Brendan Rodgers’ pre-WBA Press Conference: Konoplyanka update, team news


On Friday afternoon — transfer deadline day — Brendan Rodgers addressed a room of journalists at Melwood ahead of this Sunday’s clash between West Brom and Liverpool at the Hawthorns.

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On transfer deadline day…

There’s no update on Yevhen Konoplyanka. There’s an interest in the player, but we’ll see how it evolves. It’s a little complicated.

The staff over in Ukraine have done really well to put us in the position we’re in, but time is against us. We’ll see what happens.

We’re still building and growing the group so we’ll need a number of players, but January is a difficult market to do that in.

New players can come in and freshen up the group, but I’m happy with the players I’ve got if we don’t bring anyone in.

But let’s hope we can do something. Konoplyanka is the only signing there could be.

On Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge’s partnership…

Everyone talks about Sturridge/Suarez as a partnership, but I see them as two very talented individual players. Both are outstanding.

We had a number of outstanding performers the other night [against Everton], not just Sturridge and Suarez. We were outstanding across the team.

We’ve grown and as I look back at my time here in 18 months, we’ve come a long way since losing to West Brom away last season.

Suarez’s cleverness and cuteness with the ball for his goal against Everton ended with a composed, outstanding finish.

On losing his first game in charge of Liverpool at West Brom in August 2012…

We’ve grown and as I look back at my time here in 18 months, we’ve come a long way since losing to West Brom away last season.

Over the 18 months, we’ve implemented a method to our play, we’ve become a team and we’ve got character in bucket loads.

My focus is only on us and respecting every opponent we play. We’ll be ready and prepared this Sunday.

On wanting to sign attacking options…

The idea was to always bring in quality. We’ve got goals in the side, we’re a threat. Over the course of the season we’ve shown that.

But you can never have too much quality and if we can bring in another quality player, that would be excellent.

On injuries and team news against West Brom…

Joe Allen will be back to play West Brom on Sunday. He’s looked good in training so that’s important.

Glen Johnson’s working really hard with the medical team, but there’s no timeline on that yet.

We’re disappointed with Jose Enrique’s recovery. Agger and Sakho are still out, but we’re slowly getting there with Flanagan coming back.

West Brom vs Liverpool gets underway at 1.30pm on Sunday, 2nd February 2014. It’s live on Sky Sports 1.

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  • Zoie Aitchison

    What’s complicating ,pay the money agree his wage,do the medical keep Ayer away from these transfers ,you don’t send a plasterer to hang a door but we,ve sent a plank probably better sending Paul Gascogne speaks more sense

    • Maninder Singh

      Apparently, as per report, Dnipro doesnt want to sell. Though I dnt believe in this sh!te theory but thats what out there in the market.

  • Anthony Corrigan

    “time is against us”..Yeah.. you only had a month! FFS

  • Anthony Corrigan

    Phone conversation just now…
    BR: Hello
    IA: Brendan hi, Done deal!
    BR: That’s great, all signed then?
    IA: What?
    BR: Konoplyanka…?
    IA:Oh that, no, I just rang to tell you I got a great deal on a zinger tower burger meal..
    BR: What about Konoplyanka?
    IA: (mouth full) Loadsa time Buck…Doing my best here..this chicken is gre..ooh look at that harley…So, watcha doin?
    BR: hangs up

  • CARR71

    must be the east european mafia thats holding up the deal

  • Gano1

    Can’t see this going through, got a bad feeling about this one!!!

    • Anthony Corrigan

      Unfortunately, I agree…

    • CARR71

      would you lose anysleep if it does not whos place his he going to take stirlings or coutinho because it would have to be one of them ,gerrard and henderson along with the sas are sure to start ,his he going to be better than them or just competing with them ,a lot of money for another player who may end up sitting on the bench
      we need world class players we already have good players

      • Gano1

        I just don’t want to see us looking like bellends again!!!

        • CARR71

          i agree but this stinks of another panic buy ,and anyone who thinks we have been interested in him for long is deluded ,because if thats the case we would not have wasted nearly 4 weeks on salah
          we are the only club who does not get there first choice because we bulk at a 12 million asking fee then go splash 15 million on a whim

      • Juraj

        If we can get this guy he can get to top 11 easily. And even if he seats on the bench he can always bring something to the game when you look lost. He will be a good signing. Not a team player but a player who will contribute to Liverpool success.

        • CARR71

          easy so who are you dropping do not say easy answer the ? who

  • Juraj

    My opinion! If we are offering 16 mils and nobody steps in, the guy is a Liverpool player by midnight. That is why they are waiting for so long. They wait for Tottenham or Chelsea to offer extra million.

    • Anthony Corrigan

      If deal is done with player, then yeah, maybe so. They’re trying to get best deal for their club, which is fair enough.

  • CARR71

    i am not even allowed to mention his name on tia anymore as the administrators have stated that ,i have been insulted in my time but yours really hurts ,i dare you to send the same message to him