Carroll Chess: Liverpool to make £28m loss

The future of Andy Carroll looks like being this summer’s long-running transfer saga, as the game of chess between his current club, Liverpool, previous club, Newcastle, and loan club, West Ham, develops.

carroll_subThe latest report from The Telegraph suggests Newcastle are the only realistic suitors for the England forward – but that they will attempt to re-sign Carroll for just £7m.

Liverpool, of course, spent a whopping £35m on Carroll the dramatic deadline day of January 2011 – making the him most expensive British player ever.

But the 24 year-old is clearly not required under Brendan Rodgers and his reported £90,000 per week wages are something the club appear eager to remove from their wage bill.

The report in The Telegraph claims “Newcastle will open the bidding at £7 million, although they are willing to negotiate and could raise their bid to the £10 million they were willing to pay last summer before Carroll went on loan to West Ham.”

But that “Liverpool will be reluctant to sell Carroll back to Newcastle for anything less than £15 million.”

Earlier this week, West Ham boss Sam Allardyce admitted that as much as the London side would like to make the deal for Carroll permanent, he doubts it will be possible due to the financial fairplay ruling.

“The hardest thing is the overall package and making sure it is sustainable,” he said. “I point to financial restrictions being implemented next season that will blow the whole deal in one go.

“Someone will have a bigger budget than us probably but this is what is going to happen. In one fell swoop the financial restrictions mean we won’t be able to sign Andy Carroll from Liverpool because it is too expensive, even if we wanted him, which we do.”

Liverpool are reportedly interested in Newcastle attacker Hatem Ben Arfa and reports suggest they could attempt to sign the Frenchman in a deal for Carroll.

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  • stwy

    Thanks to the ineptitude of Kenny.

    • Tetsuo

      No. If you want to point a finger, don’t ever forget who was the cause of this whole mess: Torres.

      • eskerrik

        what you said .. doesn’t make any sense!!

      • Jason Hunt

        Not Torres fault at all. comes down to bad negotiation skills from the former management, and having the last minute buying attitude. Not Carroll’s fault. Newcastle did one on us because the management thought they needed to act quickly. If we had waited till the summer then bought him it would have been more like 10 mill.

        Should keep him for a season see if he can fit in and adjust. if not see what comes in then.

      • Prince

        Torres is a player he Got us 50 million and Kenny went crazy with his English fetish!

    • Stephen Pike

      Anybody with half a brain cell knows that the King did not negotiate transfers, that was the job of the Director of Football (Comoli) not the manager. If Dalglish had complete control over transfers, which he didnt, but if he did there is no way he would have approved £35M for a player with half a season of Premier League under his belt and was injured.

      Carroll is a good player, I would have him back as a plan B – but the amount we paid for him was an absolute joke.

      • junior galtieri

        ‘If Dalglish had complete control over transfers, which he didnt, but
        if he did there is no way he would have approved £35M for a player with
        half a season of Premier League under his belt and was injured.’

        But it was Dalglish who urged Comoli to forget about signing Juan Mata and go for Stewart Downing instead – and look at his other signings – Hendserson, Adam, Coates etc – all of whom were massively overpriced flops

        selling him for £7m will simply underline our reputation as the biggest mugs in football, but we all know rodgers doesn’t have a plan b

        Surely it’s wortyh seeing if he can poair carroll with sturridge for next season, once luis realises we’re on the road to nowhetre and goes to a ckub that can offer champions league football – something i can’tr see us offering for the next 5 years at the very least

  • Alf Douras

    keep him and play him in the reserves, 35 million in a year turns into 7 million, i wouldnt stoop to that level……at any cost, and as long as we pay his wages he plays where hes told

  • joe

    You’ve got to be super dumb to to spend 35M for a player like Carroll, and adding insult to injury pay him 90K/week. Such an enormous blunder cannot be undone.

    • saraceninc

      Where is Commoli in all this, probably sitting on some beach laughing his head off!

      • michaelpezz

        you mean kenny?

  • David Wilson

    From an accounting standpoint the club will not report that big a loss. They write down the transfer fee over the length of the contract. I think that Carroll signed a five year deal, so the contract gets amortized by £7m a year. So if he is sold this summer, Liverpool will have already written off £14m of the deal. If the transfer fee is £7m, then the loss in the player trading account will be only £14m, not £28m

  • Aerialshortpass

    Wheter or not Carroll suits out style of play, my opinion is that he is worth 20 million. There is about 12 teams in Premies league who would play more with his strengths so it would be just stupidy to sell him for nothing.

