Joao Carlos Teixeira: “For now, my plans are to stay with Liverpool”

on 31.01.2016

Entering the final months of his contract, Joao Carlos Teixeira is looking for more game time before he extends his terms with Liverpool.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, October 28, 2015: Liverpool's Joao Carlos Teixeira in action against AFC Bournemouth during the Football League Cup 4th Round match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Teixiera made a rare starting appearance for the Reds in Saturday’s 0-0 FA Cup fourth-round draw at home to West Ham United, with the Portuguese’s game time largely restricted to cups under Jurgen Klopp.

As the last months of his Liverpool contract dwindle, Teixeira is believed to have been in talks with the club about extending his terms.

But speaking after Teixeira scored his first Anfield goal, in January’s 3-0 win over Exeter City—also in the FA Cup—Klopp hinted at a possible departure for the midfielder.

“I like Joao. As a person, as a footballer,” he told reporters.

“But of course, players like him need matches, and if you can’t get it then you have to leave.”

With the likes of Adam Lallana, Roberto Firmino, Philippe Coutinho, James Milner and Jordon Ibe ahead of him in the first-team pecking order, Teixeira may find his options limited.

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Furthermore, with impressive Sheyi Ojo making waves in his fleeting appearances under Klopp, Teixeira finds himself under even more pressure.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, January 20, 2016: Liverpool's Joao Carlos Teixeira celebrates scoring the third goal against Exeter City during the FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

After the Reds’ stalemate against West Ham, Teixeira suggested that this lack of game time could see him move elsewhere.

“I haven’t played much. I’ve been on the bench a lot and I don’t like that,” he said.

“I’ve played five times for the first team and I’ve scored my first goal at Anfield which is special. It’s been good, but I need to play more.

“I’m here to work and show I can play more.

“For now, my plans are to stay with Liverpool and play more here, but you never know what will happen in the future.”

Having made his full debut for the club earlier this season, Teixeira finds himself in a troubling position.

Now 23, the former Sporting CP talent is arguably behind on his development, but has shown flashes of true quality in his appearance for Liverpool so far this season.

Much like Jon Flanagan, Teixeira is making up for lost time in 2016, and it is up to him to prove he should remain at Anfield for the long term.

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  1. We are still in 3 cups (for now), and have an injury ravished squad, so the youngsters will have plenty of chances to show their worth. If he can’t force his way into the 1st team now, what chance after Klopp has strengthened the squad in the summer?

  2. A year younger then Firms…same age as Couts! With younger players at the same stage it doesn’t look good and I believe it’s too late for him.

    Best too move on, he will get there but not at Liverpool.

          • Bundesliga? Hoffenheim or something…

            Like I said he will have a good career but not at the highest possible

          • I doubt it. He is better fit for a secunda spanish side than the more physical Bundesliga. He would just waste more time.

          • He impressed on last loan, scoring goals from 30m.. Unfortunately broke a leg.. Never got a decent chance after that..

          • At Brighton. He is not without skills, and have certainly learned something in the English league, that stand out from the other secunda spanish side players, whose technical skills rival his.

          • He will get some in the cups, when resting players that have a future here. We can’t afford to give him these games, just because it would benefit him.

          • We actually cannot afford to play Ibe in important games, when we have Teixeira who is much better player..

          • Ibe has a likely future at the club. At the end of the day he has performed at higher level than Teixeira. He is also much younger.

          • If he isn’t good enough at 23, and after being here for 3½ years, he is not likely gonna make it. If he was 19-20, then perhaps, but he isn’t. So no, he is not likely gonna get the chances he wants, but Ibe and Gomez are.

          • I think good footballing Championship teams maybe interested in him. Derby, Middlesbrough, etc,.

  3. helll.. Teixeira would be much better player than Lallana and Milner anytime if given games, sell both and get another Teixeira or upgrade the keeper

          • I will treat that comment with the contempt it warrants!
            Lallana proved at Southampton that his best role is as a number 10. His energy and tireless running and pressing from the off sets the tempo for how we play..and Milner has proved throughout his career what a top player he is.
            Don’t confuse form with talent!

          • Nonsense!
            You not watch the Norwich game then?
            Stevie Wonder could see how Lallana’s energy, pressing and running set the tempo for the come back…something blatantly missing in a very pedestrian game before he came onto the pitch…not to mention the winning goal

          • More Nonsense!!!
            If you only judge a player by his goals and assists, then maybe. But if you understand the game, and see how Lallana’s energy and pressing sets the tempo for how we play, and how we are a much better team when he is on the pitch!

          • If Teixeira is ever going to get in the team, he will have to displace either Couts or Firmino…I wouldn’t be holding my breath waiting for that to happen.
            Ward and Smith are closest to breaking into the starting eleven IMO because of Moreno and Migs form.
            Sinclair (if he wasn’t so greedy) also would have had a chance with Ings, Stduge and Origi out and Benteke playing so badly.

          • I see what you are saying, and agree Ibe is not a 90 minute player…but Teixeira is a playmaker, so Coutinho and Firmino are the two players he’s fighting out for a starting berth with.

          • 1. Klopp plays 433, so there isn’t a no.10
            2. Firmino is now a striker, so isn’t like for like

          • Firmino plays as a false 9 , but is natural number 10, as is Coutinho.
            Klopp plays many formations, and is only playing a 4-3-3 at the moment due to lacking a striker.
            4-1,3-2 , 4-3,3, 4,2,3,1

          • and?
            Lallana’s role is to press the defense and win the ball back, putting Liverpool on the attack and to give the ball to the creative players like Coutinho and Firmino.

          • You’re going off topic. The point is with 433 Tex can take either Lallana or Milner’s place, as it isn’t the RW/LW’s job to press, it would be Can, Lucas, Allen, Hendo etc.

          • No It wouldn’t as we press all over the pitch. Lallana is doing the most pressing out of the front 3. If Teix was to play it would be instead of Firmino or Coutinho.

          • We’ve been midtable since Lallana arrived.

            Is that the tempo Lallana brings that you’re on about. And the poor goals tally.

            Talking absolute rubbish as per usual…….

          • We’ve been mid-table since Lallana arrived…really, that all you got?
            So we are mid-table ALL because of Lallana, yer?
            I have never said he shouldn’t score and assist more, nor that he hasn’t been disappointment and shouldn’t be upgraded when the chance comes in the summer…but it ain’t going to be by Joao, that’s for sure!!
            I suggest you stop following the ball, and actually watch a game for once. Lallana runs more than any other player. Presses and forces the opposition into making mistakes and rushing passes. He sets the tempo for how we play and others like Firmino and Coutinho benefit from it.
            “Talking absolute rubbish as per usual”…….WOW, the irony is simply breathtaking!!

          • Well if work rate gets recorded on the scoreboard, we’ll be at the top of the EPL table. Also we don’t need to sign Alex Texeira cos he wouldn’t provide more work rate than milner and Lallana. We have loads of players than can run in the championship, let’s get them, they are much more cheaper, Since soccer is about running with no end product.

          • Where did I say Lallana was perfect, and we shouldn’t be looking to improve upon him. Or that his goals and assists record is poor?

          • You should ask urself one question. What is expected of him in the role he occupies? Has he provided that, if the answer is no. Then give someone else a chance, it can’t get worse than that. Look at the benefit of benching Benteke who was supposed to be a proper CF. Give the boy a chance!!!

