Mamadou Sakho to ‘decide his future in next 48 hours’

on 10.01.2017

Liverpool centre-back Mamadou Sakho is expected to make a decision on his future within the next two days.

Sakho is the most high-profile player linked with a move away from Merseyside this January, having dropped far down the pecking order under Jurgen Klopp.

With no prospect of earning a first-team recall and having spent the first half of the season with the Liverpool U23s, Sakho is due to leave before the end of the transfer window.

According to the Mail‘s Liverpool correspondent Dominic King, this is set to be finalised this week, with Sakho tasked with deciding on his next club.

Galatasaray, Sevilla and Southampton are named as interested parties, while Bournemouth have also been linked with a loan move for the 26-year-old.

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AC Milan, Inter Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, OGC Nice, Lille and West Bromwich Albion have also been mooted as possible destinations, though this has cooled since the beginning of January.

Sakho is said to be “attracted to the idea of moving to the south coast,” with the possibility of staying in the top half of the Premier League with Southampton likely an appealing one.

This comes with Saints captain Jose Fonte handing in a transfer request last week, with Sakho an ideal replacement at centre-back.

DERBY, ENGLAND - Monday, November 28, 2016: Liverpool's Mamadou Sakho in action against Derby County during the FA Premier League 2 Under-23 match at Pride Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Manager Claude Puel refused to discuss reported interest in Sakho in a press conference after Southampton’s 2-2 draw with Norwich City in the FA Cup third round.

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“It’s a period of speculation of the market window and it’s the same answer and it’s always a difficult market for all the teams,” he said.

“It is not easy to have the good possibilities and of course we stay aware about possibilities and opportunities.

“But if a player will come to Southampton it’s a player who can do good work and I think a strong level on the squad.

“It is not interesting to take a player just to take a player.”

This could be seen as a hint as to Puel’s interest, however, with Sakho clearly able to slot into the Saints’ squad and perform at a high level.

Liverpool’s No. 3 is far from a poor player, with his attitude the aspect under question following his exile, and a move could revitalise his career.

All could be revealed by Thursday afternoon, with Sakho keen to sever his ties and rebuild.


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    • Considering how Thomas Vermaelen turned out for Barca after being the captain at Arsenal…..mainly due to Injury issues for which Sakho is also well known…..and considering France have Koscielny, Varane, Umtiti, Mangala in central defence…..I think the biggest loser in all this is simply Sakho. It’s a pity though.

  1. It might ultimately be Sakho’s decision but before then there’s the not so small matter of the club agreeing a fee with any potential suitor, that’s far from cut and dried right now…

    • If Dominic King is right then it’s assumed a few clubs have made serious offers and it will be up to Sakho to decide which of those clubs he wants to move to.

      • Sure, but it’s still dependent on the club accepting one of those offers, their serious offer might fall well short of our asking price, my own hope is that the club don’t hold out for a fee that nobody is prepared to match…

    • Try Sakho plus £30-40 million, Saints will want the absolute max. Reports they want £50 plus. I’d take Fonte, the man is a natural leader.

      • If we can get £15m for Ibe anything is possible. I don’t see it happening but would be a good move for us, add a pacey forward player to compete with Mane and I think we would guarantee a top 3 finish.

        • No anything is not quite possible. Yes it’s true that was a crazy bit of business but that was probably only £5mil above expected. S’ton will see to it that they get top money for him, otherwise he’ll stay at the club.

  2. If we generously give Sakho a £10M valuation, and saints would be looking for at least £45M for Van Dijk, I’d be okay with that. Bosh, here’s the cash saints.
    Then we’d have three decent centre backs (i’m not counting Klavan or Gomez) which even then probably wouldn’t be enough – seeing how we are turning into Arsenal with our susceptibility to injuries.
    But will it happen? Nah.
    But at least we’re nearly £4M in profit for this window as well, wahoo!!

    • Liverpool have said £20m for Sahko. Also Soton are going to be looking double that figure for Van Dijk now, since they’re only considering Sahko because of Fonte.

      • problem is, every team knows we don’t want Sakho. We are not in a strong bargaining position – and as Carr71 regularly points out, Bayern are not exactly competing with Real Madrid for his signature. We, however, are competing with City and Chelski for Van Dijk – and saints don’t want to sell. And we don’t want to spend.

