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on 23.01.2016

Liverpool visit Norwich City in another important Premier League showdown on Sunday afternoon. We’re live with the latest.

NORWICH, ENGLAND - Friday, January 22, 2016: Liverpool's Nathaniel Clyne in action against Norwich City during the Premiership match at Carrow Road. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

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> PREVIEW – Reds looking for valuable league points


Liverpool: Mignolet, Clyne, Toure, Sakho, Moreno, Lucas, Henderson, Can, Milner, Ibe, Firmino.

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Substitutes: Ward, Caulker, Flanagan, Allen, Teixeira, Lallana, Benteke

Norwich City: Rudd, Pinto, Martin, Bassong, Brady; Redmond, Dorrans, Howson, Hoolahan, Naismith, Mbokani.

Substitutes: Ruddy, Jerome, Jarvis, Klose, Mulumbu, Olsson, Odjidja


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  1. Predicting a win but not sure where the goals will come from. Hope Firmino has his radar working today else it might be plan B(enteke) time again.

    • Damn it, already! I thought we were all believers here!
      I hope you’re just saying that to jinx it, just like you did with Firmino against Arsenal!

    • A striker no matter what the form has to be on the pitch. If LVG sent out a team of attacking midfielders against us last week because nobody liked Rooney’s form then United wouldn’t have won the game.
      A striker is essential.

        • Benteke is our top scorer and a natural striker.

          Why people remain patient with Firmino and have written Benteke off I just can’t comprehend, maybe it’s the Brazilian thing or something…
          Firmino has had like 3 good games for us if even that, Benteke is a better striker than Firmino, fact.

          • Klopp is not playing Firmino as false 9, he is playing him as a striker.. He sees him as a stiker, and wants to develop him as a striker..

          • You probably said the exact same thing about Emre Can as a centre back, I don’t think there’s any reasoning with you to be honest, lets end this now and enjoy the game.

          • Maybe because people like you told us that Benteke would fit straight into the team given that much fabled Premier League experience that he has.

          • Firminho is coming into a different league. Benteke has been here for ages but is like Lallana useless. I am fed up of people defending mediocrity. I will judge Firminho next season.

          • and now firmino is ALMOST our top scorer
            plus he has more goals+assists(9) than Benteke(8)

          • It’s easy to say that now after the game in which he scored two goals, my point is that if Benteke was given the same chances by Klopp he too could possibly come good for us, 9 starts since Klopp arrived isn’t a fair chance.

      • Well I think we should be playing 2 strikers (if fit)! Top of the lists for chances created and shots on goal but second from bottom on chances converted along with Stoke who don’t always play a forward but have talented number 10s!

        • Well Bojan is a bit of a grey area as he trained and played as a striker for most of his career. It was only when he went to Stoke where he turned into a false 9/10.

  2. This is a very emotional day for me!!the last time we visited carrow road everything was looking so bright,we had the best player in the league,were playing fantastic football I enjoyed so much,and we were on our way to winning the league!21 months on and we’re in a completely different state,we’re midtable,have no world class players,and the lallana’s,milner’s and benteke’s is sucking the life out of me!!can’t believe we dropped from suarez, Gerrard,sterling to the mediocre trio above!!atleast we have a world class manager at the helm!!hopefully he can get us back on track!

  3. Liverpool have reportedly opened talks with Ligue 1 outfit FC Lorient regarding the transfer of versatile left-back Raphael Guerreiro.

    Italian outlet Calcionews24 say dialogue has begun, although the move would be likely to take place over the summer rather than in the current window.

    The 22-year-old has played a lot of games in France despite his tender years, appearing in 34 top-flight fixtures in each of the last two seasons.

    He has played in 18 Ligue 1 matches so far this term, scoring once to add to his seven league strikers in the last campaign. Napoli, Inter Milan, Roma and Juventus are all also allegedly interested.

    • He was good in the U-21 championships. But I’d like to think we have enough cover between Moreno, Smith and Flanagan for now. However, I think he plays as a winger and a LW would make much more sense.