          • it can’t get worse than that….really? what you mean how much better a team we were and played without Lallana on the pitch v Norwich?
            Lallana needs to up his game or move on, no argument about that. But Joao Teixeira….get real

          • 1 game in half a season? Get real! And yes he should move on. Let’s see the kid before we decide to move him on, that’s all we ask.

          • He’s a playmaker, so whose place will he take Firmino’s or Coutinho’s? Lallana plays a very different role.
            I like the kid, just as I liked Suso..but as I said earlier “he’s good, but he ain’t Carling”
            He maybe one of our better youth/fringe players, but because of his position players like Smith and Ward are IMO closer to breaking into the first team, due to the poor form of Moreno and Migs,
            We are still in 3 cups, and playing a game every 4 days, so he will get plenty of chances to show what he can do, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath on him making the step up at Liverpool. If he can’t break into the team this season, what realistic chance does he have next season after Klopp has brought new players in, in the summer!?

          • OMG It’s like trying to educate a brick!
            Do you even know what Lallana’s role is in the team?
            Know what gegenpressing is?
            Lallana’s role in the team is to set the tempo. To press and hurry the opposition midfielders and defenders into giving the ball away. His job is to pin the opposition back, and not give them time on the ball. Firmino and Coutinho are the creative players.
            Name me one other player in the squad who you feel can do Lallana’s role better than he can?
            Do we need more from a player in this position…yes for sure, that’s why we were looking at Alex Teixeira. But as things stand, Lallana is the best option we have with this current squad.

          • You are rather demonstrating lack of knowledge. Gegenpressing requires the whole midfield and front line to press the ball anytime an opposition tries to make a pass into the midfield, It’s not rocket science. As simple as that. You don’t explain things to who knows more than u do. The whole team presses not lallana alone. Himself and Milner have energies to burn that’s why they are in there. Buh my point is why do u work so hard to win the ball when u don’t know what to do with it.

          • More than I do? haha you’re funny!
            Name me one LFC player who presses more than Lallana, who covers more miles in a game than Lallana!?

          • Do you think Lallana can press four players at the same time?Common don’t make me feel insulted talking to u. You can do better than that.

          • 1 game in half a season?…I’m not talking about the goal, but the way we played when he was on the pitch. He presses and hurries the opposition into making mistakes, setting the tempo for how we play. Who do you think was responsible for the fast start v Arsenal. From the opening whistle Lalanna was all over their defenders, forcing them into mistakes and Liverpool retaining possession.
            I suggest you actually watch Lallana and not judge him on his goals record alone. See what he gives to the side. I’m sure Firmino is glad he’s in the side!

          • You’re pushing water up a hill trying to make a case for Lallana, he’s mediocre personified!

          • I’ve said it here before: Lallana reminds me of a non-talented Forrest Gump..all he can do is run. He’s our best player at giving the ball away with bad passes and dribbling himself into situations he cannot

            get out of. Totally lacks football intelligence and was an utter waste of money

          • put him on transfer market and he wouldn’t fetch us 5 millions…and that’s true about him, Milner, …Henderson 8-10 million max…

            ….team full of average and under-performing Joe’s..

          • I agree with you on Lallana and Milner, but I still believe in Henderson, he’s got his heal problem and still shows more fight than the other 2

          • but he is bang average…we’re a top club , not a mercenary club where average players like Henderson can come and fulfill their ambition to play for a “big” club..
            …Henderson is average at best…Shouldn’t be the bench mark we set for ourselves if really wish to a European force again

          • Spot on. Never CL material in a million years. Mascherano Hamann Gerrard Alonso Garcia was. Not Lallana Henderson Milner Allen. Even the Academy kids showed them up against West Ham.

          • So you’re undecided on him then? :)
            If Teixeira is going to replace him, then it will be Alex and not Joao

          • Naturally Alex would be a huge upgrade if he can replicate the form shown until now for Shaktar..but I would rather see Joao in the starting 11 than Lallana. The most influential that Lallana has been lately is when he came off the bench against Norwich, maybe he should be an impact sub rather than a starter

          • i agree. but i would say milner as well. i would prefer usain bolt…and play with ten…Teixeira is fast thinking and knows what is the ball for. he maibe needs better defendig skills…

          • …because the manager doesn’t in training? He needs to be judged through our eyes so that we make the decision to let him go?

          • How many times have we seen a manager gotten them wrong? Even Fergie got it wrong on Pogba

          • This guy’s not a Pogba dude…we’ve seen enough of him thus far to know otherwise. Decent enough player, I think he’ll have a good career elsewhere where he’s wanted more and plays regularly.

          • You need different types of players. The workrate and running should result in goals at the end of the day, but who does them doesn”t matter all that much. If they aren’t coming, that doesn’t make those qualities any less important. Just like it is futile to have great finishers, if no one makes the plays, and no one to link with, because no one runs.

            Workrate, pressing and running is important to a game where you try to outrun, press, and stress the opponent.

          • What part of don’t just judge him on his goals and assists record you not understand? Nobody is saying his goals and assists return is acceptable!!
            Lallana’s role is to pin back the opposition, to press and force them into making mistakes and winning tackles to put Liverpool back on the attack…that part of his job he does very well. A job Joao isn’t capable of doing!

          • By that rationale, Lallana would be best employed playing further back, as holding midfielder perhaps?

          • And 1 of those assists only happened because he badly dominated the ball, letting it escape from his grasp which fortunately isolated Benteke to get the winning goal :)

          • Ha ha you’re using the Norwich game as some sort of benchmark.

            1 goal in 19 games this season and you’re trying to suggest Lallana is a good player? Even that goal was a mishit, scuffing the shot into the grass. Lallana is at best average. He doesn’t unlock defences, he can’t shoot and he’s too lightweight.

          • Relevance?
            Regardless of who the opposition was, we were playing pedestrian and with a lack of urgency and speed to our passing. Lallanas introduction gave us that much needed injection…how good or poor Norwich are, has zero relevance

          • Because he normally starts. Watch the 3-3 v Arsenal again. See how Lallana doesn’t give the Arsenal defenders a second on the ball. He set the tempo for the game from the opening whistle, It took for him to come on v Norwich for us to regain the tempo that has seen us beat City and Chelsea.

          • Firmino & Coutinho were the catalysts for the victories vs City & Chelsea, whereas Lallana was the difference maker vs Norwich! Nuff said.

          • 26 million to gift us a lousy win against a relegation team….that’s a sacrilege of highest order

          • It was Lallana setting the tempo that allowed Coutinho and Firmino to even have the ball!!!
            If Lallana hadn’t set the tempo and put the opposition on the back foot, how would Firmino and Coutinho have effected the game!?

          • hahahhaa,,…what a logic …that means Lallana is behind every goal that LFC scores and when Lallana fails to “PRESS”….Firm’s & Cout’s feel lost while Mignolet can’t hold the ball…

          • If your aim is to impersonate an id10t, congratulations you’ve nailed it!!
            Where did I say he was responsible for every goal??..geeezzz!!
            Without Lallanas tireless running and pressing we wouldn’t have the ball in the oppositions half, nearly as much as we do. How do you expect Coutinho, Firmino, Benteke, Studge, etc to score if we are defending!?
            Regardless of what you think, I don’t rate Lallana, and don’t understand why we brought him, as we now have 3 number 10#s in Lallana, Coutinho and Firmino. We will never see the best of Lallana unless we play him centrally as the main man (like we do with Coutinho)…but that doesnt mean he doesn’t contribute, and claims that he should be dropped for Joao Teixeira are simply nonsense, as two very different roles for the team!

