Victor Moses going nowhere — Rodgers


Victor Moses will not be returning to Chelsea earlier than expected, despite reports and specualtion, says Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers.

SWANSEA, WALES - Monday, September 16, 2013: Liverpool's Victor Moses celebrates scoring the second goal against Swansea City, on his debut, with manager Brendan Rodgers during the Premiership match at the Liberty Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Reports and rumours earlier this week suggested Liverpool had so far been so unimpressed by Moses, and Chelsea disappointed with his progress at Anfield, that a mutual agreement had been made for the Nigerian to return to Stamford Bridge.

Moses has looked increasingly unconfident and sluggish in recent games, with some fans accusing him of lacking the desire to perform for the Reds.

Moses’ loan deal doesn’t expire until the end of the season and in his press conference on Friday, Rodgers said he was happy to have the 23-year-old at the club.

He told the press, “I was surprised to see that report. I have regular dialogue with Chelsea. I saw Eddie Newton before the game.

“We speak regularly on Victor’s development. Victor’s talent hasn’t gone away, he’s very happy here.”

Moses has made 15 appearances for Liverpool since his move from Chelsea at the end of August, scoring just once, on his debut, against Swansea, back in September.

Rodgers added, “Of course, he wants to play more, but he’s learning, like he has at Chelsea, the demands of being at a big club.

“I’m delighted to have him here and I’m sure over the course of his time here he’ll show the talent that he is.”

Prior to arriving at Liverpool, Moses scored one goal in 23 league appearances for the Blues, eight goals in 74 appearances for Wigan, and 11 goals in 58 appearances for Crystal Palace.


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  • Aditya

    I know rodgers tends to give diplomatic answers in every situation, But Cmon Rodgers, Whom are you trying to fool?? Even moses knows he is complete $hit.

    • Abyss

      Ofcourse he’s going to be diplomatic about it. But who knows..maybe as the season tapers on, we might get to see a little bit of contribution from Victor.

      I wasn’t expecting Sterling to put in the performances he has over the last month, so perhaps Rodgers can get the best out of Moses as well.

  • Gano1

    Bone-idle Victor!!!!……………………..get yer finger out kid.


    If Victor Moses can’t standout and gets subbed at half time against Oldham.How useful do you think he’ll be when we play stronger teams.Bad decision for me, i would’ve sent him back!

  • Redblooded Male

    Sign a winger, & spare us having to play this waster.

  • Rak S

    I guess there’s no break clause in the loan deal.

  • Andreas A

    Maybe BR will be forced to keep him so we wont have problems doing business with chelsea in the near future.

  • CARR71

    rodgers we are not chelseas academy send him back and let them lump it,who cares if we fall out with chelsea not the fans

    • allaboutanfield

      Moses can’t complain he didn’t get game time. In fact he had more playing chances than Alberto and Aspas. Liverpool should develop more of their own players like Sterling & Ibe & Smith.

      • CARR71

        totally agree hes had chances ,he just did not give a dam ,or if he did hes worse than i thought

  • joe

    as much as I agree with the general opinion that Moses has been dreadful, I also have a huge amount of trust in Rodgers’ man management skills and I personally am still optimistic that he will speak to Moses and give him the kick up the backside he requires to start putting in a bit of effort as well as displaying the ability he’s been hiding,

  • Zanatos

    Moses has been poor. I really don`t want to sign him, but it does make sense to keep him here for rest of season as there ain`t anything to lose by it. If injuries happen, then could be useful. Lets just make sure we don`t sign him as he is shocking.

    • JonnyS

      you’re completely ignoring his age when he had those numbers. He’s not a superstar but he’s a good athlete with some ability.
      The challenge is taking those players and improving them to hopefully get an effective squad member at circa £10m.

      Now it may not work. It doesn’t look good right now, but he’s trying to adjust to Rodgers’ game (if he hasn’t given up interest) and it’s just possible that it’s taking a bit of time.

      It’s hard for me to see Aspas proving himself either but I can’t write him off for the same reason. Something may click and next season he looks more the part. Same with Borini.
      Like the idea of getting Ings and sending Aspas on loan to Swansea though.

      • Zanatos

        You are right I have ignored his age, which like you pointed out does come into it.

        However being asked on current form do I want him here? Then the answer is a NO. Not permantly anyway. I would rather not spend 10mil on a squad player, esp not on him.

        I would like to carry the loan on till end of season. If by then he looks no better than now, I would really hope he gets sent back as currently he has shown nothing to suggest he is worth buying. It is not the lack of skill which grates me, but he lack of effort when on the pitch. That is something I don`t tolerate in a player.

        If he improves from now till end of season, brilliant.

  • Rederik

    How much are Chelsea paying us to keep him ?

  • Yann Robinson

    The end of the title to this thread should finish; ‘…until we’ve completed the signing of Mohammed Salah.’
    He has really offered so little since his loan move, and if anything, he’s gradually gotten worse as the season’s gone on! I’d hate to know what kind of wage he’s claiming from us!

  • magicmachin

    I agree that he has been poor but to keep Chelsea happy and to continue doing business with them, I.e Bertrand, I feel this is the reason he has come across and said this. Who knows, maybe he will improve in the second half of the season and at least he adds depth to the squad, one thing we drastically lack.

  • Dubai Reds

    NIGGA ????? WTF ????

  • JonnyS

    That’s a pretty unforgivable statement douche bag.

  • JonnyS

    He started the season ok but then was made to play central when we went to 352 and found it a real problem. Since then he hasn’t been able to do anything.

    Rodgers is trying to get him to play under instruction, in a certain way and it’s really not working well, like he’s having to double think what he’s doing. Question is whether he figures it out or not, or as people are suggesting, has lost interest.

    Rodgers wants to know if he’s a serious purchase option as he’s strong and athletic and will likely be a decent player as he grows more so he has to give him time to adjust. Not convinced myself but you never know with younger players – he was playing EPL pretty early in life.

  • Aditya

    Well Said., He may not have been $hit in past, not blaming his skills but he doesnt looks interested at all. Giving ball away cheaply, not throwing his body, seldom making good runs and not acknowledging his wrong decisions. He is playing in wrong shade of Red, at the moment he is manchester unitedesque type of player. Sorry moses , but this is not how things works at LFC. So, just fuckk Off