    • I’d be very surprised it this happens. In Moreno, Smith and Gomez possibly we have good competition for this position.

  4. With this Liverpool team you usually get a very good idea if we are likely to win the game or not by how we start in the first 10 minutes…….. i think this will be a very good indication …. if its the team that wiped the floor with Man City or if its the team that whimped out against Watford…..lets hope its not the latter.

  5. Is anyone else watching the Teixeira goals this season link posted above? Man this guy is so the real deal! This vid and the scoutnation vid has me convinced!

    We gotta get this guy even if it means paying over 30mil.

    • Everybody looks good on scoutnation, watch a Benteke vid.

      The only signing I was absolutely convinced would be great was Luis Suarez, while others were in tears about Torres leaving I was trying to convince people we had just bought an upgrade.

      Though to be fair, on the flipside I predicted huge things from Victor Moses and Nuri Sahin!

  6. I always like to look at the expressions of the players in the tunnel, ‘eye of the tiger’ kinda stuff and must say every time Mignolet’s demeanor never looks assured or confident.

    Hoping someone in the front line sparks and scores a goal or two for the win.

  7. I almost have this subconscious wish that Migs gets a tiny tiny niggle and we get to see Ward!
    But, please no more injuries.

  8. It’s plainly obvious that Benteke plays no part in Klopp’s future plans. Regardless of what he tells the press.

  9. I don’t understand the point in bringing Ward back, just to sit on the bench. Guaranteed first team starter to second choice. Very poor if you ask me.

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  11. The thing that frustrates me more than anything with this team is the lack of control that they have in almost every game, it’s always scrappy and sloppy, we don’t have any midfielders who can control the ball ….

  12. Messy and scuffed but hey.

    Firmino’s celebration was about machine gunning his team mates.

    I’ll supply the ammo!

  13. Sick and tired of these so called first teamers. I know the kids are supposed to be inconsistent but these lot are ridiculous. Next game, start the same lot that started at Exeter. At least they put in some effort.

  14. Besides taking the slow and deliberate approach to attacking we now also incorporate a very predictable free kick taking process. Lack of pace and imagination has done us in all season long.

  15. HAHAHAHAHAH……. watching this LFC team is like playing FUT…… never feel too confident that we will win

    • Lucas as been the man of the match for me ,the rest have been poor to terrible i would sub the lot if you could
      Firmino scored and as done nothing else he could not even be bothered to run for one good chance
      Milner was lucky not to give away a suicidel penalty
      can as been useless hendo not much better
      The defence is a complete joke sakho played them onside for the first goal and also did not get a tackle in no doubt skrtel will get the blame for that later
      Absolute rubbish a total disgrace to the red shirt

  16. Have to say everyone could see that goal coming. Amazingly bad defending and even worse positional play for Mignolet from initial corner kick.

  17. useless bunch of idiots at the back, why Klopp persists with them, i do not know. Drop them all, play the U21’s back line. Can’t be much worse.

  18. If anyone blames Klopp for that goal you’re deluding yourself, the personnel that he has available are near to useless when it comes to setpieces.

    • Defending on set pieces doesnt come as naturally as the schl*ng between your legs, you have to learn it and practice it. And guess who’s responsibility it is ?

      BTW you cant blame BR for terrible defending antics, but let Klopp get away with this.

  19. I will TIA take responsibility away from Sakho for that one? Wasn’t this Skrtels fault somehow? Defense has looked worse since he left.

  20. Only few of them deserve to wear Liverpool jersey period. We are midtable team now bcos our players are midtable and we have to accept it.

  21. Not completely Mignolet’s fault but how can Klopp justify his 5.5 year extension. Oh how far we have fallen.

  22. Anything in the box and we are in trouble, the opposition don’t have to play well as long they can pump a ball into our box they know the chances are they’ll score.

  23. The one silver lining is that Norwich defense looks as bad as ours so we do have a chance to score but not sure we can stop them from scoring. At least we can hope for a 5 or 6 goal thriller.

    • No defense is as bad as ours. Lovren is 10x the player Sakho is. Half the goals we concede nowadays are because of him.