          • He has a point mate. Just see the difference between couts and firms play with say benteke..and then lallana. “Lfc” isnt the same without the “L”. You can say he is merely 10% of what lfc is..but he is still 10%. Can’t completely dismiss that.

          • that 10% must include some assists and goals too…I don’t think Lallana’s PRESSING has made any difference to LFC’s season…we start slating Firm’s and Cout’s when they don’t score for 2 games straight, then why Lallana is getting a free pass…He is an attacking midfielder who must provide assists and find net more often than not..
            …but he has clearly failed in his primary job…2 years is a long time….

          • Ideally i would agree with you. But 2 things are tempering my opinion of lallana- 1. Klopp clearly plays him quite a bit. So logic dictates its because he likes what he sees and/or he trusts and recognises something in him we don’t.
            2. He is not exactly being played like a CAM. We stupidly paid 25 mil for guy playing a position and a role and then hardly ever played him there. Then why play 25 mil for something you are not going to use?
            Lastly, the summer window will tell us clear enough, the real worth of lallana. No point arguing over it. Tex for me had a very impactful debut- provided the pass for the penalty, hit the bar and made a match saving block. All in the space of 5 mins probably. But now 2 different managers have consistently underplayed him despite many opportunities to the contrary. Whether klopp is right or wrong will be evident in time. I’m just not arrogant enough to question his judgement just yet.

          • your Sir Adam Lallana isn’t worth more than 5-6 million in the transfer market…and that says a lot about his quality

          • wow…the more you type the stupider you appear!
            £5- £6 want to put a one in front of that!.

          • okay.tell me which club would buy him…name a few who would quote double figures for him…then I am listening

          • IF Klopp decides to sell him in the summer, most EPL clubs (bar the top 4) would be interested in him. He will not be sold for less than £15 million.
            Are you living in 1975? £5-£6 million wouldn’t buy you a Championship player, let alone and English International

          • you can do a good PR for Lallana and his fledgling career..stop wasting your time here and contact him asap…

          • That’s true, one cannot forget the premium on English player fees. Townsend moved from Spurs to Newcastle for 12 million only a couple of days ago

          • But what about the others 23 league games with only one goal or the fact that in a mid season of about 35 games by now he has 3 goals… rubbish player

          • THAT HE IS A CAM!!! he was bought to make goals or create them THAT must be his contribution to the team but he offers close to none of both, if we want workrate we have Lucas, Rossiter, Milner, Can, Henderson, and Brannagan all of them behind the striker to pass the ball and to recover them tha’ts their job not lallana’s

          • Yes and that is no doubt why he will be replaced in the summer, as we seek to upgrade, That doesn’t mean his contribution can’t be ignored. He runs and presses more than any other player, His setting the tempo is what allows the more creative players like Firmino and Couts to excel

          • Can and Henderson have both been poor in their last two games…should we sell them as well?

          • ‘Lallana proved at Southampton’

            What did he prove? Did he win anything? Did he get CL?

            We are not Southampton. Our demands are a little higher.

            Milner is at the end of his career. And it shows.

          • He proved that he is a good player in the PL, competiting against the likes of LFC, which got him here.

            If the criterium was only to buy people that won something, the pool of players is pretty small, and they may not even fit other parameters of what is wanted.

            If you want to speak of demands of the club, you should aim higher than Teixeira, whose best results came at Brighton.

            You are clueless, and it shows. Stop posting.

          • Which doesn’t show it hits the mark, as I was requesting. So are you gonna make a relevant point, or are you just gonna continue to be useless?

          • I am sorry, but the only thing you have done is trying to make a tr0ll.

            You mean you can’t do what you was supposed to do, so now you run, after you wanted my attention, acknowledging you are incompetent.

            Oh, well. I am not surprised.

          • not surprised why so many people call you a taboo or a cult here at TIA forum..
            …so neither am I surprised

          • Err How many years did he prove himself in the Premier League?


            Ah I get it, your hero Rodgers signed him so he MUST be world class, yes?

            Double Doh!

          • He proved himself in the league. It earned him a contract at the club, and plays for the England side.

            Nobody talked about world class. You asked what he proved, and it was given to you, since you didn’t know.

            Again, if you think the criterium is being world class footballer and has to have won something in order to join, you are living in a world where no one of relevance resides.

          • Ok I’ll help you.

            5 seasons in the Championship.
            2 seasons in League 1.


            2 seasons in the Prem.

            Then he comes to Liverpool . 5 goals in 27 season 1. 1 goal in 19 season 2. £25m?

            What exactly is your point?

          • Potential at his age and proven at any lvl he’s at otherwise Jorge Mendes (super agent) would not be his manager and he’s still 23.

          • Oh cmon…Mendes represents half of Europe..we just get to hear about the big players is all. And no, it’s no longer potential…he’s 23 years old now. I’m not saying he can’t progress, but he’ll flourish and develop most in an environment where he can play regular football week in week out at this point of time.

          • As you can see they moved upwards with Lallana on the team, getting personal yearly awards along the way.

            He also scored 9 goals in PL in his last season at Southampton to get the attention of the club.

            He was good enough for England, LFC, Rodgers, and now Klopp, who uses him very frequently, to the point where he is the no. 1 on his sheet. Klopp, World class manager.

            5 goals is pretty okay in his first season here, considering he was injured 6 times, disrupting his continuity and form.

            Getting back to the elite depends on a lot of parameters, but most of all, if Klopp is more successful, than those he competes with at elite level.

          • How do you know Lallana is number 1 on his teamsheet? You don’t do you? That’s speculation. So you’re argument is built on sand.

            Let me remind you Lallana scored 6 goals in 41 games season 1.
            He’s currently on 3 goals in 24 games in season 2.

            If you think that is good enough for a Liverpool supposed attacking midfielder then you really are stup1d. There’s fullbacks and defenders that score more than that.

          • Because he plays him everytime he can. Those are facts.

            In an article from 23rd of December in Klopps first 15 games, Lallana had played all of them. More than anyone. Including Mignolet. Lallana has been a key for Klopp since arriving here.

            It is good enough for Klopp. He is world class manager. I am sure he wants Lallana to score more, but he is happy with his efforts, and therefore he keeps playing him, even if he had a bad game the game prior.

          • Every person is entitled to their opinion and telling someone that they shouldn’t post on here because you don’t agree with it shows that you should follow your own advice as you don’t have the maturity do take part in a fans’ messaging forum where differing views are quite rightly expressed.

          • Not sure if hypocracy is the way forward to make your point. It only proves you perhaps shouldn’t show your opinions in public, as there was little thought process going on prior to making it.

            Just because one has the abilty to make an opinion doesn’t mean that it is worth the print. Making uneducated opinions are still uneducated. If they can’t be argued for, they are just baseless opinions grabbed out of thin air, adding nothing.

            Entitled to them? No. Who told you this? The incompetent that wants to be heard, and somehow feels their opinion is as valid as any other? They aren’t. Just like yours is an exersize in shooting yourself in the foot.

          • Freedom of speech is part of parcel of living in a democracy, which is something we do. That being so, whether they are educated or not, they are allowed to be heard. No one has to agree with them, but no one should have the right to stop them from being voiced.

            Why isn’t any person entitled to their opinion? I’m curious to know why you think you can say whose opinion is worth voicing and whose isn’t?

