Rumour Mill: Jurgen Klopp in “meeting” with Granit Xhaka representatives

on 27.01.2016

Jurgen Klopp is thought to have met with representatives of Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder Granit Xhaka last month, ahead of a possible move.


Xhaka has been linked with a move to Liverpool since Klopp’s arrival as manager, with the Switzerland international one of the Bundesliga’s most promising young talents.

The 23-year-old has developed into one of Gladbach’s key players, and has the potential to progress into a world-class midfielder.

Strong, aggressive and possessing a ball-playing nous, Xhaka would be perfect for Liverpool’s midfield.

According to German publication Bild, Klopp has recognised this, and held a “meeting” with Xhaka’s representatives last month.

Xhaka is thought have a release clause in his contract, activated in 2017, worth around £23 million, but Bild suggest that a similar deal could be negotiated in the summer.

The former FC Basel star’s current deal with Gladbach expires in 2019.

Earlier this month, Gladbach manager Max Eberl told Bild that Xhaka could be free to leave the club in the summer, saying “Gladbach is a club which needs to start over again and again.”

Eberl cited the departures of Marco Reus, Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Max Kruse, and their inability to convince long-term loanee Christoph Kramer to join on a permanent deal, as evidence of their situation.

As Eberl explains that Gladbach “must find the new Xhaka,” this mirrors Liverpool’s approach in the transfer market in recent years.

WATFORD, ENGLAND - Sunday, December 20, 2015: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp during the Premier League match against Watford at Vicarage Road. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

But Klopp’s arrival has signalled something of a change in emphasis, as interest in Shakhtar Donetsk forward Alex Teixeira—a prime-age, top-level player—suggests.

Klopp is known to have played a hand in Liverpool’s transfer business already, too.

The 48-year-old spoke to Serbian midfielder Marko Grujic before he sealed his move from Red Star Belgrade earlier this month, and was reported to have discussed a possible move with Rubin Kazan’s Magomed Ozdoev when Liverpool took on the Russian side back in November.

A potential move for Xhaka would make sense for Klopp, despite Grujic’s arrival, with Lucas Leiva not offering a long-term solution in midfield and Joe Allen likely to leave at the end of the season.

Along with Grujic, Xhaka would add aggression and physicality to Liverpool’s midfield, and the Swiss star could form a cohesive unit with Emre Can and Jordan Henderson.


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  1. Very good buy if true. Definitely an upgrade in terms of capabilities if both Xhaka and Teixeira arrive.

    Meanwhile, Shakhtar are holding firm on €50m for Teixeira. Personally, I think we should pay it. Phenomenal talent and fits like a glove.

    • I’d like to say I’m not convinced on Pato.

      Ask yourself why at such a prime age did he end up going back to Brazil and not to a big european club or even league?

    • Believe me when I say we did very well by not signing him. It’s funny how european lads think Pato is a big player. We brazilians know the truth. He had huge potential, was supposed to be our 9 in the national squad, but the boy likes taking pictures on Instagram and puts football on second place. No ambition, no guts. The AntiKlopp player.

      You guys shall see him doing a poor job at Chelsea.

  2. Just curious. How many would prefer bender over xhaka?

    Meanwhile texeira has basically been dancing in his underwear asking us to come and get him. I recall lallana having a similar stand. He too did all he could from his side to make the transfer happen, just like texeira is. And while lallana isnt considered a successful transfer, one thing you don’t really question him on is giving a 100% each game. It just so happens that many times his 100% isnt good enough. Texeira from all the rave reviews seems to be quality and if he really does want to come here as much as he is publicly posturing for, then we should definitely pay a little more for him if need be. Something extra for a player who wants to come here isnt a crime I think.

  3. Just a quick question .. If city beat the blue noses, and finish in top 4 of prem and perish the thought beat us in the final, do we qualify for Europa league as runner up in cup ?

  4. The rumour is that Klopp is building something very special at Liverpool for the next couple of seasons. Players all over Europe are becoming aware of this, and warming to the idea of being part of the extraordinary.

    There is question marks as to the direction of ManU , ManC and Chelsea, there are questions if Spurs will retain Pocchetino and Wenger will still go on at Arsenal. There are questions about the long term stability of Real. There’s even questions if Barca is peaking.

    The question at LFC has already been answered, and the answer is Klopp.

    • I wouldn’t really question Madrid or Barca – they’re almost beyond failure at this point with their stranglehold on the world’s best talent and their reputation and stature. Rest of them absolutely.