  24. I cannot wait for next season, this season already has been a huge and utter failure, hopefully we win a trophy but I still don’t think we’ll achieve that because of the weak mentality of the squad.

  25. BR didnt think we needed a defensive coach, maybe Klopp thinks otherwise now ? You cant just defend like that on set pieces, this is not acceptable.

  26. this LFC team has no passion….. bring in Scafu i dont care if clyne is better the passion in this LFC team to put your body on the line for this shirt is gone

    • The Way he’s playing moment he reminds me of Brad Jones, all the opposition have to do is shoot on target and they score 9/10 times.

  27. Milner: “we need to show the manager that he needs no new players”….. um i am yet to see otherwise Milner

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    Watch Norwich City vs Liverpool ===>>>IMGUR.COM/e0swRGT

  29. We have to score at least 2 every game as we always concede a comical set piece. Will this ever change?

  30. Watch Norwich City vs Liverpool ===>>>IMGUR.COM/e0swRGT

    Watch Norwich City vs Liverpool ===>>>IMGUR.COM/e0swRGT

  31. I thot Ward would start after that rooney goal last week but this is fooking beyond reason. Migno is a mouse in every corner kick, he gets bullied easily in his own 6 yard
    Maybe he shud go 6 under

    • The Rooney goal itself was struck superbly and powerfully, it would take something really special to keep that out.

      Mignolet falling to his knees to save the preceding Fellaini header that struck the crossbar was the real comedy.

  32. Watch Norwich City vs Liverpool ===>>>IMGUR.COM/e0swRGT

    Watch Norwich City vs Liverpool ===>>>IMGUR.COM/e0swRGT

    Watch Norwich City vs Liverpool ===>>>IMGUR.COM/e0swRGT

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    Watch Norwich City vs Liverpool ===>>>IMGUR.COM/e0swRGT

    Watch Norwich City vs Liverpool ===>>>IMGUR.COM/e0swRGT

  35. Hahahahahahhahahaha I called it, I fuc*ing knew he’d score! Mignolet ONCE AGAIN, Klopp please please please tear this awful squad apart!

  36. to the build up of that goal most LFC players were ball watching….. i saw it….. these players are tooooo f******** lazy for LFC done watching this game….. refuse to waste my time any longer

  37. Watch Norwich City vs Liverpool ===>>>IMGUR.COM/e0swRGT

    Watch Norwich City vs Liverpool ===>>>IMGUR.COM/e0swRGT

    Watch Norwich City vs Liverpool ===>>>IMGUR.COM/e0swRGT

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    Watch Norwich City vs Liverpool ===>>>IMGUR.COM/e0swRGT

    Watch Norwich City vs Liverpool ===>>>IMGUR.COM/e0swRGT

  39. I was all for Milner coming to the club, now I just wish he didn’t start.. Bloke doesn’t seem to care… And now, looking at Naismiths goal, I wonder just how much some of these others really care… LFC seems to be the place to come for players winding down careers, and wanting a final pay day… So depressing watching this lot.

      • Why anybody expected any different from him is beyond me. He is what he’s always been – a very limited “trier”

    • Yep. Despite the fact he is our assist leader he isn’t good enough imo but then again it’s a showers of the brown stuff everywhere on the pitch. Sick of most of this players and I’d rather most didn’t start. Hendo is a squad player at best, Lucas has no legs. Ibe has ability but lacks a brain and heart. Can lacks concentration. Kolo is over the hill. Sakho is just an error waiting to happen. Should’ve given some of the youngsters a game Id rather them than this starting eleven that has shown time and time again they don’t fancy it. An overhaul needed starting with the gk

    • What about the other 5 in midfield? Can’t keep blaming one player! For Naismith goal it was Henderson, Can and Lucas!

  40. You could bank on Naismith scoring against us. Can anyone here defend Mignolet for this goal. I’d be glad to finish in Top 10 the way this is going and the bunch of over paid incompetent lot we’ve had over the last 2 seasons.

      • Laughing at how much these players are getting paid in what is so laughably claimed to be the best league in the world?