            This is a forum where people can share their thoughts and opinions; I may have missed it, but I haven’t noticed anything saying that opinions have to be able to bear up to some criteria of whether they are worth posting or not. Opinions are exactly that, what one person thinks. A person can post what common consent would label as utter rubbish on here or they can post what many would say to be highly insightful.

            Lallana does attract a lot of attention on here with many people slating him and lots of people backing him. The very fact that he does draw a lot of debate does suggest that there is something about his performances that is questionable or most people would be saying the same thing, I’d suggest.

            I like Lallana as a player but his level on consistency in terms of affecting the outcomes of matches directly though his skill. creativity and goal scoring is – for me anyway – questionable and slightly disappointing. However, I don’t think that anyone would question his work rate, which is excellent.

            Did I say that I supported him? What I support and dislike is one person telling another what they can or can’t do because they disagree with what that person has said.

          • They are allowed to be heard, and allowed to be torn apart, and cast aside as uneducated that shouldn’t have been made. Those are not empty words, but proven counter arguments. That is not the same as they are entitled to be perceived as equal or to exist. When torn apart they are no longer viable opinion, thus not entitled to be maintained as the right to continue to exist. Which is what you try to fight for. And that is a misconceived notion of entitlement. If you voice your opinion, you must be prepared to have it contested, and if you can’t defend it, or argue for it, it is worthless. And so is it, if it is poorly argumented.

            Hope that helps you understand the freedom of speech and the responsibility that comes with it. Don’t fight for the right for ignorance to have their place. If you do, you are just doing it to have a haven where you can roam. I can’t stop you from doing it, but I will use my right to tear your poorly argumented opinion into tatters. And then you can try to say with those tatters that you want to hold onto them still, for no apparent reason. That is up to you, but that is your delusion that you are entitled to do so in a meaningful way.

          • They are allowed to be heard, and allowed to be torn apart, and cast aside as uneducated that shouldn’t have been made. Those are not empty words, but proven counter arguments. That is not the same as they are entitled to be perceived as equal or to exist. When torn apart they are no longer viable opinion, thus not entitled to be maintained as the right to continue to exist. Which is what you try to fight for. And that is a misconceived notion of entitlement. If you voice your opinion, you must be prepared to have it contested, and if you can’t defend it, or argue for it, it is worthless. And so is it, if it is poorly argumented.

            Hope that helps you understand the freedom of speech and the responsibility that comes with it. Don’t fight for the right for ignorance to have their place. If you do, you are just doing it to have a haven where you can roam. I can’t stop you from doing it, but I will use my right to tear your poorly argumented opinion into tatters. And then you can try to say with those tatters that you want to hold onto them still, for no apparent reason. That is up to you, but that is your delusion that you are entitled to do so in a meaningful way. It will not be granted.

            “Did I say that I supported him? What I support and dislike is one person telling another what they can or can’t do because they disagree with what that person has said.”. Not only did and do you go against your belief by saying I should leave instead, for voicing my opinion, thus telling me what to do, which makes you look incredibly stup1d, held up to your own opinion on the matter. Even when you are told of this hypocrisy, you repeat it. You can’t leave yourself out.

            You are supporting his ignorance, when you are supporting it should exist on par with the one that tear it apart.

          • Not that it matters one bit, but I have 20 and you have 15. What is telling, is every single person that upvoted you are about as stup1d as you. Coincidence? No.

          • No worries; as you upvoted another one of my posts, I thought that that was the case.

          • Please dont tell people to stop posting.If you disagree with someones opinion so be it, but that does not make your opinion automatically right.

          • Look mate I know you’re southhampton fan and let’s be honest, do you see RM, Barca or any top club raid and buy Southampton players? only mediocre manager like BR would do that, Texeira is still learning his trade but proven at academy and lower league and shown potential in PL and he’s only 23 comparing Lallana and Milner and is a bigger commodity mate.

          • No, they buy LFC players, because they are ready to pay 75 mil for a player, that we bought for 23, and don’t have a wage ceiling like we do. Possibly because they are the richest clubs in the world, with twice the stadium size.

            Klopp uses these Southampton players whenever he can.

            Other big club like Utd and Arsenal have also bought players from Southampton. Ferguson has bought players from Villa, Wigan etc.

            Do you see Barcelona, RM buying Teixeira? Teixeira is the age of Coutinho. Can you see him taking Coutinhos or Firminos spot?

            How is Teixeira a bigger commodity? He has done nothing at 23.

          • HMM…perhaps you should start watching games and analyse with your brain not just your eye dude.

          • I am. I am a very reflective person. Which is why I am so smart.

            My superior brains says that Teixeira is not a bigger commodity, and how would he, he can’t even get regular games at the club, as supposed to those you feel are inferior. And Klopp, world class manager seems to agree, feeling he should seek first team games elsewhere.

            Not sure why your brain says otherwise, if you use it, as you suggest one should. Maybe you are not the right person to talk about brain usage, and analytical skills. It doesn’t appear to be. And there is not much evidence that you infact have a lot going on in there.

            Maybe you should answer the question, instead of just throwing it back to me to do your thinking.

          • Shopping and buying is very different mate and talents come from all corners of the world if no other club do shopping at Southampton then that;s serious problem for ur club mate.

          • Yeah, shopping means this: “to seek a bargain, investment, service, etc”. Buying means a purchase.

            I don’t how it is a problem for LFC, if no one club shops at Southampton, but they do. For instance Utd and Arsenal.

          • A sense of humour is required, when you have to deal with daft people, that don’t know anything. You have no idea how depressing it can be to be intelligent amongst id1ots. You have to take my word for it.

          • Actually Lallana at Southampton was a proper player, a player that ripped defences apart, alas he is not that player with us. As for Milner – never been a favourite of mine.

          • Milner & Lallana are not top players don’t let watching biased Sky commentators who overhype British players form your opinion, Teixeira adds far more attacking threat to the team that either of those two do.

          • WELLLLL MATE I don’t see history repeating for Lallana at Liverpool maybe you should see that again when he’s back at Southampton Loll..

          • Where did I say Lallana was the long term answer to Liverpool?
            My point was he is doing a vital role, and this nonsense that he should be replaced by Joao Teixeira is just that!
            He will probably be replaced or resigned to a bench spot in the summer

          • That all depends what page you are on?
            My point was you can’t replace Lallana whose role under Klopp is to run and press with a Joao Teix a creative midfielder.
            Lallana is not the answer and along with many other players in our current squad, we should be looking to upgrade when the opportunity arises…but he also isn’t as bad as people make him out to be. His pressing and running is vital to the team,,,,no other Liverpool players runs and presses as much as Lallana.
            Option A, develop him into adding goals and assists to his game
            Option B, buy a world class player to replace him

          • And……Milner yes he’s good but at MC he’s drifting in and out of the bench with TOP players around, A MEDIOCRE player for world class, a top talented player for British standard DA…mate

          • What ? Hahahaha, don’t be funny. Teixeira is good but not good enough yet. Don’t even compare him to Lallana and Milner when you obviously don’t realize what they do for the team.

          • He forced the keeper into a couple of top saves last night.

            That’s more than Milner & Lallana.

          • No he didn’t…He shot straight at the keeper, both times!
            He’s a play maker, so he has to be better than Firmino and/or Coutinho to get into the side…Not gonna happen!
            If Tiexeira is going to replace Lallana, then it will be Alex and not Joao

          • Exactly, he hit the target, whereas Lallana and Milner don’t.

            And stop up voting yourself. You’re only kidding yourself……

          • Here we go again, you going to bore everyone with your multiple accounts conspiracy BS. Zzzzzzzz

          • Your chum Derek Smith has got a new account?