          • Sky have been reporting for the last three days that we’re in talks with Sevilla and are asking for £20+ mil, it’s a story that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon..
            I’d bite their hand off for anything close to £15 mil…

          • He does not want to move to spain according to reports unless Barca or Real rekindle their interest looks like Munich to me ;-)

    • “Then we’d have three decent centre backs (i’m not counting Klavan or Gomez)”

      Wow. It turns out that Klavan and Gomez aren’t even decent…

      • Is a recently severely-injured 19 year old champions league standard? Or even Premiership standard? You don’t know mate, because he’s never done it.
        Is Klavan champions league level? How did the thirty one year old Estonian do at Burnley, or Sunderland?
        If you think this is the long-term standard for LFC then you’re the type of fan who’s happy to make a transfer window profit, consecutively.

        • The thirty one year old Estonian did at Burnley and Sunderland at least decently.

          How did thirty one year old Estonian do against Barcelona and Manchester City?

          • so you think being directly responsible for at least one goal a game against Burnley and Sunderland is decent? We obviously have very different expectations of our Liverpool Football Club players.

          • Mane caused even more absurd penalty in the game where Klavan did. Virgil van Dijk took a double yellow in his last EPL game. It happens. Mistakes aren’t “decent”, but decent and even excellent players make mistakes, it’s an unfortunate fact. And we can argue that Virgil van Dijk isn’t good enough for Liverpool — shouldn’t we have even higher ambitions?

          • that’s kinda my original point; we should be looking AT LEAST to buy players of the van Dijk ilk. Why wait till the summer if there are players of a decent calibre available now? 7/8 months from now we’re gonna be in the champions league, hopefully, …get them bedded in now.
            We need quality now.

          • So we’re currently 1-0 down due to another Klavan mistake. Still think he’s a decent standard?

  3. Once he leaves he’s going to no doubt give us his version of events. It’ll be good for the gossip columns for a while.

    I mean all we know so far is that he was sent home from preseason and he posted a snapchat of unfair treatment.

      • Stop it he only started speaking out against klopp or the one as you call him when he was already told he had no future for being a clown

        • when somebody lie about you publicly… ofc I would turn against him, only he has bigger power, bigger responsibility and in the end bigger fall…

          • The only person who i can see who lied was Sakho
            He did not tell the club doctors what he was taking

          • sure that is your opinion… for now Klopp is great at least until weekend when we can fall to 5th place… but until he win something he is another brendan rogers for me, he already lost two finals… so, I still giving him time, but there are so many things I don`t like and he is in the club a year already…

          • in your opinion in mine he was very average and always excused of any blame classic example
            Skrtel came back from injury had a poor game and was slated
            Sakho was bang average 6 games back from injury and all we heard was excuses about he was comming back from injury

          • He is referring to the 3-3 against Southampton, when Skrtel was subbed in during half-time (if I remember corrently) and ended up being implemented in two Southampton goals.

            He was slaughtered for that performance. Sakho came back and was bang average for a while (not trying to criticise here) and people made loads of excuses for him.

          • Skrtel didn’t have a poor game, he was diabolical. We were cruising at Southampton, skrtel came on at half time and single handedly cost us the game. Sakho never did that. Skrtel was absolute tripe at Watford too and Swansea. Glad Sakho is going but not near as glad as the day Skrtel left.

          • This is how I see it. I think a lot of people see “Sakho” through ex-girlfriend tinted spectacles…the type that make you forget about how crazy she was, and how average he was before his caffeine fuelled handful of “warrior” displays

          • He lost two finals sure, but don’t forget that it was due to him that we got into those 2 finals in the first place. Rodgers wasn’t able to achieve that feat in the 3 years that he was out here.

          • The one that still riles me the most was throwing a tantrum and walking out of the ground when he found out he was on the bench an hour before the derby game, the club forgave him for that but I never will..
            You can only give somebody so many second chances (six or seven in Sakho’s case) He sealed his own fate when he attacked the club and the management on social media..
            How anyone can take his side in all of this beggars belief..

          • Same goes for the old boy at utd. Worked pretty well there. As a member of staff you pull in the direction you’re told as dictated by those above you. Don’t and your not doing your job. You can air your views but only professionally and your actions mustn’t be the detriment of the organisation. Tell me Snapchat, missing the final of the europa league etc wasnt detrimental

          • One of the finest things you’ve ever said on these sites – ps don’t any of you regulars have jobs? Youse lot on here 24/7!

