More images of potential new Liverpool kits for 2014/15 emerge


More images have been produced claiming to show the new Liverpool FC kits for season 2014/15.

LFC new kits season 2014/15

The image shows the design of the new home, away and third kits, which will be released this summer.

The home kit is again a traditional design, with the away and third kits much less garish than this season’s efforts. The choice of yellow for the away kit will sit well with supporters – a regular choice during the eighties.

Liverpool changed their club charter in the last few years, since the introduction of the new kit deal with manufacturer Warrior Sports, so that kits are changed every season. Previously the home kit remained for two years.

The design has been produced by a member of the Liverpool FC forum Red And White Kop and has appeared on social media.

We understand the new kit designs have been shown by Warrior representatives to selected Liverpool supporters clubs in North America, from where the designs have been leaked.

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  • R2D2

    Really liking these. A vast improvement on this season’s shirts.

  • Redblooded Male

    Hopefully we’ll have some players more more worthy of wearing next years kit than half of these lot? But I’m not holding my breath.

  • bollywocks

    Changed every year that’s thinking of the fans once again as usual. Complete joke what happened to at least keeping the home.shirt for 2 seasons very wrong I will not be buying again in the summer can’t afford 40-45 quid a year on a t shirt

    • Butragenio

      get a job

  • Gordon O’Riordan

    that black and grey stripped one I am sure I have seen it on tv in some prison show

  • Anthony Corrigan

    I hate black kits…We’re not the Manc scum!!

  • Gano1

    I like all 3 of them, very nice designs!!!

    • j75j

      I wouldn’t say nice but they look like football shirts to me!

  • Darren Dred Richardson

    How can Warrior ask North Americans about OUR kit, we are a English club plus they are not jerseys they are shirts/tops.
    Shame on you Warrior, that’s why we’ve had rubbish away and 3rd kits!!!

    • Nelly79

      But they do supply kits to other clubs in Europe, not just England. Nike is a North American company and they’ve made some good and some awful kits as well. Just saying.

      • Darren Dred Richardson

        I liked the home kits but what I mean is don’t you think that Warrior should be getting a input from the fans in England not North America?

        • Nelly79

          Well then what still cause a problem. Though it’s an English club, it has a worldwide following, so if they only got input from England, then they’d be ignoring supoorters from other parts of the worldwide. But I’m certain they must have gotten some input from people all over, including Britain.

          • Darren Dred Richardson

            I would hope so Nelly79, but judging on the past away and 3rd kits; I doubt it.

  • adslubec

    That third kit is downright awful! Not a big fan of yellow for the away but certainly better than this year’s.

  • Nelly79

    Why is everyone getting so worked up over this? If you google, “Liverpool’s 2014/15 kit” you’ll find atleast 3-6 different variations, how about just waiting until it’s official released on the clubs website first, then make an assessment then. Just saying.

  • Arjan

    I doubt they are real but if these are actually the kits I won’t buy any of them. They look worse than this year’s kits.

  • Darren

    The piping detail on kits 1 and 2 is pure 90’s, the third kit is reminiscent of eastern European shite from the same decade. Yet more garbage from Warrior, give me generic Adidas kits any day.

  • Kenny Jones

    Warrior have only nailed one kit so far, their maiden home kit. Either somebody at Warrior does not like Liverpool FC or they are using designs from work experience schoolies. Gash.

  • bonsey

    Big improvement on this seasons.

  • chocolatechib

    Really can’t wait till Liverpool teams up with the other American company. Yeah, that one called Nike. They produce more kits for more clubs and national teams than anyone else. They would do a better job than Warrior. Must say thought that i do like these new kits better than those of last seasons.

  • allaboutanfield

    Would be nice if they can add a collar to it. Somehow I still prefer the addidas kits.

  • Snoi NZ

    UGHHHHHHHHH! Another set of BLOUSES!!! Never wearing those!!

  • gora-gora-xabi-alonso

    I’ve liked all Warrior’s home kits and that looks good as well. Yellow used to be iconic but I seem to remember some pretty dire away performances in that and all white in recent seasons. I prefer darker colours for an away kit these days it seems to make us more menacing.

  • jhr8

    Get rid of the white and red lines and keep them clean and simple like the kits of old. The third is nice if you take out the red part and keep it grey and black.

    Otherwise, much better away and third kits than the last 2 years. Really like the simple but effective design they are going for.

  • Rak S

    I always like our black kits. The Chamips League one, with the cold writing was really nice imo.
    Still got the other one from 2007 (I think.) Looks really good