            Is that why you’re hiding your post history coward?

          • where is derek did he get banned from his new site as well or as rodgers got a new job that i do not know about;-)

          • No idea, Don’t think banned as all posts deleted on profile. Think he just got bored of your id10t mates like Truereds and deleted account to take a break

          • no mate he was barred of here maybe is new mates on his new site could not stand is bull either

          • yes I was also banned twice in the same day…means nothing just t00ls flagging posts

          • he was barred because he thinks hes better than everyone else plain and simple every body as a few posters that do not like them derek had loads because he tried to talk to people like something he stood in
            He was wrong on 90% of the things he said but never once admited it and still tried to prove he was in the right
            good riddance no doubt he will be back with his condercending posts at some other club when his messiah gets another job i pity those fans

          • He was clearly more intelligent and had a better understanding of the game than half the m0r0ns on this site!
            He’s a bit like me, headstrong and doesn’t suffer f00ls.

          • Did I miss anything? we sign Messi or anything whilst I was out?
            On another note, I expect a MoM performance from Lucas tomorrow. That will confirm what I expected…he can’t play a game every 4 days! Expect Can to also regain his form after the rest.
            Clyne Lovren Sakho/Caulker Moreno/Smith/Flanno
            Can Lucas Allen
            Milner Firmino Lallana
            Leciester 0-2 Liverpool

          • haha with you not there he can tell you about his MoM performance and 40 yard bicycle kick into the top corner :)
            I think we will slaughter Leicester. Over a weeks break for our lot is akin to a two week break in the Maldives. I expect Lallana, Allen and Milner to run and press from the opening whistle, pinning Leicester back. Lucas and Can to run the midfield and goals from Firmino.
            This will be like Man City performance, everyone rested and raring to go…could even be 0-3 or 0-4.

          • There is that downside..but not tomorrow! Rested and ready to destroy Leicester. The runners will do the donkey work and pin Leicester back, whilst the creative players do their stuff.
            On another note Enrique would rather stay at LFC and get paid for doing nothing, than go back to Newcastle…who knew :)

          • You mean the m0r0nic t00ls like truereds and Jacinata who are incapable of reading and twisted his post about Klopp starting without a recognized striker, and that Klopp could be in for a backlash like Rodgers got…twisted into comparing Klopp with Rodgers? Or when the mentally challenged 8 year old that is truereds asked Pierre if he could send a list of young up and coming french talent to FSG…really!?
            I avoid the t00ls, and ignore the tr011s so avoid getting into too many arguments.
            Jacinta is more polite these days and when not on her bodgers rants, posts so good views.
            zilch happening on transfer deadline day…logging off!

          • Stoke City agree club record fee of £18.2m for Giannelli Imbula
            That smashes the £12 most expensive signing

          • Cout is out injured, and Firm plays false 9. Surely there is room for Tex, at least for a cameo.

          • Agreed with a game every 4 days we need to rotate the squad. My point was Lallana’s role is to run and press. He sets the tempo for the game, hurrying the opposition into rash and quick passes, putting Liverpool back onto the attack. Klopp uses the other 2 of the forward 3 as the creative players and goalscorers. I was just saying it was nonsense that he should replace Lallana…and long term he isnt going to replace Firmino and Coutinho,,,and if he returns, Studge

          • He is one of the reasons why we are still in the capital one cup. Lallana and milner are the reasons we almost lost out

          • You sound like Ayre. The reason why we are where we are is because we have people like u up there that are short sited. They’ll never notice a talent till he turns Ronaldo.

          • Another evidence. You would rather not make a sense out a sentence. You’d analyze for errors but forget about the sense part. Are u a typist?

          • Lallana and milner are the reasons we almost lost out.., as I said “utter nonsense”…neither have played in the FA cup this season, but hey don’t let the facts get in the way of posting more nonsense!

          • Capital one cup and FA cup. Any similarities? They are pronounced the same way I guess. Even if u had an eagle eye it still wouldn’t fit with ur brains.

    • You are comparing oranges and apples. Lallana and Milner are players that have that required workrate that Klopp craves. Teixeira is to be compared with the likes of Firmino and Coutinho, and he is not gonna take their spots.

        • And his final ball is awful, and he cant do the simple things. Bad fit at our club IMO, pity, really liked him at Southampton.

          • But you praise Can who loses the ball and set up other teams to score ? i don’t understand …

          • Lallana is a seasoned pro, Can is a developing player. Can is far from the finnished article and hopefully these mistakes will be corrected, if at 27 he is still doing it then it will be just as dissapointing.

        • Well, if we talk about Milner and Lallana, who are the ones with the workrate in question, this is what is the result from the Norwich game:

          Lallana 1 goal, 1 assist.
          Milner: 1 goal, 1 assist.

          • You said we didn’t score from midfield, only ran. I am sorry you didn’t know. Maybe watch games?

            2 games after Milner assisted versus Arsenal(3-3), and 5 games after Lallana assisted versus Sunderland(1-0). We paid about 25 mil for Lallana. Milner was free.

          • Says the guy that says Teixeira should be playing, because you think he is a better commodity to sell.

          • I know you have a pair of eye and I know you have a brain, I know you watch games with ur eye but you never used ur brain end of..mate.

          • Well my eyes told me we scored from midfield, and don’t just run. My eyes are right. My brain says that is correct. Facts agrees with my eyes and my brain. Your eyes and brain disagree with facts, making a wrong statement. Somehow your conclusion is that I don’t use my brain. Not sure, if that means that you using your brain is a faulty process, that comes to different realities than facts overruling reality, because the information parsed through eyes and brain did not match facts. Not sure if that is a good thing, mate.

          • Henderson 2 goals 2 assist
            Milner 4 goals 5 assists
            Allen 2 goals 0 assists
            Coutinho 6 goals 3 assists
            Firmino 0 goals 2 assists(5 g 4 a)
            Lallana 3 goals 4 assists
            Ibe 3 goals 1 assist.

  4. I feel he has deserved a lot more than what he has gotten. Been really good in matches he’s played but never given a fair chance when you consider some of the first team regulars performances.

  5. Doesn’t sound good… but nothing wrong of the way he said it.
    Even KLOPP doesnt sound good about him…
    At 23… it’s fair enuf and even if he leaves( I wish not).. I will wish him all the best…. try your best not to be in EPL…..

  6. Klopp plodding on with Milner Lallana Lucas & Henderson, who create very little, is surely not an option.

    I think Teixeira, and Stewart & Brannagan, should be given some serious game time after last night’s performance. Let’s just see what they’ve got to offer.

    Let’s face it, they can be no worse than Klopp’s first choices.

    The same goes for Mignolet Moreno & Benteke too. Ward Smith & Ojo should surely be given some time.

    • Stewart has a decent game against a blasé West Ham and now he’s the answer to all our problems. There’s a reason he was let go by Spurs and on loan at Swindon (not exactly burning it up there either and that young at 22). Look, I hope the does well and even liked what I saw in his first outing down on the South coast after a last second call up. But neither he nor Brannagan is or ever will be half the player Lallana is and nowhere near Hendo, Lucas or Milner either. Grow up boys!

  7. With Cout, Lallana (Firmino & Milner) there isn’t room in the 1st team squad for all of Markovic, Ibe, Alberto, Ojo and Teix.

  8. Any word of contract talk for him? I must say that I doubt he’ll be here next season. With Tex incoming, Firmino and Coutinho at the club … difficult to get into the game really.