  41. What is the advantage to enter with 3 CMF if one of them is the Can, who stands watching the striker go behind his back?

  42. Sakho and Clyne have been struggling with form for a few matches now…between the two of them they have quite a few misplaced passes

  43. The lack of passion is driving me insane! They just give up when the going gets tough! This game is already lost ffs!

  44. Another contract of 5 yrs more for mignolet until 2030. He should be rewarded by knows all Mr klopp. What an outstanding player whoaw

  45. Sod Allen. Milner is the weak link in this team. Get him gone. And what a shambles at the back… Naismith was destined to score. Could see it a mile off

  46. The games are catching up with this side ,average players can be pushed to rase there performance and energy but not every three days for two months.

  47. Second goal
    Mignofark at fault he didnt use his legs to block he just fell down with armpit hole as huge as the moon.

    Relegate him to behind bogdan.

    • Come on, its a mutual thing, the defense saves the GK sometimes and the GK should return the favor sometimes too. It was their first clear shot and it went. Demoralizes the whole defense.

    • I’m sorry if you saw nothing wrong with Mignolet’s effort to stop the Naismith effort. He is a GK devoid of the basic skills and his loss of confidence has affected the defenders as well. Klopp has made a huge mistake with that 5+ years contract. There is no keeper as bad as Mignolet currently in the EPL.

  48. I’m telling you: Mignolet has so little confidence, that his subconscious is literally telling him there is no way he’d save a Naismith’s shot. Which is exactly what happened.

  49. Mid-table mediocrity. I just hope we avoid relegation this season so next season we can serve up the same dross again. Milner a natural leader my arse. Sakho gods given gift to defending, bollocks.

  50. Shame Henderson become Liverpool captain wondering when fans are waiting for him to come out of injury n perform miracle. A squad player of highest order. Milner is a waste of time no need to talk about him.

    • He should have never been made captain in the first place. He doesn’t have the quality for it. Would replace him with the rest of the midfield this summer.

  51. Cannot stand the pish commentary ! Rooney spent the match pushing and fouling last week and no mention of it .Today it’s a foul or a penalty !

  52. None of the starting midfield are good enough for Liverpool. Pass it forward, pass it back, pass it forward, pass it back, try to play a perfect threaded pass instead of the easy ball but are too inaccurate and end up losing it.

  53. My comments from pre-match remain applicable at half-time.

    I remain hopeful that we will return to playing two upfront sometime soon, especially while we continue to employ wide midfielders in the wide forward positions. We should be taking the game to such a poor team as Norwich, not putting out a battling team to scrap and fight as we did against Man U.


  54. I think in the past few games, Klopp has to be blamed based on his selection. Coming here, I thought he would play players on merit rather than favouritisim but he has not. Allen has scored or assisted in his last three games and yet he never gets a look in. Tex had an amazing game against Exeter. But, Milner, Ibe and Lallana always get chances. Its not right.

    • Nah m8 under Rodgers it would be the same dross on the field we would be out the cups and six points better of in the league at very best !

    • We’re just as bad, the same mistakes being made. Yes Firmino bagged himself a lucky goal and fair play to him, but we entered the game with no striker and we’re paying dearly, we have no threat up front and Norwich are finding it too easy.

      • You are watching a different game I’m sure. Firmino is no Messi, he needs support!!! We dont need a striker up there, the game has not even suggested that at all

  55. 1) Our defence is a joke.
    2) What was the point of bringing Milner to LFC, even for “free”?
    3) I hope for Klopp we won’t collapse down the table into a 10-15 place team.

  56. Come on TIA get rid of Kara Medo, it’s a troll account that abuses numerous sites.. Do we really have to deal with this cr4p?

  57. Migs got no confidence…you look at his eyes he always looks unsure of himself…complete opposite of Alpha Male.

      • What?!
        That’s their only clear shot, one mistake from the defense and thats all it takes. Damn, I thought a keeper should be more reliable. Give the defense some leeway, they haven’t been great but Mignolet behind doesn’t help!