      • Both have pull and will always have. Problem for both of them now is how to maintain the level.
        They have a Gerrard problem coming up – only it’s quadrupled or something. Because how do you retire players like Pique, Alves, Busquets, Iniesta and Messi? And then there is Masch, Mathieu, Vermaelen, Turan and Suarez that are less sentimental but still important, but all of these will be around or well above 30 in one and a half year.
        Real is no better (already, how good are they really as a team atm without Ronaldo?).

        With even more money in PL, and proposed more sharing of TV money in Spain, add to that more exposure and hence pull of PL in the Americas, and there’s a chance things are turning around a bit.

        • They always buy players almost every transfer window man…both these clubs don’t even need to look too far..they’re generally able to just get the best talent from La Liga itself. Messi and Ronaldo will obviously be a big problem but the Messi Neymar Suarez trio seems to be good for atleast the next 2 years. Ronaldo will obviously be a massive miss but someone else will take over instead. Almost everyone dreams of playing there and they actually have other attacking talent that would actually like to get more of the attacking limelight, like Bale.

          English teams have gotten pretty strong lately though that’s for sure.

          • I never said either of these clubs would collapse. Just that they adjust to the level of the other big clubs. Messi, Ronaldo and all will still be going for some years, and they still will buy. But there are only space for so many top players at each club, because top players don’t sit out. So who are Barca going to sign (or keep) that will compete with MSN the next few years? Midfielders too? Real is already there. They have a problem with their spine – and if Ronaldo leaves in the next season it will take time to get back to that level he provides for them as a team.

            Not that either is going to be bad teams by any chance. Just more ‘human’.

          • If you have a look at a club like PSG, they don’t have Messi/Ronaldo either but they’re part of that top rung of clubs..definitely would make these 2 clubs more vulnerable but they’re still elite and can get their pick of the talent around the world.

          • PSG have Zlatan. Also one of a handful players in the world able to carry a whole team at top level. Not quite Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez – but mighty close.

            Still, they have money and can pick. To a certain extent. But again, even if you pick from the best players in the world, they need to be able to play together too.

    • Barca, Bayern and Real are not moving from their position unless an until someone who. Come and occupy their place like PSG.

      Manu, Chelsea and Manc will never have a dip like us as they have the bloody money at their disposal to fix their football.

      But yes klopp can do what money Can’t

      • The thing is, at this level, money is not everything. The team is.

        Remember 10 years ago? Barca reached a semi in CL twice in 16 years. only from 07/08 they were really great.

        Real? From 03/04 including 09/10 – 7 seasons – they reached the QF once, and was eliminated at R16 the other times.

        Bayern? From 01/02 to 08/09 – 8 seasons – they reached QF 4 times, twice knocked from R16, once not past the group stage and 07/08 they weren’t even qualified for CL.

        All these three teams have been very good the past 6-10 years, but it’s all cyclic. Their presence and domination is nothing granted. In fact, many people regard Barcelona as a truly great team, but they have not been in european scale until the last 10 years. They won CL once in 92, and the four others was 06, 09, 11 and 15. The Messi years. Until 08, they were way behind LFC in merits.

        As teams they will all always be there though. Like LFC.

        • There seems to be a new world order though and a new set of rules now. The teams that have the most financial clout end up being the strongest and can continue to be so despite buying poorly and going through one poor stage of buys. Success at Barca was truly organic with their academy system, but then you look at clubs like Real, City, Chelsea, PSG they’ve bought their way to success and can continue doing so.

          But I liked your point about football being cyclical. That’s always been the way it is.

          • As I said, money is not everything.
            Barca, City, Chelsea and PSG were all down and out. They used different means to get to the top, but in all cases it took time. Except Chelsea with only two years. But now? We’ll see. There are only so many top managers in the world, and the way they (and Real) treat them, will it be a turnoff at one point? It has been an issue for LFC these past 26 years – the right manager for the right set of players. It might be for ManU now too. And Chelsea. And even Real. And Arsenal when Wenger retires.

            I think at least we are on the brink of solving that one.

          • I think clubs like Chelsea, PSG, Real and Barca haven’t really suffered from that problem in recent times. Manager merry go round is alive and kicking. Obviously Pep started something very special in Barca but since then, it’s been Tito Vilanova, Martino and Luis Enrique as managers. None of them really special, but the club has such world class talent that it doesn’t take a lot to get them going. Chelsea have always been successful despite switching managers and they’re actually quite comfortable to that sort of change. Clubs like Liverpool, Arsenal and United – not so much. These clubs need those type of managers you talk about.