    • Tex incoming? Sorry mate,but that ship has sailed,in the summer there will be alot of clubs interested in him,and we will miss out unfortunately!

  9. We have two players we can’t keep carrying for long, lallana and Milner. Bench or sub them for the kids in a game and let’s see what happens. We have seen the worst defeats from the end of last season till now, it can’t get worse than that tbh

  10. It will be a real pain if he goes somewhere else and get some game time and we end up chasing what we lost. This kid has got something to prove! If I were other EPL clubs, I will take a chance on him, he comes for free.

    • Mate he’s good technically and all that,but ain’t cut out for the PL!I mean,did you see how he got bullied yesterday? He’s not even on par with coutinho technically,and is slower and weaker!

      • I agree with u. Strength and stamina is something you can always work on. I wish I could have a chance to work with some of this players, I can see something good in them

    • Judging by his comments, it would seem he is genuinely interested in remaining with us. On the other hand, there will be far more competition next season, which is why he really needs to prove himself until the end of the season.

  11. If at 23, Klopp doesn’t think he is good enough to get into our struggling side. Then he’s probably just not good enough.

  12. My advice to Tex would be prove your worth and work harder IMO he’s not good enough to take anybodys first team spot so if he left it would be to a lower division side if it’s game time, and lets not forget Klopp is rebuilding this team is he really good enough , I think not

      • I think Klopp rates Lallana, he does press well and gets the ball up creates space etc, I’ve been told Klopp has him on extra training in the evening, don’t get me wrong I’m all for our young lads but I don’t think he’s good enough to take anyones position , why what you thinking

        • Young players rarely just takes a position, but they should get cameos or opportunities in early cup games and during injuries. Problem is, we have a rather bloated squad and have sent the most promising youngsters on loan so they have not been available when needed. At least Klopp seems to be correcting this.

          • The squad is very lobsided lacks wingers good few number 10’s no decent available forwards bet ye it’s definitely the way forward to give our younger guys cameos, they did well

        • I loved Lallana at Southampton, just dont think he has done enough with us, for me lots of effort does not translate to an automatic 1st team spot, would give Tex a game.

          • Definitely give them all a game amongst first team players see who’s hungry and who’s not

  13. Like the lad but he clearly lacks a lot of things to start.He is pretty much like Suso skilled but extremely weak and lacks intensity. Bannagan/Ojo have a better chance of making the cut depending on what happens in the summer.

    He is better off elsewhere with i don’t see him a guaranteed game time in PL while at LFC

  14. WHY ON EARTH is Texeira not in the europa squad. I count that as fairly high up on the list of BR mistakes. Can we change that?

    • If i remember right if we sold a player that it was inscripted from the beginning then it is possible to inscipt another one… i think that’s the only way if i’m not mistaking

    • Because there are only 22 players that could make that list and UEFA have some really stringent home-grown rules on players. I think if you have a look at the EL squad, you’d have to answer who you’d rather replace in place of Teixeira.

      In any case, that was group stages. Now Jurgen can name him if he wants to I think.

        • I don’t remember the exact rules but one thing I do remember is that UEFA’s definition of a homegrown player is far more strict compared to English FA’s. With English FA it’s anyone who’s been in English academy so you’re talking other club’s academies are fine as well. With UEFA, he has to either be under 21 I think or be a player who’s spent 3 years at the LFC academy/youth system.

  15. Even if he doesn’t make it out here(which I think he won’t) I do feel there’s a decent career in football waiting for him. Think he can definitely cut it in top flight leagues in one of the smaller clubs and really develop there.

  16. That massive argument below; can’t believe I find myself somewhat agreeing with Jannik. Anything is possible guys!

  17. I do question at 23, whether he is good enough to make the grade at Liverpool. At his age, he should have far more experience than he does.

    • This part of the problem for youth players breaking into a first team if garbage is signed ahead of them and then played due to the financial outlay, I’m not just referring to liverpool here. Don’t forget this lad broke his leg and was out for a long time. He needs a run of games to prove if he is good enough.

    • It’s always hard to say when they haven’t been given proper game time. And I really feel he should have, because every time I saw him play he did quite well.

  18. My worry for Teixeira is that the pace and physicality of the Prem doesn’t suit him, despite his undoubted talent. Also, Klopp has inherited a really unbalanced squad, made worse by injury. All our mid-fielders are industrious, decent players, without the ability to produce the unexpected. Most of our attackers, including Teixeira are most comfortable in the hole and aren’t great in the box. Our strikers are all either injured or out of form. So, Joao will do well to force his way past Coutinho, Lallana and Firmino even if only because it’s a different kind of player we need at the moment – a goalscoring wide player and a forward willing to run in behind with a cool head for goal. I’m hoping the return of Origi will give us a bit more edge, if we don’t get Alex Teixeira.

    • Tex is no less physical than Cout used to be. He has good movement and passing ability. Could have scored yesterday if Benteke only had shifted the ball to him rather than shoot in that triple chance.
      Tex needs more games to evaluate properly, but I really think he’s better than Lallana, Ibe and Milner overall. And I rate the former two quite a bit.

      • Its a tough one, if he was 19 everyone would be rooting for him, 23 is not really young theses days. Sink or swim time for the guy. Saying that how difficult it must be to try and earn a new contract in a handfull of games.

      • I’ve like him as a player since first seeing him playing for Sporting’s youth team and expected him to be a future star. The problem for him is that, at 23, he needs to be playing every week and I can’t see that happening. He is technically better than Milner and Henderson, though lacks their physicality and intensity and is currently a bit behind Couts and Firmino in effectiveness. He is inexperienced for his age and I have to say I’d advise him to move in his own best interests.

  19. Although he does make mistakes and his decision making is questionable at times, he is one of our best passers and has natural flair/ attacking instinct.

    I’d like to see all of the players who did well against West Ham get their chance in the first team.

      • He got knocked less than Couts did the first year of PL. Also, if he was Costa he’d get fouls for most of those challenges.

          • I merely compared his physicality. Cout was knocked quite a bit his first year too. I felt Tex did quite well considering West Ham still is rather tough in defense. And to be fair he should have had a few more free kicks.

      • It is. He is quite a big lad compared to say Coutinho and he may toughen up a bit if he gets the chance to play more in the PL.

  20. I really like teixeira but he is at an age now where he needs to play regularly. I would always prefer if we bought proven quality for the first team and supplemented the squad with the likes of teixeira and brannigan. Allen is decent but did we really need him? Will be a shame if we lose teixeira and even worse if he leaves for nothing.

  21. Played well saturday, and at least deserves to come off the bench for games. A lot better than lose the the ball constantly jordan ibe.

  22. Undoubtedly a good player but he needs to concentrate on becoming a great player instead of what could be construde as threatening by saying he may have to leave to get more first team action. He like flanagan has had bad injuries and has to prove he is worth a starting place not after a few games seemingly make demands of his club. Yes your decent texeira so go and prove your better than the guys in front of you first. Earn your spot and work damned hard to keep it. Good luck lad hope you do it

  23. I had high hopes for Teixeira but for a lot of reasons and as with most young players, his progress has stalled. I think Klopp has already shown a willingness to blood the young talent early, which they need to keep motivated. Two under 18s at the moment, Ben Woodburn and Tony Gomes look really exceptional attacking talents. I’m hoping in a year or two to see at least one of them given the odd cameo role and getting us on our feet like Fowler, Owen , McManaman and Gerrard did :-)

  24. I am not a big fan of players making comments about the future, play me or I am leaving seems to be the message, work hard and take your oppurtunities should be the responce.