      • The defense, for any team, is not flawless all game. There are always going to be a shot or two on goal no matter how good you are. Liverpool’s problem is that Mignolet let’s in every shot on goal. 1 shot for Man Utd = Goal. Two shots for Norwich = 2 Goals.

    • Its a look of bafflement. He is wondering “how the effing did I earn that contract? Its an “i kno I’m s*#+” look

  58. I will consider taking off Lucas and James Milner for Texeira and Benteke at half time honestly. Lucas is not up for it today, we know Milner is bad and I have had enough of him already this season.

    • Lucas won so much ball as usual. He did switch off for their 2nd though. Can, Milner Hendo could all come off before Lucas.

  59. Klopp is being unfairly criticised, the players are making him look bad, please do not jump on Klopp, it’s not fair to judge him when he has this joke of a team playing for him!

      • Who else can he play though?! His hands are tied with injuries etc, playing a load of kids is asking for trouble.

        • Brannagan, Stewart, J.Teixeira, Ilori, Smith et al have shown more heart and desire and frankly technical ability in their performances than this bunch of cosy dross. I tell you what’s asking for trouble, accepting this crap. Mid-table followed by Championship.

    • He works on set pieces all the time during training and they still leak set piece goals EVERY GAME! Not his fault the players can’t clear the ball.

    • It is the team he selected.No way that Mignolet,Moreno,Milner and Lucas desserve to be above Ward,Smith,Teixeira and Allen if performances are concerned.

      • allen played as an attacking midfielder the other day so how should he replace lucas who is playing DM lucas as been our best player in the first half

    • Sorry dude. As much as I hate to jump on him, this is just a repeat of every game we saw before.. He says he believe’s in training, but I don’t see anybody showing anything new…

      • I totally agree with you Stan. You can never make ice cream out of sh*t. The players have shown their best. Now they need to be replaced in honesty, they can’t get us further.

  60. Really I tear my head looking at this midfield. No1 is making a fuqing run,ffs!!!!!!. Playing a false nine u need midfield runners.

  61. 1st half analyst:

    Sakho seems like whenever the ball comes into the box he’s scared to attack it. Should’ve done so for the 1st goal

    Ibe is leaving Moreno on an island all by himself. He doesn’t defend and rarely tracks runners

    Can/Hendo/Lucas seems like they’ve never played together at all…

    Firminho, well he’s just being him as usual. Runs like he’s got weights tied to his legs. Had he showed more urgency on that back pass, he would’ve been in on goal.

    I know people are going to blame Mignolet for the 2nd goal, but blame all 5/6 players that got clowns by 3 Norwich players

    Frankly the first half was representative of a side that should be playing in the Championship

    • Ibe wad good imo was the only player trying to bring the ball foward instead of backwards and monero should be able to defend if ibe was a lwb a different story and after the first goal firmino is isolated agree with the rest

        • Imo monero should just defend because he attacking is pointless he either falls and stay on the floor and game continues or he loses the ball

  62. Almost every week this season has seen us argue on here, about who is better (but mostly worse) between Skrtel, Lovern, Sakho (less so Toure).
    Who did better, who should have got a higher rating. Blah blah blah.

    Lets call a spade a spade here. Defending set pieces should be the main skill for any defender and defending collectively should be the basis for judging their performances.

    One word covers events most weeks. Shambles. All of them.

    End of debate.

  63. What is disgusting is that klopp thinks This is the 1st team players with moreno, ibe.milner, Lucas and can. He is being mislead by someone at melwood, I don’t know who, but someone.

  64. Aaahhh, it’ll 3-1 …. 4-1 to Norwich. Complete uproar and anger. Then we play Stoke in the Cup at home (Response) and we see us going through to a Cup Final. Inevitable Scenario.

  65. We look like a team going down. No fight, awful defence, can’t score and the ability to lose to any team we play.

  66. Twice Hendo was on the wings in the injury time. He wanted to play the ball but there was no one in the box. This is so bad. Klopp hope you are seeing this. Yes this is Rodgers team but tactics can be better

    • No runs from the front men, why such lack of intent? Want to see Benteke on ASAP. If Lallana is fit enough him too, at least he makes runs into good areas.