          • Apart from Martino, Barca recruits from inside. So far. There’s even been some internal issues for Enrique apparently, leaving him to back down to some players. Barca will probably be good in coaching terms though. They behave.

            For Real and Chelsea I am not so certain. Zidane might do a good job. But at some point they get a reputation too. Both for the players, knowing they can oust the manager if they want, and for managers that know they are out if there’s even slight discrepancies about targets. Then it just becomes a money thing. Then you realize there’s no more ‘big names’ out there, and the next big things might rather fancy a place were he is allowed to build something. Even City and PSG understands this. Real has been living with it because they’re indisputable No 1. Chelsea has just been throwing money at it. I think they’re both about to be burned just a little.

            But, yeah, we’ll see eventually. Pretty happy with our man in charge atm, and doesn’t care much else!

          • Barca’s success has been the result of their academy, mixed with a host of great players that were there when they could bed them in.

            Xavi didn’t come in as Mr. Xavi the fifteen times CL, European and World championship winning player. He came in as a understudy for Luis Enrique, Guardiola, de Boer and Cocu.

            That’s the only thing we don’t have. Other then that we’ve been building with the start of Rodgers and with some hiccups in results and mishits we’ve also had quite some hits and got together a very decent team that with a few big hits can amount to something special.

            This is a real group of players. Watch the reactions last night or even a Steven Caulker celebrating the 4-5 at Norwich (and he’s been here 2 weeks). Credit to FSG, Rodgers and Klopp where it’s due.

  5. I know it say Rumour Mill but it’s articles like this that get my hopes up then they get dashed mightily later on. Xhaka looks bloody awesome. I could see Can and Xhaka ruling our midfield with Henderson and Grujic next season. Maybe with Coutinho, Teixeira??, Firmino and another striker with some good wingers, we could have something awesome next season.
    Of course I would love a new GK and some CB’s who can defend bloody corners as well then we are golden. :)

  6. Good player is Xhaka. I did have a look at Monchengladbach during the group stages of Champions League…very impressed with their attack as well..loved the attacking duo(I’m forgetting their names now) and the way they scored those goals against City I think. MF was pretty solid as well.

    • I doubt this deal is going to take place this winter transfer window even if we are after him. This is one for the summers surely.

        • Are you kidding me? Can is a young raw talent who in all honesty could do with a rest. There seems to be a culture building of getting bored of players and wanting to get rid of them after a couple of bad games. Can on the whole has shown enough to suggest if he continues to develop could be a future captain IMO.

      • Obviously! Which is why Can should beware, as it’s only he who will be under threat once they’re gone.

      • Well Joe Allen is playing really really well. Even his passing accuracy and composure/calmness is something to be lauded. I was a firm critic of Allen but this year he has turned ON. Bringing in a load of new players will always present the situation of “bedding in” and that’s also a gamble….. So we shouldn’t let Allen leave.

        • My guess is klopp wants some size and physicality in his team and speed too.
          He’ll accept smaller players for AM I think.

        • And I’ve always been a fan. But one can only have so many players on the books. With a host of young talent coming through in midfield (even though Rossiter hasn’t signed yet) there’s quite easily very little room for Joe Allen when Klopp brings in more of his own players, this Granite Xhaka for example.

          • I was confused as to how / why you could praise his year when he’s featured so rarely, but slightly better rested now I suspect that perhaps you meant calendar year as opposed to this season.

            Typically one & the same to those of us raised in the southern hemisphere.

  7. Grujic, xhaka, teixeira. Klopp is building his team.

    I reckon we could be challenging for the title in a couple of years

  8. While we’re at it, should take a look at Patrick Hermann as well, he’ll be a good signing and we do need pace in wide areas.

  9. Would be a fantastic signing.
    If the likes of this lad, Matip and Teixera come in; an all look interested in a move to Liverpool (for a change), we could be looking at strong squad with good depth and could really challenge for top 4 next season, and they will all have a pre- season under Klopp which I think is vital.
    Hes exactly what we need. He is what Kante would be for Leicester; break up the play and start the attack, something I think we are lacking.
    All promising signs with Jurgen. Now just a goalkeeper is left on the checklist, to give Migs some well needed competition.
    If these targets walk through Melwood then we could be looking at top 4 next season and then a PL title the next …

  10. Why are we discussing these transfers. Be great if they come off but it was the same under Rogers. Players named but we never got them

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