          Its ifs and buts what if we signed a striker and he didnt perform like borini. We’d still be in the same situation

          • rubyrm

            you answered yourself with an IF. Be positive. Borini got injured before settling in. Give the kid a break. no pun intended.

          • Bert

            The yanks did? They don’t bring in players, the manager (Kenny) and the managing director (Ayre) did. Blame them.

  • Gano1

    FSG must learn from mistakes and not make them again, the fans know with a good striker Liverpool can get a top 4 finish. It’s all about signing the right one, I hope FSG do back BR???

    • Twistadee11

      I think its fair to say that the owners backed K Dalglish with £115m in a year and a half, but in a year and a half the club brought in £80M + on players sales(Torres,Babel, Bennayoun, Meireless, Poulsen, Koncheskey,Ngog) so that means the owners net spend was £30 OR £35m in a year and half, then this summer B Rodgers shipped out Adams, Aurelio, Aquilani, Bellamy, Carroll, Kuyt, Rodriguez and Spearing. And 40% of our goals last season, considering last season struggling to take chances and convert chances was our biggest problem. So can’t believe we let Adams, Bellamy, Carroll, Kuyt and Maxi leave without ready made replacements who could and would be younger, quicker, more creative and score more goals than them. Instead Rodgers brought 4 players in and 1 loan player and so far in all honesty, J Allen and Assaidi
      look the part. Sahin is a very good player but drifts in and out of games and Shelvey seems more of a goal threat than Sahin, The owners need to back B Rodgers heavily in January for the abizmal end of the last transfer window. God only knows if we lose Suarez, Sterling Or Gerrard to injury or suspension before transfer window. And the owners i am sure need/ should cough up at least £65M-£70m to bring in the 5 Class,Quality attacking players i mentioned: Two Brazilians from Shakhtar Donesk for combined total of £40M, Two Spanish players from A Bilbao for combined total of £25M and B Arfa(25) Of Newcastle should be brought to club in swap deal with A Carroll and £10M. Then with those five players: Adriano, Arfa, Llorente, Munian and Willian we would have attacking players of Gerrard and Suarez’s class and quality in the squad and if either Gerrard , Suarez Or Sterling were out injured or suspended. we would have similar class and quality there to step in place. Huntelaar and Llorente are both free agents in the summer, so we could buy them off their clubs at cheap rate in January or try to sign either on a pre contract , so in the summer we get them for free. And hopefully Rodgers can move on J Cole and get £8-£12M for Downing in January. A

      • Koki Magiko

        which moron would buy J.Cole for 8-12 million pounds?

  • Butragenio

    The miser yanks and their pet donkey (Warner) proved to us in the summer that they are totally incompetent. They threw away a season simply because they didnt believe Liverpool could go on without re-inforcing. Since they are considering reinvesting in January then the excuse of not having the funds were also untrue. Another blatent lie! When are we going to get rid of these corporate vultures?!?

  • http://www.facebook.com/antobro43 Tb Brophy

    Fletcher was available and he went to Sunderland, his stunning finish against Fulham was a joy and he is a real goalscorer. We could have got him for less than Sunderland paid because he would have ran to Anfield for the transfer. So what was the problem why where we not in for him? Now if we want him in January you might add 10 mil to the price. Jordan Rhodes was another one a real hatcher and at a cut price now hes at Blackburn banging them in. It really seems there is very little common sense at a boardroom level and there in lies the problem. I think Brendan Rodgers and the team have done brilliantly considering the bumbling mess behind the scenes.

    • Walks

      its no good saying Fletcher and Rhodes were available, they arent good enough to play for Liverpool thats why Liverpool didint try to sign them.. Rodgers has made mistakes by signing Borini and Allen. the best player he signed was Asaidi and he wont play him in league games.. we need to sig a player like Ba or Bony from the dutch league, and get Llorente and Huntelarr signed on a free in Jan to join us in the summer for next season.. we can also sign Walcott and Holtby on Bosmans as well and use any money availabe to strengthen in other positions like the wings.. maybe Ince and Zaha could be options in the summer as well…

  • MickDXB

    LOL…..”admitted the American”. Funny how noone has a problem with Arabs owning teams but the western brethren across the pond is an atrocity.

    • Truth

      The people complaining now would be the same ones complaining about the club “turning its back on its roots” if it was bought by a moneybags foreign investor a la Chelsea or City.

      • mick the kidder

        This season was for Brenden to sort out the squad and get rid of the dead wood. The end of the last transfer window was a bit of a sham but hopefully we can put things right in January and buy another goalscorer or two, then we might be able to climb up the table before the end of the season. Next season we should be more of a force and should be challenging for a champions league place, Imo i think we will achieve certain goals over the coming seasons but we need to have patience and who knows within 3 to 4 seasons we could be back at the top of the premier league? Our squad just needs 6 to 7 more players over the next 2years and we should be once again the team for all clubs to fear, just look how we have dominated games this season? 6draws 3lossers We all know with a fox in the box things could be different so lets give the owners and Brenden rodgers a chance as both Mickdxb and Truth have said things could be a hell of a lot worse. Keep the faith.

  • tommygun

    Good to finally hear that they understand they made mistakes, because that letter from JH read more like an attempted justification than an apology. I’ve mentioned a worry I have a few times before about holding on to our best players, and I’ve been told off for being negative. But recently we’ve heard Rodgers allude to this. It’s vital that we show serious progress over this and next season, hopefully including a top four finish or at worst a very very narrow miss. Luis may well be happy here now, but how many more seasons without CL football on offer will it take for our best players to decide that they are unable to fulfill their ambitions at this club? And if we lose a number of our best players over a short period of time it makes the task at hand that much more difficult & sends out a negative message about LFC’s ambitions.

    Our overall play is often good, the team shows spirit and even when behind they keep pushing and fighting until the final whistle. Our movement is generally good, we keep the ball well, create a good number of chances. There are other areas to strengthen of course but adding cover and an increased cutting edge in the final third has to be priority number one, to finish off the good work we are seeing on the rest of the pitch.

    I would hope that Rodgers has at least £15 million handed to him in January to go out and get us a quality forward, someone with the ability to improve the team & someone with a track record for finding the back of the net on a consistent basis. During the summer the squad needs to be strengthened still further & again the focus for first team recruitment HAS to be players with the ability to improve us in the here and now. A club of our stature and ambitions to finish in the top four consistently should have 3 talented, experienced, senior forwards who can all put the ball in the back of the net regularly. We will also need additions in other areas of the team.

    It’s vital that on the pitch, and in terms of recruitment over the next few windows the powers that be demonstrate progress to our supporters, to our best players, and to the outside world. Our best players need to be convinced that this club is moving forwards, that it does have ambition, and that we will soon be gracing the champions league once again…..or risk losing them.

  • Rederik

    Why dosn,t he admit the biggest mistake was making him chairman