        • You mean do any better in our preferred tactical systems. He is, after all, a proven scorer in this division. In his current effectively diffident state, even the basic strengths of his game seem foreign to him. His main issue appears to be psychological.

    • Ward, smith, ojo, kent deserve a run, theres nothing to lose really. Cut the crap that they arent ready, most of our seniors didnt look ready either

  67. Even Kloppo can’t do anything with these bunch of muppets. Sad day day when you get outplayed by Norwich disgusted.

  68. Does anyone know to cross in the bleedin box? I mean a simple bleedin cross? Im lost for words and its getting frustrating watching them.

    • I’m with you nico250gto, the biggest offender is Ibe who just has no clue how selfish he is taking on his opponent time and time again instead of doing the right thing and putting in a simple cross.

  69. I think the honeymoon is well and truly over for Klopp, this team is as bad as it gets, no pace no heart no fight no nothing we are pathetic, so many players not good enough for the prem, especially Milner’ Mignolet, Sakho and young Ibe who is well out of his depth, sorry jurgen but your team selections are as bad as the Rodgers fella.

    • Ibe is again the worst player on the pitch today, if he’s Liverpool standard then I have a chance at Barcelona.

    • You for real? What is he meant to do? He was left this dross, he said at the start he isn’t a miracle worker. Pull your head from your hole son.

      • Is the game over? No then pipe down. This team is full of balloons, hardly Klopps fault. That was the point i made. So back in yer box Dave.

      • I think its you who’s head is up his own backside daddy, I like Klopp just as much as eveyone but he has to take responsability for his team selections and tactics and at the moment we are all over the place and certainly no better than when the clown Rodgers was in charge.

          • I’ve supported them for 53 years tool so stop the son bit, great result but we are still awful and unorganised most of the time, the defenders are still all over the place, yes i am confident Klopp will get it right in time but right now we are terrible and if you think any differently you really are a slaphead laddddddy

          • I said we were an awful team, go back to my original post. You know the one were you blamed Klopp, i simply defended him and rightly so, not his group of players. Judge him when he assembles his own squad. Well for 53 years of support you haven’t learnt a key life quality. Patience.

  70. Where’s Brannagan? Stewart? J.Teixeira? Ilori? They deserve a chance ahead of these comfortable on £100k+ a week mediocre mid-table Nivea face cream salesmen.

  71. You keep attacking benteke and firmino and you are forgetting two overrated English players Henderson and milner plus Lucas they are super liability!

  72. watching this is like having a nightmare never thought I would see the day Liverpool didn’t have a decent striker to put out on the pitch

  73. Is klopp as that stubborn as Brendan for not playing 442 with benteke . what he sees with emre, ibe,moreno,milner, Lucas and of all mignolet is beyond everyone.

  74. We have to admit Rodgers got it right: Sakho is not a first team player. Can is a defender at best, can’t boss midfield.

    • I’ve been saying that for a long time. For some reason some seem to think he’s some boss CB.

    • We have seen Can boss the midfield plenty but he can’t do it when the opposition’s tactics are so spot on that they are completely outplaying us over every blade of grass.

        • He was doing it regardless of what you perceive his true level to be. They guy just turned 22 and is still one of the most promising midfielders in the league, judge him in two seasons.

  75. Can’t believe what i see. Not even a EL spot with these players. Clyne and Ibe, they created 8 counter attacks for Norwich in 45 minutes by poor technical play and slow decisions. Poor first touches all over the place. 1-2 attacks from norwich are enough let the whole team struggle. Trying to play the wings with no striker in mid. This is a joke! Asking for goals. It is a pain to watch.

    • Lucas as been our best player hes won the ball back loads and broken there attacks up loads of times are you watching the game

      • WHY DOES NO ONE SEE THIS? He switched off for their 2nd (as did half the team) but Lucas has won nearly all of our ball. If this was a 2 man midfield we would be in serious serious trouble

      • That’s because we are sitting back and letting Norwich dictate and control our midfield. We should be playing higher up and creating scoring chances if we are to get anything out of this game.

