“I’ve missed Anfield” – Divock Origi excited by Merseyside return against City

on 02.03.2016

Liverpool striker Divock Origi has spoken of his love of Anfield, and says he hopes to feature at home to Man City on Wednesday, following a lengthy spell out injured.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Thursday, October 22, 2015: Liverpool's Divock Origi in action against Rubin Kazan during the UEFA Europa League Group Stage Group B match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Origi recently returned from two months on the sidelines with hamstring and keen injuries.

The 20-year-old says he relishes taking the field at Liverpool’s world-famous stadium, and hopes to play a significant role against City on Wednesday.

“To be honest, I’ve missed Anfield because I like playing at home – there’s a good atmosphere,” Origi told Liverpoolfc.com.

“The last time against Leicester, there was a good atmosphere and we beat them. We played a big game. I came off with an injury, unfortunately, but I always enjoy playing there and I hope to score more goals at Anfield.

“I’m always hoping to play. Obviously the manager makes the choices, I just try to maximise and enjoy my game time, whoever the coach puts out; if it’s me, I’ll give 100 per cent and I’ll be very happy to play.”

Origi could be inline to start tonight, with Daniel Sturridge unlikely to be risked after playing 120 minutes and suffering cramp in the final stages on Sunday. It was the first time Sturridge had played over 75 minutes since last October.

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 14, 2016: Liverpool's Divock Origi scores the fourth goal against Aston Villa during the Premier League match at Villa Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Origi believes it is vital that the Reds bounce back from Sunday’s depressing League Cup Final loss to Manuel Pellegrini’s side, and feels Klopp’s inexperienced side will learn from the experience.

“As a human being, it’s always painful to be so close to an objective and miss it.

“But we have to use this as positive energy to compete in the game against City. The training was intensive like always, just preparing for the next game.

“It would be very good if we could win and take the three points – for our mentality and the league also. Our objective is to do as well as possible and get the three points.

“It’s going to be a big test. Every game in the Premier League is intensive and to play against Manchester City is a big game. In one way it’s good because it’s always nice to play a big game at home.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 28, 2016: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp speaks with Divock Origi as his hide prepare for extra-time against Manchester City during the Football League Cup Final match at Wembley Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

“We have all the ingredients to go far in the future. But we still have to learn, we are young. We have a good club, good supporters and a very good manager, so I am confident for the future.

“For me, it was a first experience of a final. It wasn’t a fun experience but it will push me for the next time to go even further.”

Origi’s form has been a definite plus point since his return from injury, and his introduction at Wembley certainly helped change the game – he added physical presence, pace and also showed good ability to hold up the ball and link play.

He is now clearly ahead of compatriot Christian Benteke in the strikers’ pecking order, and should continue to blossom in the coming months and years.

When someone of Vicent Kompany’s calibre says of Origi, “if he continues in this way, in a few years he will be among the five or ten best strikers in the world”, there is reason to be excited about him.

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    • Regardless of who we buy in the summer. Ings return will be equal to any of them. If Ings had stayed injury free, I am confident he would have cemented a starting berth by now.

  1. What a good kid this guy is.
    Money can buy you talent. But money can’t buy a great attitude.

    This lad seems to have it in spades.

      • You know…you’re really starting to bug me Dinesh.
        And, No! I wasn’t part of the Origi Out campaign.

        Now shoo.

        • Joe Fickle Bloggs! Thats the kid/guy! Ten thousand ish comments and and never followed the little in crowd group on here? Humm! Talk about being bugged!

        • there was an Origi out campaign?? the kid has been here for 5 mins and has shown more heart and movement than from any other player never mind striker.

          I think you are being trolled because your statement is correct wish more ‘Pool players followed suit.

          Geez..wish some fans would follow suit also.

          • There is confusion between being critical of him and wanting him out.
            I did criticise him, but that was also account of his rawness and the fact that Brendan was relying a lot on him as a starter. Even then you could see he was struggling with basic ball control and being out of position etc.