          • This is groundbreaking news, be more specific, who at the club lied about him and what was the lie they told, we have a right to know…

      • I’d suggest that anyone who see’s similarities with our club and North Korea either has no conception of the political situation in North Korea or is maybe supporting the wrong club, possibly both…

        • Or Im not blind fan who will support his club in the way how wind blow, and share the opinion of majority, maybe some fans should leave for North Korea cause thats system is probably the best for them and brain capability of a dog only able to blindly follow something or somebody…

          • Thank you. I thought for a moment I was reading gibberish. Talk about not making sense, I bet he is Swedish

          • No just “fsgbuy” “rogers something” is back with a new name again, its what 12 profils he/she/it has, still the same way to write and debate, just like a child would debate

    • Actually that’s not true, at least seven other indiscretions, some more serious than the two you highlight, and that’s just the ones we know about….

  4. I like Sakho, really do. Made some mistakes but kept his head down and carried on with the u23 admirably, very good defender and will be a fantastic acquisition for anyone.

    • Many here seemed to have forgotten that Sakho was pivotal to our defence that reached 2 cup finals last season.
      Now that Klopp has frozen him out and that he’ll be offloaded soon people are now quick to hate on the player and dismiss all the good he’s done for us.
      Wherever Sakho goes he will be a brilliant acquisition, and I for one hope he has a fantastic time as to me he clearly loved Liverpool.

      • II don’t think people are hating the player……..nobody has called him useless or incapable….and most pepole still rate hime as a player when he is fit….I think most people are just resigned to his fate, realizing that he has great potential, but also acknowledging that he has had issues that previously surfaced at PSG and led to him being stripped of the captaincy and sold to us, and issues that have recently surfaced with us. He’s a “high maintenance” kind of player and we just can’t afford to focus on him.

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    • Guys you need to all wake up, do not drop your standards, we are Liverpool, Sakho is plainly not good enough, that’s why kloppy don’t play him, lawrenson, Hughes, Hansen, hyppia Yeats, carra, smith, Thommo, wrighty, all yes, Sakho, huyseein,babb, scales, no,no,no,no,no,no,no,(help me) no no no

      • To claim that beast sakho is plainly not good enough is worrying, now tell me you would have lovren before him because klopp plays him?
        Sakho is a wall, you are just not good enough to see his qualities.


  5. The club will decide if incoming offers are high enough.
    BBC just reported we want 20M.
    Another sign we don’t sell on the cheap anymore.

    • Yeah but who will pay £20mil for him?? Only clubs I can see doing that are the ones with little regard for money – and that’s Chinese clubs and clubs like Man City, neither of which remotely seem a possibility.

      • Come to think of it… why don’t we have Chinese connections? Chelsea sold their squad players for 60 millions and they’d make some quality signings in January with said money. Just sell Lucas to China

        • Nobody want Lucas, China only buy players with “names” 27+(younger than that want toip football not money) and history behind them (titles won, CL won, EL won … ), so they can sell jerseys and stream rights, Liverpool does not have such player profile, be honest who would want Lucas jersey playing for any china club…

          • like I said Sakho is not 27+ and he won nothing same as Liverpool so China is not for any Liverpool player… or I need to draw for you, so you can understand….

          • To claim that beast sakho is a total nobody is absurd, he captained psg for a reason….., no need to waste my time explaining this, perhaps you’re lucky this time not getting a deserved feedback..,next time this won’t be the case.

          • Ok? So how come that Newcastle striker Cisse ended up being signed for a Chinese club? I mean he was utterly useless for most of his time at NUFC.

          • we are talking about big money transfers, Cisse went for 2.5mil his career was already over… be real any player from Premier League can go anywhere for that kind of money…

          • Alright guess I missed the context of large money transfer…I agree with you in that case..I thought you only meant that Lucas can’t go to China.

      • Come on Abyss, Ibe went for 18M.
        Sakho is a quality CB so I think its a good thing we finally don’t sell on the cheap. If they truly want him they will pay up if they don’t they weren’t really interested.

        • Not £18mil, but £15mil mate. I’ll admit that did surprise me since it seemed as though £10-12mil seemed more realistic for him. But he is 5 years younger to Sakho so B’mouth were thinking even if things don’t work in the future he’ll still have a decent resale value. A mid-table EPL club is capable of paying that kind of money but they generally reserve it for star attacking players. Like I said I can see him going for £15mil, but not £20mil+.