        Our lads have not played intelligently at all with the press and look out of sorts throughout the team. Sure hope Klopp gives it to them during the team talk. Need to see some effort and passion.

  76. Haha! they make a good point with Naismith goal, I am sure I have made a simialr observation before, he doesn’t use his legs as springs to improve his dive, he drops straight down like a dropped stone… And we gave him a £20m deal… Welcome to LFC, piggy bank for the mediocre player no one else wants.

  77. Just look at the second goal man…everyone was poor but 2 people in particular have to take responsibility.

    Can and Mignolet. Both should have done a lot better.

    Forget 5 years, I don’t think I can watch him for 5 more weeks…

  78. This is such a typical ‘Liverpool vs a team they should beat’ performance. I hate how switched off some of the players are looking. Where’s the hunger at??

    • Yeah. For his career’s sake. The fact that he doesn’t get time on the field even, considering the bunch of heartless wannabes on the pitch.

  79. I began to think Klopp is clueless about organising defence in PL, it’s very chaotic every time opponents get the ball into the box…

    • The problem is the players do not have the technical ability and the fast decision making needed to open the game from the own box. Mignolet again giving the defensive line no self-confidence.

  80. I agree its too early to be slating Klopp…..But when we play well it’s
    Klopp’s brilliance and when we lose its this thanx rodgers line rolled
    out again.

    i would say what does concern me early on is rewarding
    one of our worst keepers ever with a new 5 year contract and the
    comments “i have absolute faith in this team”

    it seems weve been in transition for 20 odd year’s now so i say with some sadness that we need to rebuild this team again.

  81. Ibe and Milner should be replaced with Ojo and tex if want to get something from this one. They are offering virtually nothing from either side.

  82. I want to see some balls from Klopp at half time, this has to be sorted.

    Ibe – Benteke
    Milner – Lallana
    Lucas – Allen

  83. We are midtable we have to admit it. Our best player Cou is not consistent enough to be a world class n Studge is injure prone our captain can not motivate us to win week in week out such a weak n no vision leader. We need a transition n we can do it in three season. We are extremely poor.

  84. This has nothing to do with Klopp ! Judge me after three years was Brendans line ! Ohh and £320 million .Klopp is due the same accept he doesn’t have Stevie ,Saurez ,Pepe etc

    • The only issue I have with Klopp is his treatment of Benteke who while in rotten form still manages to be our top scorer with 6 league goals and more assists than Coutinho, he has to be played.

  85. Honestly, there is no way to save some players this Liverpool squad:
    guys like Mignolet , Clyne, Ibe, Millner, Can, Lallana are absolutely useless.
    Fully inconsistent with a tendency to produce too little or always commit failures .
    They show shortcomings incompatible with the aspirations of the club and the fans expectations.
    You can not be complacent with bad player.
    Liverpool FC have to send them all away and remake the team with quality.
    I hope Klopp is looking the same as me.

  86. Awful first half. I’ve seen 2 or 3 games where we’ve played anywhere near well since Klopp took over. Not a Rodgers fan but wondering what Klopp’s done to deserve all the loyalty given the dross I’ve seen since he took over. At some point surely it isn’t Rodgers fault any more….

  87. I have to say getting your attack right is never easy in the short term as a new manager. But this poor defense week after week is making Klopp look very average. He has to sort this stuff out…team is making far too many amateur mistakes…

    • It’s on the team too, they can’t just show up for Manchester United (yeah we lost be we played well it has to be said) and then turn out this dross against Norwich.
      If they can’t put a shift in against Watford and Norwich they are not good enough for Liverpool and I’m sure Klopp is thinking that as we speak.

  88. The positives have to be migs signing a five year deal as let’s face it he will be a very good number two for us for that period !

  89. Mings so poor he could have saved the second goal how can we have such goal keeper I just don’t seem to understand what Klopp sees in this clueless Simon and on the other end Milner should have scored second goal with his chance to put the game to bed but what he did was a favour to bring Norwich back in the game thanks to Can for allowing Smith to make that second goal run there’s no hunger in this Liverpool side

  90. I’m actually starting to get worried about relegation because I can’t see where the next win will come from ….

  91. When you can’t get even the basics of defending right you will never do anything. We are the softest team in the league.