            But not once did I say that he should be sold. I also openly acknowledge now that he has improved a lot, despite not playing a lot, and displays superb attitude. He can yet be a star player for us in the future.

            Same thing with Benteke. I don’t think he should be sold…just yet. I feel that he should have taken the China offer – since it was on the table – but it wouldn’t be a willing decision on our part to sell him NOW since it’s not even a full season since he joined.

            For some reason I seem to attract all sorts of trolls and spambots responding to me…just to get a rise.

            I guess I must be doing something right in that case! :D

          • To be loved you must also be ready to be hated, however the quality of the loved ones far surpass the hate, definitely doing something right, and its usually your expression of the truth.

          • Exactly.
            Plus the fact that HE IS A LIVERPOOL PLAYER…

            I dunno about the rest, but I still hold high standards in terms of player quality and tactical play. This is what differentiates a Liverpool fan from any other football fan.

            We know our football. Well, at least in my generation.

          • I agree fully bro, and we also know that we dont know for a lot of goes on behind the scenes and this is where trust and faith must come into it, we have been waiting 25 years for a title whats a few more years…I do feel it coming though and with Klopp.

    • Frankly i was surprised he wasn’t in line to take a pen..

      He used to take pens at Lille and for sure has a better track record than Coutinho/Lallana…

      • His head probably got stuck in the clouds.
        New club, new country…when you’re young, these things can weigh heavily.

        He needs another full season to truly settle and show us what he’s got.

        • Yes, agree he is young… and i was talking of last season when he stayed on at Lille on loan… so more or less the same environment where he developed…

          Thing is, when it comes to attitude, i have more confidence in guys like ings/flano…

          But he has bags of talent… and will get opportunities under klopp… so needs to stand up and be counted!

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      • The fans at Lille weren’t very helpful either. They really got on his back after he signed for us, hauling abuse at their own player and a 19 year old at that. I’m not surprised his performances for them tailed off. He couldn’t wait to be out of there.

  2. He’s endured a tough start to his career. Hopefully things turn around for him.Should start at City tonight I reckon. Big Ben on the bench as a plan B.We can’t play 2 strikers unless we desperate. Our midfield will get overrun otherwise.

  3. I like Origi he almost got us the winner at C1Cup and I’m convinced he will be a success for us in the future ,I was also devastated and disappointed with the loss of C1Cup, I was hoping JK brought in Benteke the last 10 minutes as we needed a goal and he may have got it for us , Sturridge & Firmino were lost in the entire game, Nevertheless I am optimistic that Jurgen Klopp will take us to the next level, FSG must support him to get rid of the some of the dross we have and provide him with enough funds to take us to the pinnacle of the EPL and another # 6 CL title

    • I’m not sure what you saw in Benteke’s last few games to believe that he could have turned things round for us…

      But, yes. Origi made a definite impact.

      • Lots of people saying Klopp should have brought Big Ben on.
        Seems many people have forgotten how poor Benteke is, and how is introduction to a team playing high tempo stifles movement and creativity.
        The mind boggles…

        • The mind does not boggle and you don’t become a misfit over night. Why does Klopp put him on the bench? Herr Klopp should have some idea when we need a goal on how to change the style slightly to incorporate a thirty two million striker. Or are we saying Herr Klopp is failing?

          • What has Klopp done to offend you? You come online each time we lose just to slate fans who support Klopp. Just go and help your darling Bodgers get a job, and stop annoying people here.

          • Get over yourself I do not! I have nothing against Klopp or Liverpool fans at all! I make comment when I disagree with some childish jokes or daft comment and then get branded the enemy? Grow up kid! As far as my comment is concerned about Herr Klopp I suggest when we are in need of goals we have a striker who could score if the group played in a way to utilise. No need to go on about wingers? I know we need one or two however to just write Benteke off is poor! Now find your bessy mates to play with!

          • maybe he does have an idea… benteke on and wingers to supply him…. oh wait, what did say about wingers again?