      • Ask doesn’t mean get. The club will ask for their top price and then negotiate, right? That’s how it goes with buying players too, and we often end up paying that bit more than we first seem to intend. They’re just trying to get the best price possible. The player is clearly wanted, and I think it’s almost certain then that he’ll leave. If they ask for 20 and get 15-17 with add-ons then that would make sense.

  6. If we can £20 million for him that must mean I’d be worth a lot, about £3.57p and I’m well past it!!!!
    Does it include a free fat burning pack, now fully legal and no ban required?

      • Not entirely, it was on the banned list when he took it, it was only when it was later removed that he faced no further suspension…

        • I think the bottom line is the same: in the eyes of the sports doping bodies he didn’t do anything “wrong”. Their standards for substances are extremely tight, sometimes a bit over the top. Anyone calling him a “drug cheat” would be way off. In layman’s terms I think it’s fair enough to say that he isn’t.

          • Again that’s not entirely true, I’d agree that it maybe shouldn’t be seen as ‘cheating’ but in the eyes of the sports doping bodies he definitely did something wrong, why else would they have charged him. The simple facts are that at the time he took the medication it was on the WADA list of banned substances, the fact it was later removed doesn’t change that and secondly he was in breach of club rules and policy by taking unauthorised medication. It’s an ‘argument’ that’s been debated to death and whatever side of the debate you, me or anyone else sits on it has to be remembered that this is only one of several well documented indiscretions during his time at the club, without the other ‘incidents’ he might well have got away with just a severe reprimand from the club…
            Even Luis (Suarez) who was quite rightly suspended by the club and removed from the first team squad following the domestic biting incident had the good grace to admit it was wrong and issue a full apology to the club, the manager and just as importantly the fans..
            Just out of interest do you think the club were right to suspend Luis and remove him from the first team squad, I do, I don’t think you can make too much of a distinction between the two. For me it’s not an anti Mama agenda, I’d apply the same stance to anyone who disrespects the club and drags it’s name through the mire, even more so when they show no sign of remorse for having done so…

          • I agree with pretty much everything you say. You could even copy and paste your response, put my name on it and I wouldn’t complain. All I meant is that in terms of taking a substance to gain an unfair advantage i.e. “cheat” in everyday terms, I think he’s not actually guilty. In the end the substance can be agreed to be acceptable and he’s not done his fellow sporting competitors a disservice by taking it. Technically wrong? Absolutely. Stupid? Yes. Should have known better? Yes. But a “cheat”? Too harsh for me. We should reserve such words for those who really deserve them.

          • Yeah, very fair comment, hopefully the whole sorry situation can be resolved soon and we can all move on…

  7. Cruel to be kind, tough love and all that. as a playboy chimp you can’t be sentimental…he’ll get over it.

  8. I hope he stay until summer than he can choose what ever and I`m sure he will have wider choice of clubs to pick… After all why leave now he is receiving 100k$ a week…

  9. If the brass really insist on £20 mil and no less…I can’t see him moving on this January. Unless there is actually a loan deal, but that only solves the problem temporarily. I hope, somehow, someway, he moves on, so he doesn’t rot in the U23’s til the summer.

  10. This article almost insinuates that an agreement has been reached between the clubs in question and that it’s only a matter of the player making a decision between 2-3 clubs and moving on. I hope that is the case. If Sakho does move to S’ton it will be a good move for both. Him and VVD can be a menacing partnership at the back.

    • I hope he does so we can follow his career closely at a decent top table club. He won me over last season but he could go either way…

  11. Yeah, Southampton seems like a good fit. He’ll play regularly and he’s a quality player. He does well in the PL and I think he likes it here, the ultra-competitive nature of it. I really have few qualms about all of this. It’s disappointing to see a good player be pushed out of the side but the manager simply has to stand by his principals. Obviously man management is a big part of what makes Klopp so successful and it’s working brilliantly for the club right now. We’re a much better team because of what Klopp has done and so we do need to respect his decision on this. It’s rough for Sakho, he copped a raw deal, but ultimately all of the actions that led to this were his and his alone. No one else is responsible for his mistakes. He could have avoided all of this and still been a regular starter for Liverpool if only he’d adhered to the manager’s standards.

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