  92. With this level of performance every player has got to see the gaffer and demand the same 5 yrs contract extension.

    It seems the players are revolting because they played their hearts out and only the GK got rewarded

  93. This a sorry bunch of players, no players overlapping, interchanging, putting in a crunching tackle, communicating, tracking. Complete horror show, Can not tracking Naismith for the second goal, Sahko letting the ball drop and having a player back heel a ball. Mignolet got a new 5yr contract, ohh my God are we f@#$% insane. Lost for words I feel like throwing my TV. Milner what @#$$%% joke, Farmino is isolated. We’re losing to f@#$ Norwich. Complete joke every single one of those players should be playing for future right now.

  94. Okay..realistically and optimistically….where can we get the goals? Benteke? Allen for some more control?

    • Benteke is in awful form and still manages to be our top scorer, Allen is playing for his future and has been playing well, these two should have been nailed on to start today over the woeful Ibe and Lucas.

  95. He maybe isn’t the one to blame, but with what logic you try to defend Naismith’s shot with hand and not with leg??

  96. Brendan Roooodgers!
    Brendan Roooodgers!
    Brendan Rodgers Liverpool
    We’re on our way to glory
    Built the team like Shankly did
    And kids will have a story…


  97. Only firmino scored more than 8 goals in one season from our first eleven. We are so average. Some years ago we had alonso macherano and gerrard in midfield, hypia and carra in defence.

  98. IT’S quite funny how football works really ATM we not doing so well so anytime we lose /play badly or draw a game we should win… its all rodgers fault.

    Yet when rafa won the champions league we had so many fans belittling his achievement by saying “yeah but it was houllier’s team…… SPIN!

    • Houllier won 5 trophies in 1 season.

      Rafa won the CL with Alonso & Garcia added to it.

      Clown Rodgers spent £300m on a team that got to 2 cup finals, winning 1 trophy and what did the clown win Iver?

      Klopp has had 1 free signing.

      You see the difference?

    • He’s not even on the bench today I think.

      Everybody would’ve wrote him off if he was as stupid as Moreno was (again) just there though

  99. Joke. Joke of a team, what happened. We don’t belong in the PL… we should drop down to Championship and maybe then something would be done to improve this team which is now filled with pathetic players.

  100. Can’t even get upset. It’s just sad watching this team. It’s like the chuckle brothers out there. To me to you to me to you

  101. Even though we win this game am still not gonna accept the freaking performance fans don’t deserve such performance from this players today Period .

  102. Moreno was decent 1st half. The penalty was insanity and undid everything before. Next match it’s time for Smith to get a start.

  103. THIS is an absolute joke 3-1 this is norwich we are talking about,,, we
    should be winning these games no matter who the manager or who blinking
    team it is… END OF..

    • Almost a nutmeg! F****ing disgrace!
      Remember when he saved from the spot against Stoke on his debut. He’s really deflated and has no confidence right now. Better to take him away from the firing line.

  104. Long since I’ve not blamed Mignolet for conceded goals, but this is one such occasion. CBs dire. Sakho passive to allow the ball to reach Mbokani and Toure should have done a better job tracking the runner when Naismith surged. Also, Moreno’s double-nibble for the penalty. Further forward, Milner did a decent Benteke, dithering to finish at around the 20 minute mark and Ibe is spending most of his time negating the very width he is supposed to be providing… Weak sauce from the seniors! Not top-6 material, let alone top-4. Here’s to a rally to win this. Come the f*** on!

  105. Good from Henderson but just saw the stat: Norwich, 3 shots on target, 3 goals. Man Utd 1 shot on target, 1 goal. That makes a conversion ratio of 100% for the last two games so far. So why does Mignolet get a new contract?

  106. Mignolet very poor for Naismith goal. Lad was early on the endline and should never beat keeper from there. But it was a good finish.