    • He is 23. It is also a reality check. If he is not that close to the first team now, maybe it is better for him to move on. But we’ll see. I don’t feel he’s been given a real chance the part two years.

      • He has had bad injuries over the past 2-3 years hence not getting chances. Now hes fit he has to do just what flanagan is doing which is work his butt off and show the manager he is worthy of being in front of the players currently occupying the spot he wants. He is good but he could be better and only he can show that. Good luck lad

    • robbie keane and his difficulty when he found a victim of the battle of egos between rafa and rick is a good lesson for all players.

  25. You seem angry.

    You insert your own things never said by me.

    Lallana didn’t follow Rodgers out the door. Klopp keeps playing him. You’d know that if you watched games, but I think you are busy following your club Utd. And in frustration from the boredom, you slate our club. Now Rodgers is gone, and you have moved onto slating the clubs players.

    • ‘Lallana didn’t follow Rodgers out the door. Klopp keeps playing him’

      You need to read again, I didn’t acruelly say that dId I?.

      You really are stup1d aren’t you.

      You are that stup1d that you think everybody else is stup1d and you are the only 1 that is not.

      • Considering Klopp’s plays Lallana as often he can, there is no sign of him leaving, on the contrary. Actual thought would have saved you that one.

        I say you are stup1d, because you show you are all the time. Those are facts. You are stup1d, and it has been proven time and time again.

        If you had any self-preservation, you’d never post again, because not only are you stup1d, but you have no idea what you talk about, which makes your uselessness complete.

        • But it is you who is stup1d. You cannot even read and understand a simple statement.

          The day Rodgers was sacked proved your stup1dity. Once Klopp brings in the players he requires to make Liverpool successful Lallana will be sold. As I predicted last August that Rodgers would be sacked by November, I also predict this.

          We will just have to wait until summer to prove your stup1dity once again.


          • You just throw empty words with no empiri.Contrary to me. You change the topic everytime you lose it.

            Not sure how it proves anything that Rodgers was fired? You find proof in opposite facts; Klopp keeps playing Lallana. Why is that, if he wants him out?

          • You’re stupidity has been proven. Even now you deny the reality about Rodgers, laughably suggesting he was only sacked because Klopp was available and nothing to do with the appalling job he was doing here.

            I’m not wasting any more time on a loser like you……….

          • Again, you throw empty words with no empiri. Sorry. On the other hand your stup1dity has been proven time and time again.

            Can you prove Rodgers would have been sacked, if Klopp wasn’t available? They backed Rodgers after a poor finish at seasons end. Threw more money at him. With no time given for the new transfers to settle, they sacked him after a dozen games. They have said they always wanted Klopp. They tried to get Klopp from the beginning. Klopp was not available, until a few months into the season.

            I am sorry, but you have been losing all day. And you keep leaving debates in a losing state. Only to pick up a new one to lose.

          • Ha ha have a read of Tom Werner’s words –

            “We gave Brendan, as you know, an opportunity to see if we could improve this season. There was some very good football last season and some not so good football. There were some challenges that dealt with injuries, we brought in some new players that Brendan recommended that we thought would take us forward. We are where we are. I don’t want to say too much. Brendan is an outstanding manager and we decided to move in a different direction and I am very optimistic.”

            I’m assuming you know who Tom Werner is?

            What country are you in?

          • Not sure where Tom Werner’s words disproves what I say. Actually they confirm them, and negate yours.

          • You seem to have a reading disorder. Does this mean you leave this debate also in a losing state, and now try to pick up yet another?

          • Even a broken clock is right once a day. Whereas you are never right.

            What country are you in? Why do you refuse to answer? I’m in the UK, Liverpool. What about you?

          • If you are only right once a day(which is actually more than reality), it means you are wrong at all other times; 23hrs59mins59 secs of the time. Since you are doing a debate with me, it means you admit you are wrong above 99% of the time.

            I know you live in Manchester, rooting for Utd. Why are you trying to lie? I have never seen you make a positive comment about LFC in 100s of posts. No Scouser would do that.

            It is not relevant where I live. It is relevant that you keep losing, and you are leaving debates destroyed by me on end, proving your to be stup1d, time and time again.

          • Ah but you think it is relevant where you live or else why would you refuse to divulge your location?

            The very fact that you have to lie about my post history shows exactly what type of character you are.

            Go on, tell me what country you are from……

          • Because it is not relevant. You trying to move focus away from your failures. That you try to find importance in this shows your desperation, and acknowledgement of your debate failures.

            I have never seen you make a positive comment about LFC. Even after Lallana won us the game vs Norwich, you slate him, and pick on an ex-manager. No scouser can be that bitter, even if they were born as stup1d as you.

          • Reread my post history and stop telling lies. The fact that you have to lie to back up your ludicrous claims is telling, that you know you’ve lost the argument. And a clear indication of your character.

            So what country are you in?

          • That is not a lie. I have never seen it. I have seen 100s of negative from you, both on Echo and here. And here we are, you slating Lallana after he came on, passed for 4-3, and made the winner, and yet you slate him. Rodgers giving us the best league result in years, you slate him.

            You have a reading disorder.

          • But you said I’ve never made a positive post.

            So reread and retract your lie.

            Why won’t you divulge your location? What do you have to hide? I bet you’ve never even been to Anfield.

          • And I still haven’t seen you make a positive comment about LFC.

            I have already told you. It is stup1d to ask a question already answered.

            Now you try to change it yet again to whether I went to Anfield. It shows your desperation, and acknowledgement that you are losing the topics discussed. Then again, you have admitted you are wrong more than 99% of the time, and I have proven you to be stup1d time and time again. I have done my part. You have just played the role of making me look like a genius.

          • Stop telling lies.

            Nobody likes a liar. Interpretation and being subjective is 1 thing. Telling lies is another.

          • Then show a positive comment about LFC made by you. I have never seen one, and I have seen 100s of your posts. It would be foolish of me to say I haven’t seen one, if I had. I am not stup1d like you.

            You have tried to tell me you are leaving and you aren’t. That is lying. I understand you dislike yourself. I would to, if I was stup1d like you. Everyone but Carr knows you are a Utd fan. You defend Utd, Ferguson, and attack our club on end.

            Now, how about you get back on track, instead of changing to topics not important?

          • TrueReds 2 days ago
            Great chance for the Academy lads against a West Ham who have already beat the seniors too easily twice this season.
            Can see us stopping them scoring, but will we score? At least Benteke will get some decent service off Smith &Teixeira. I fancy a win here.

            Is that not positive?

            So retract your lie.

          • That is a negative. Sorry. You are slating the first team. You are using the academy players to poke at the team.

            This was your best effort? I rest my case.

          • That is your twisted and deluded mind.

            I was stating the reality and another prediction by me was shown to be correct. Like when i said Rodgers would be sacked by November once the fixture list came out in August.

            Have you ever made a prediction that was shown to be correct?

            How many times have you been to Anfield?

          • “That is your twisted and deluded mind.”. Aren’t you slating the first team, and using the academy players to do so?

            “I was stating the reality”. You were supposed to give me evidence of you being positive. That was your sole task, and you failed miserably.

          • So no you have never made a correct prediction. If stup1d people like you were in charge Rodgers would still be here.

            I say here but you have never been ‘here’ have you? That’s why you won’t answer, because you have never been to Anfield.