          • Well you don’t, there are various ways to support a talented striker! Yes wingers are a requirement. We have some players crossing the ball we need a keeper who can kick a ball when we need to go direct. Perhaps relax the pressing and we should pull back a little without going deep. Instead of trying miserably to get on the score sheet the likes of Courtinho, Firminho and Lallana should try to feed the beast. He will score! Now before you have another go at me I am not paid millions like Herr Klopp. I am not advocating that is the way ahead I am saying if Herr Klopp chooses to put Benteke on the bench he must have some idea how to get the best out of him! He is not going to find wingers three quarters through a game and put Benteke on is he or?

          • He’s a good whinger

            …especially when he’s tackled and doesn’t get the ref’s call.

          • Maybe you’re right. He does seem to be failing with this exceptionally intelligent striker (one the majority of commentators on this site envisioned when we were heavily linked to this ‘great with both feet, good movement player’ would fail).
            You seem to be quite knowledgeable on what Klopp should be doing. Maybe you could replace ‘The Brain’?

          • Not sure about this comment? So being one of the majority of commentators on this site is hardly a reference. I would like to listen to Herr Klopp himself explain honestly exactly where he and we, that is all associated one way or another with our Liverpool FC what exactly is the Benteke issue and the solution as both are paid big bucks to at least try to get it right. I am not paid and I don’t really believe everything that is written especially on this site! Do you?

          • “Maybe you could replace ‘The Brain’?”

            Or his A$$.
            Since this friend likes talking out of it…

          • He didn’t become a misfit overnight. It was all those games he played in and didn’t score and/or was rubbish that made him a misfit. He could have brought on Benteke (who is in bad form). But he chose Origi who played well and stretched things with his pace and being willing to run.
            If he’d brought on Big Ben and we’d lost there would be similar discussions about why not Origi.

          • Slightly doesn’t fit in that sentence though. I think JK has more than idea & knows he’d have to change everything !!

          • I think that because I trust him. And he’s paid to get it right & find a solution, not to tell you or me.

          • I would like to hear Herr Klopp honestly explain the situation with Benteke as he sees it if only to stop the negativity surrounding Benteke in the media. I doubt he needs to change everything! There are a few changes required and no matter how much he is paid and how clever he is it is not going to happen overnight or within one transfer window! Time will tell!

          • What has Klopp done to offend you? You come online each time we lose just to slate fans who support Klopp. Just go and help your Bodgers get a job, and stop annoying people here.

    • Aye he could have got us a goal. Herr Klopp supposedly walks on waters but he can’t get a group of players to play more to/with a thirty two million pound striker when we are short of goals. We will see.

    • He had two changes to make, and he opted for Lallana and Origi in place of Moreno and Firmino. It was a balanced and offensive change to get fresh legs in behind Sturridge. Both subs had a hand in getting the equalizer.

  4. I expect with Studge out, both Origi and Benteke to move one up the pecking order. Origi to start and Benteke to come off the bench.
    IF…Benteke doesn’t come off the bench, and Klopp chooses other options (Lallana, Ibe, Allen)..then Benteke’s LFC career will be officially over.

  5. I wish u had started Sunday or at least firminio alone upfront like (4:1)…i dnt like sturidge type players with all his talent and SWAGGG he doesnt fit liverpool maybe Psg or west brom not liverpool..

  6. I think when he starts scoring again, he’ll ooze the confidence he was beginning to show before his injury. Blistering pace too

  7. I wonder were all the fans that wanted Origi to be loaned out for a year are after pre-season. We have to give Klopp time to build, its time to back the team and not be negative about every little thing that does not go are way. We are playing better football, showing intent and i for one do not think we need a massive overhaul to be up there.

  8. I know how ridiculous that sounds but if we beat City tonight, we will only be 6 point behind them. Top 4 is still a possibility

  9. “We have all the ingredients to go far in the future. But we still have to learn, we are young. We have a good club, good supporters and a very good manager, so I am confident for the future.”

    This is exactly how I feel. Well said, Divock, and seeing you improve week after week adds to my confidence. I hope you have a great game today!

  10. This lad should develop into a real first team choice. He has one or two minor things that need addressing but other than that he will blossom under Klopp the more he plays.

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