  • kestensr

    Carroll man of the match yesterday. bring him back . he will score 25 goals easy next season. borini and sturridge . what a joke

  • Butragenio

    Since Rafa left Liverpool it has been one stupid manager after another. Cant wait till he’s back. Love u Rafa xxx

    • YDCM

      every time i read one of your comments i think this guy should be named butrastupid!

      • Butragenio

        YDCM, your mum calls me butranormous! What is it with you and your family?!?

    • Rafa himself

      you’ll be waiting honey xxxxxx

  • SAliverpoolFan

    Sure Carroll was a bad buy at 35m, but selling him for anything lower than 15m would be even more criminal. Carroll should be kept and BR must take his head out of his ass cause as good as the team has played at time, they have been equally terrible when it comes to more physical teams. Carroll is exactly what we needed.

  • faraway

    We’re going to lose a lot of money on the Carroll deal no matter what we do. Personally I don’t want us to pay his wages if he isn’t playing for us every weeek. It’s best to trade him for ben arfa because we need a better attacking midfielder.

    • Redblooded Male

      No way, Ben Arfa is always injured. A left-footed RW is needed, not Ince though.

  • Josek

    Can you just imagine what the fickle little shets commenting on this site would have said if FSG has decided to be smart & not spend that Torres money until the summer that year. It’s a certain type of tool that regularly comment on here that pressurized the new owners into that mistake. Thankfully they have got smart enough now to ignore that sort of tool.

  • Geordie

    Carrolls fee was negotiated as 15m less than Liverpool received for Torres, so whatever was eventually agreed with Chelsea, determined Carrolls fee. Arguably, Torres value has fallen further than Carrolls.

  • saraceninc

    £ 35 million , KD not to blame but surely Camoli, and what was his cut in that deal ? How about the other odd deals he did on the igh prices of Henderson, Downing and Adam ? Where is he now?? I wonder if the owners know or even care. That 35 mil could have been spent on the refurbishment of the stadium ! disgusting !

  • Vimal

    Next transfer blunder by BR

    Sells Carroll for 7m

    Suarez leaves on last day of Transfer window

    & BR fails to bring in any striker

    deja vu

    • saraceninc

      hey he can always buy carol back for £35 million if we get £40 mil for Suarez!

      • Vimal

        he’ll probably be buying Ashley Williams for 20m Another Borini for 15m and Allen for 25m
        and blame previous regime for overspending

  • tonythered

    I really can’t see the club selling him for £7-£10 million, especially to the barcodes given their unprofessional micky taking of Liverpool in the wake of Carroll’s sale.

    It’s still mind boggling that the club actually thought paying £35 million for Carroll was a good idea. World class money for a young rookie with limited experience, who boasted just half a good season in the top flight. I was honestly struck speechless on the morning I picked up the Echo and saw the back page headlines about the transfer, I just couldn’t get my head around paying £35 million for a young and unproven player. After I got the power of speech back I made some expletive laden comments about the move.

    Afterwards we heard the justification of the fee representing his ‘potential’. But paying out that sort of money should be reserved for world class players who have proven their ability season after season at the very highest levels of the game. To spend such a massive amount based on a ‘guess’ that he ‘might’ develop into a world class talent somewhere down the road was totally ridiculous.

    There has been talk of making use of him as a plan B option. While I think we need a plan B, I don’t think Rodgers will implement one. Given his comment on plan B being to make plan A better, he would probably see it as a compromise of his footballing philosophy. I’ve said before though, our great teams of the past, lead by great managers, had no problem mixing it up when it was needed. They could play spell binding attacking pass and move football, but they could also match the toughest physical sides and also implement a more direct style if it was needed. They were anything buy predictable and their versatility was their strength. Those teams were packed with a much greater level of talent than we possess at the moment, but still they understood that versatility is a strength, and that football isn’t a one size fits all game, that there are times when switching your approach, your style of play, can pay dividends. So if those teams packed with great players, lead by great, vastly experienced and successful managers saw the sense in a ‘plan B’ I don’t see why Rodgers turns his nose up at it.

  • Viewpoint_X

    The don’t call Liverpool the comedy club for nothing.

  • Calum

    I know we won’t get a lot from Carroll. but I’d take Diame and £10m any day.