With a fit squad, this is what it is capable of – Liverpool fans react to mauling of Aston Villa

on 14.02.2016

Following Liverpool’s 6-0 destruction of Aston Villa on Sunday afternoon, we round-up the best social media reaction from during and after the game.

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 14, 2016: Liverpool's Nathaniel Clyne celebrates scoring the fifth goal against Aston Villa with team-mate Roberto Firmino during the Premier League match at Villa Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

It was an incredible day for the Reds in the Midlands, as Jurgen Klopp‘s side ran riot against an appalling Villa outfit.

Daniel Sturridge scored on his first start since yet another injury, while James Milner added a second before half-time.

Liverpool humiliated their opponents after the break, as goals from Emre Can, Divock Origi, Nathaniel Clyne and, thrillingly, Kolo Toure put the game to bed in style.

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Having key players fit again made an enormous difference, and no side will fancy the attacking Sturridge, Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino any time soon.

There was much joy at the strength of Liverpool’s starting eleven prior to the game:

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 14, 2016: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge scores the first goal against Aston Villa during the Premier League match at Villa Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Sturridge and Milner both scored within the opening 25 minutes, and we were left suitably delighted:

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 14, 2016: Liverpool's Divock Origi celebrates scoring the fourth goal against with a kiss from a supporter against Aston Villa during the Premier League match at Villa Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

It was a first-half of total dominance from the Reds, and their display was assessed at the interval:

pass_and_move on the forum:

Liverpool are great to watch at the moment. Passing and movement all excellent.

ILLOK on the forum:

Firmino and Coutinho have been excellent so far. Sturridge doing what he does.

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 14, 2016: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge celebrates scoring the first goal against Aston Villa during the Premier League match at Villa Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Liverpool annihilated the hosts in the second-half, and it was a pleasure to watch:


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  1. Coutinho, Firmino and Sturridge starting a game for the first time ever. No wonder we mauled them 6 nil. I hope these boys stay fit for the rest of the season, we have had far too much rubbish like Lallana starting games for us.

  2. When Studge is on the field we look a damn sight sharper. simple as. Good to see Can get his just rewards also.

  3. We can only play what is put infront of us. Villa played with an ‘already relegated mentality’ no pressin, gave us time, no passion.
    Good game time for the front three to click. Not getting too carried away, still loads to do but I enjoyed it, So, so sixy.

    • The key is that our cutting edge is being restored to full venom. Central defence is still a problem area as is Mignolet.

      • If we are to play cavalier football with the attitude of scoring more than the opposition, then I could live with the defence, and Migs at a push.

  4. This is a team that has the ability to get to the latter stages of the Europa league and Kloppo has the knack for being a good knock out manager.

    Augsburg kick off against Bayern in 5 minutes time…see you soon lads.

      • Today was ridiculously easy but we’re still the only team to have put six past them this season, we played well and we made Villa look even worse than they are…

    • Van Gaal is talking up United’s Europa prospects as a route to CL footy for them. No doubt he is just clinging on to whatever hope he can muster but I would probably love nothing more than to knock United out in the latter stages. In a perfect dream, we’d beat them in the final 7-0 and then, De Gea would swap with Mignolet and Van Gaal will get offered a new life time contract at United for his achievements – only to turn them down!

    • They lost, 3-1 at home, leaves them just one point above relegation places, we’re playing them at a good time…

  5. Calm down everyone. It was a nice game but it was a really bad looking side by Aston Villa. We still have a lot of probems in proper defending etc. Another team would’ve punished us a lot today. Still, it is a 6-0 :-)

  6. 6 nil aginst de wurst team in the prembiership. dont get carried away.

    wait a minute we will win de prembiership playin like dis every game.

    • Hopefully we can keep up the trend. If he starts every league game for the rest of the season we’ll be seeing 72 more goals before the end of the season! Won’t happen but a man can dream…

    • The key for us is getting Sturridge and Coutinho on the pitch together. They have clicked since day one. They are both important individually but together they offer the closest we have to truly game-changing world class match winners. With Firmiho and a lively Origi in the mix we have a really competitive PL attack – 7 months into the season!