          • “So no you have never made a correct prediction.”. I know you are stup1d, but your task was to show evidence of a positve comment about LFC, and you failed miserably, not if you could make a prediction. You seem confused, and have now – yet again moved onto something else after losing. Are you even trying anymore, or are you just so disillusioned that you have sort of given up, and hope for the clock to strike?

          • Look are you going to answer my question or not? Have you ever been to Anfield? It’s not difficult to understand, even for a stup1d person like you?


          • I have answered you. Yet here you are, asking me a question I have already answered, trying to project you being stup1d onto me.

          • That I haven’t said. Nor what country that I am from. It is just not relevant.

            What was relevant was you trying to show a positive comment about LFC from you, to disprove you were a Utd fan, which anyone, but Carr knows you are, and you failed. That you have been to Anfield amongst Utd fans, doesn’t make you a scouser nor a LFC fan.

          • You could have saved yourself humiliation, if you weren’t stup1d, but alas…

            Well, time to do some duties of bigger importance…

          • A stup1d Brendan Rodgers fan who has never been to Anfield.

            Shock horror! Who would have though that eh? :))))))

          • There is still no evidence of me being stup1d. There is a plethora of evidence of you being stup1d and a Utd fan.

            I am fan of LFC, supporting our team. I am behind Klopp, as he is our manager. I am grateful for what Rodgers achieved, and saddened by his failures, like any fan would be. You, on the other hand is still negative towards the club, after Rodgers was sacked, still failing to show a positive comment about the club.

            I am sorry, but it was easy destroying you.

          • What did Rodgers achieve? Aha you admit he had failures? That’s progress in any language!

            Speaking of which, what is your native language? How do you support the reds? On some dodgy free intent connection? Hysterical!

          • Why ask a question that has been answered multiple times? He achieved 2nd place, when the aim was getting back into top 4. He developed talents as he was tasked to do; Henderson, Coutinho, Sturridge, Suarez, Sterling. You ought to know this, that is if you were a LFC fan, rather than a Utd fan.

            Yes, Rodgers failed also. Just because you are unuanced, doesn’t make me the other extreme.

            The question is rather how do you support LFC? Because the only thing you have to show for it, is contempt, as evidenced. I don’t need to prove my loyalty.

          • Been going to the match since Dalglish and Psisley ruled Europe. Achievement at Liverpool FC is measured in trophies won only. Nothing else. Something you stup1d Rodgers fans fail to understand.

            All them players were top players before they came to Liverpool so all progressed as expected. Significant that the 2 main improvers Suarez and Sterling couldn’t wait to get away from Rodgers. Henderson would always progress 2nd season.
            Sturridge & Coutinho were not the same once Suarez left but Rodgers was still here.

          • In other words, you try to imitate the glory hunter from Carr from a time long past. All the while you slate the club for not achieving absolute success in between success, week in, week out, and try to slate people who support in adversity as well as in success. Even in your imitation, you fail to portray a supporter. You portray the plastic fan, that tries to live off success of the club, due to the failures in their own failed life.

            I have supported since 1976, so not sure how “Rodgers fans” is gonna hit any mark.

            You can’t even acknowledge the successes, but downplay them.

            Sturridge was kind of injured. Coutinho improved, because he stepped up, as did Sterling, when Suarez left.

            Rodgers is sacked, but you still comment as if he was still here. Bitter over something. You ought to be very happy now, that he is no longer here, but no… Still plastic, still focused on bashing the players and the club only. But we all know you are not this LFC fan, but Utd fan, as evidenced in the past, but nice try.

          • But they never had Internet in 1976 so how did you support exactly.

            The glory wasn’t a long time past though was it. Liverpool FC has had ongoing success ever since Shanks. It had success right up to 2012.

            The success only stopped once Rodgers arrived. Now that Rodgers has gone we are already in a cup final. I’m sure the success will begin again soon enough.

          • You don’t need to have internet to support the club. Support is a state of mind, a mindset, a love declaration. If you were a fan, you’d know this, but you don’t. If we pretend for a while you were a LFC fan, and let’s pretend you went to the games to “support”, what good does it do, when all you do is feeling some sort of entitlement, and jump to the internet to bash the club, even in wins? It is useless.

            If trophies is all you measure, as you said you did, there have been plenty of gaps. And if this is the behavior you show in between absolute success, then you are bitter most of the time.

            But you are still bitter and angry basing the club and the players, failing to show a positive comment. And Rodgers is not here.

          • That is a good question. Sometimes I do feel alien, because much of the world seems so governed by id1ocy, that I am amazed by the difference, and I don’t even think I am all that smart. Only in relation to what I see in abundance. But people I tend to meet in person are mostly intelligent.

            Online most people are about as daft as they come. It is as if they have never actually used their brains in their whole life. They all seem brainwashed by media. Can’t argue for their own opinions in a logical, meaningful, and in depth way. In short, they are just very dysfunctional.

            I think I am. I know, you feel it is strange to confronted by actual intelligence, and it seem very alien to you, maybe even confusing, but it is more rooted in you surrounding yourself with your peers, and aren’t confronted with more intelligent stimuli to grow.

      • They still feel that they are off, when being confronted, even when they are in denial. They try to lie to themselves about the truth, but it still slips through the cracks that they are aware, that they are mentally ill.

  26. if we kick out teixera.. its so fool.. he can reach in 25 million rate… more better we sell Lallana , Markovic and Balotelli in 40 million and teixera oprate there…??

  27. I like the kid and think he has more potential than Lallana, Allen and Milner as part of the squad going forward. i would like to see him in a strong line up and not just a young team to see how he links and integrates.

  28. I’m not slating Southampton mate like I said talents come from all corners but paying 23 mils for a mediocre player is not a wise choice.

  29. If these word echoes to you over 40 years later, keeping you in shackles preventing you from doing any actual supporting until they achieve absolute success, you have done nothing to deserve to partake in the glory. But it is all very funny you glorify a guy that managed lower team clubs, and took him 5 years to win a trophy with the club, all the while you are ready to slate any player that comes from lower divsions, as did you with a manager that achieved success with smaller clubs. Still days after his departure are ready to not acknowledge the achievements he, club and the players did, trying to taint the achievements. It is all very scripted fake entitlement fan. Not sure whom you think you are kidding. I have heard this narrative before. And all from the same whiners, that totally forgot what supporting actually was. Shankly would turn in his grave.

    Of course I don’t. I live in the real world, and not the past, and in the real world the landscape changed. It has even changed since Rafa, because there is more money than ever in PL, and money has taken over. Since I live in the real world, I don’t set myself up to get angry, and since I am supporting I applaude every success they have, and find no quality supporting in trying to ridicule them on their path.

    Your sense of short-termism isn’t very in tune with the past, which you hail, and try to use as a benchmark, which suggests that you are actually posing as a fan of old, and in actuality are a stup1d 20-something id1ot, which would much more sense, considering you don’t understand anything about the game.

    We don’t need any time to prove anything other than we already know, and have proven; you being stup1d, you being a plastic fan at best, and you being a Utd fan, posing as a LFC fan, while you slate the club and its players, on a daily basis, unable to find anything positive to say, even with Klopp leading the club. It is so bad that you are necromancying Rodgers on end.

    I have not stated what we can achieve with Lallana and Benteke, but right now we are destined to a final. I proved you wrong, and to be an id1ot, that is pretty much all. That was easy. It was easy because you are about as stup1d as they come.

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