From RTK (Retake The Kop):

This is the first ‘official’ Flag Day for quite a few years.

Remember how this started over a decade ago – culminating in the Kop’s Last Stand in 1994 – the greatest day in the history of the greatest football terrace in thew world?

Flag Days continued after The Kop was seated so as to encourage the tradition amongst supporters in all-seater stadia. It worked a treat – and subsequent Flag Days (PSG in the ECWC semi in 97 especially) were exceptional.

With the advent of the RTK, Flag Days are being used to promote traditional Kop values and to further extend the reputation of The Kop around the world.

So, if you have a flag bring it tommorrow. (KFS compliant of course, no Union Jacks or St George crosses).

Wear your scarf with pride (ditch that half LFC/half Chelsea one; red/white – red/white/gold are the preferred colours. All other combinations (red/white/navy blue -WTF!) are marketting gimmicks and have no place on The Kop.

Bring your best, loud singing voice and SUPPORT THE TEAM AND THE MANAGER.

Respect PSV and their fans. Applaud their keeper. Be sporting.

Make Liverpool FC proud of you.

Forza RTK – Onwards and Upwards!

What is RTK?

RTK stands for Retake The Kop, a recent campaign initiated by the Liverpool fanzine Red All Over The Land. [Read all about it here]

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