    • I think it has also something to do with the fact that we were playing with 2 up top in both those games. It seems thats how we function best and arguably this is how we should always play. St John-Hunt, Keegan-Toshack, Dalglish-Rush, Aldridge-Beardsley, Owen-Heskey/Fowler, Gerrard-Torres, Suarez-Sturridge etc

  7. Sturridge (16′)
    Milner (25′)
    Can (58′)
    Origi (63′)
    Clyne (65′)
    K Touré (71′)
    Ok, it was only Villa, (who were really poor), but one thing I did
    notice was when the most expensive player in the squad, (indeed our 2nd
    most expensive player ever), Benteke, came on, he not only DIDN’T get on
    the scoresheet but the whole team played worse, the momentum was

  8. Studge coutinho firmino can be a nightmare for any side. We r scoring for fun today. Players were njoying it, nd i think today’s play is partily due to the positivity surrounded in club right now due to that pricing protest nd FSG’s instance on that, players returning from injury etc. Keep playing like this reds. I just want us to finish above those mancs. Hope this kind of results keep coming till the end of season. #YNWA

    • If it were not for the dropped two points against Sunderland and the Man City goal difference we could possibly overhaul them for 4th. But it would mean winning every game to finish on 74 points with City dropping at least a further 7 points.

      • Don’t talk about drop points mate. If we had not dropped silly points, we could easily have been in top 3. This season is over for me, I will b optimistic for the next 1. A top 4 certainly and PL title will be icing on the cake.

  9. It was only villa and we were miles ahed by then but the reason i think it was more due to our quality because once coutinho firminho and stutridge were substituted we were the normal self we have been this season and even nearly conceded. So guess with these three fit and starting we r in for good time. I woudn’t say bring on the top four as so much damage has been done but if these three are fit defo bring on europa. :)

  10. We have all known for a while Sturridge is the difference. What happens if he gets injured next season? Should we be looking for another similar type player in the summer?? We will have 6 strikers soon but can any replace Sturridge???

    • Not so fast. A fit Sturridge is without a doubt an asset, but not the difference. Put a decent finisher ahead of the guile and creativity of Coutinho and Firmino in good form and goals will ensue.

      • For me he is, his goal today was not his own making granted, but he does create his own chances as well. I am not sure if Ings or Origi can have the same long term impact as a fit DS.

        • Sturridge scores goals end of….whether he makes them himself or an easy one laid on for him

          He is light years ahead of all our other strikers….. look at some of the sitters our strikers have missed this season he comes on bang .. goal straight away ..your right he is the difference and ithink when he plays all our players have added confidence.

  11. Perhaps Hendo was a bit quiet otherwise the whole team was excellent today. Although Villa were dreadful and we never needed to reach even 3rd gear tbh, it was a still really clinical and mature performance by a team that looked unusually calm. Can, Origi, Clyne and then Toure getting on score sheet in 13 mins was getting surreal. Especially with us not conceding 4 in that time as well! Mignolet should have had a pop from the edge of his box. I wouldn’t have at all been surprised however if he smashed it into our own net!

    Man City will be facing a confident team in 2 weeks if we overcome Augsburg injury-free. Can’t wait :)

  12. I like the way how Sturridge silence his critics, he didn’t not do his favourite celebration, the dance, and I think is because of the unjust criticism that came his way for the past couple of months.

  13. Let’s just hope Klopp can pick the same 11 for the league cup final. So much better without Lallana & Benteke starting.

  14. The difference is there to see. If couts hadn’t had studge (or any goal threat) in the box that beautiful cross would have had an extra touch inside and been a half chance at a screamer that we would all be moaning about. Woulda set a tone for the game and we may have squeaked one. Instead he’s got an option, puts it up and were on our way. Beautiful boys. Great win

  15. We could probably be in top 4 easy if we had less injuries but the result today shows just how we poor some of our other players are in comparison to who played today. It shows that as soon as we lose key players we fall to pieces. In order to be top 4 next season we need back up players who are always pushing the likes of sturridge firminno and courtiniho

    • And new 1st teamers. Make no mistake from our keeper through to our DM is not good enough. You cant blame injuries for that.

      • Fully agree it shows how awfully wasteful the tc and Brendan were. I’d probably say to be fair we have upto 6 top 4 standard players. But the defence, dm, keeper really are woeful but worse than all of them is benteke and mario it’s a tough call as to who’s worse and is the biggest waste of money.

        • Mario was just a punt mate, last chance signing. Benteke was never going to work, feel a bit sorry for him. Your call of 6 top players is bang on.

  16. It’s unfortunate that our PL season is effectively over but a League Cup and Europa League double is still on!

    With Sturridge and Coutinho on the pitch, with Klopp in the dugout, I BELIEVE!!!!!

  17. manage Studge’s game time and rotation on the wings will help us to get closer to 4th place. With Origi, Firmino, and Studge we’ll have enough strikers. not to mention Benteke to be an impact sub.

  18. Maybe we should wear the white away jersey more often! This one is a gem of a jersey! And as far as I remember, we wore it in Southampton game as well where we thrash them 1-6. Classy jersey and maybe a bit lucky as well!!!

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