Summer View From Rd End: Everton

Proving there are some friendly Evertonians about, our friends from NSNO answered the pressing questions surrounding their ‘little’ club ahead of the new season and the long term future of Everton with their possible ground move out of the city…

Q. Last season – what were your expectations before the season started and did you meet them by qualifying for the Uefa Cup?

Si: Met the league expectations, although I always want a day out for a Cup Final – our CEO saying “What are you moaning for, it’s only the FA Cup” after we got thrashed at home to Blackburn was a low point.

Ong-Timus Prime: Top 8 finish. Happy with the UEFA qualification.

Q. What about this season? Can you break into the top five?

Si: If we make the 2 decent signings we need, and are lucky with injuries and the team show their fighting spirit, yes.

Chris: I expect to qualify for Europe again, I’m not convinced we will.

Ong-Timus Prime: With the rub of the green – who knows? But realistically, no – not with the current squad.

montanatoffeefan: Going to be tough unless one of the top 4 or Spurs get unsettled somehow. I’d actually say Arsenal are the best candidate to fall from grace, though I’m not counting on it. But with them counting on that cunt Fabergas to lead them and Wenger still teetering on the brink of meltdown, it is possible. Wouldn’t say that about Man U., Chelsea or Liverpool. Chelsea stopped the bleeding by keeping Josie, though they still have some expensive dead weight around. Man U. addressed their biggest need with Hargreaves, who’ll give them a lot more youth and pace and workrate in the midfield, and Nani could turn out great. Lpool should be solid again. And if the Spurs can settle their lineup, keep King healthy and get decent netkeeping, they will be a serious challenger for a CL slot. I think the Toffees are another year and two very good players away from challenging that group.

Chaz: I would like to think so, but I think there are pieces of the puzzle still missing and the other teams around us have spent a lot and brought in strength and depth we’ll be pushed to match.

Q.How do you feel about the possible ground move to Kirkby?

new stadium kirby

Si: It is the wrong thing for Everton.

montanatoffeefan: Sick. The wrong move for all the wrong reasons. We need to hold out for something a lot better than that or the future looks mediocre at best.

Mr. Devil: Since I’m not Liverpudlian a location is not such a big issue with me. Some say, by moving to Kirkby (outside of city boundaries) will mean surendering a city to you lot (one city one club thing). The quality of the new arena concerns me more than location itself. I was hoping for something that would be state of the art arena or something close to that. With what we know at the moment, well, doesn’t look too impressive to be honest.

phillyt: Would be devestated if it went ahead, financially its a great deal but for us to give up our city with nothing so much as a whimper belies all the tradition and history of our club. Hopefully the Keioc will produce a decent plan and maybe they will aproach investors/potential takeover candidates themselves.

Chaz: No realistic options provided by the club. I was more for than against until the club started spinning the story and telling lies, and basing the move to Kirkby being a positive one based on some very dodgy figures. Little of this plan seems to have Everton Football Club at it’s centre.

Q. Are you happy with your summer signings? Who do you expect to make an impact this season? Any of the new boys or a youngster?

Si: We still need new faces. Our best young prospect, James Vaughan, is out for 4 months as well.

Chris: I’m happy with the two we’ve brought in but it’s by know means enough. I think Pienaar may have a similar impact to the one Arteta’s had. I think he’ll become a very good player for us. Had he not suffered his shoulder injury, I would have said this was Vaughan’s season.

Ong-Timus Prime: I liked Jagielka when he was at Sheffield. And I think Pienaar will be a good signing. We need more though. Vaughan and Anichebe were good and are considered first team prospects now, so I don’t see any of the newer youngsters making an impact this season.

ARTETA: Toffee’s best player and Alonso’s mate

Q. What do you consider to be your teams biggest strengths?

Si: The will to win and Mikel Arteta’s ability.

Chris: Mikel Arteta, James Vaughan, Joleon Lescott.

montanatoffeefan: Lescott and Yoboo in back, Arteta in the middle, fighting team spirit and Davey Moyes.

Q. And weaknesses?

Si: A tendancy to sit on the 18 yard line for the last ten minutes of every single fucking game.

Chris: Lee Carsley, Phil Neville

montanatoffeefan: Defense and offense on the wings. Worst front office in Prem.

Q. One thing you could change at your club?

Si: The CEO

phillyt: The board, absolutely no question, the chairman has done a good job after your lot sent in agent johnson to ruin us. we are in a much stronger position now. but the whole kirby thing and kenwrights detirmination to hold onto the club at all costs is embarrasing us. he can not take us any further forward and as a true blue evertonian he must see that it is time to get money in to the club by selling up.

montanatoffeefan: Ownership and upper management. Please!

Q. And, what about us, how do you think we will fare this coming season?

Si: Fighting it out with Arsenal for 3rd / 4th – again. You’ll also be looking over your shoulder at us and Spurs, but denying you’re bothered.

montanatoffeefan: Top 3, and another impressive CL run.

Q. Impressed with our summer spending?

"the one player im worried about is Babel. He has a big future and I hate it when Liverpool sign players like that."
– phillyt

Si: Not particularly to be honest. You’ve spent a lot of money, but we’ll see what you got for it soon enough.

phillyt: Liverpool have spent big, the one player im worried about is Babel. He has a big future and I hate it when Liverpool sign players like that. Most of your new guys i have never heard of, and I got a feeling Torres is going to be a bit of a let down for you.

Ong-Timus Prime: I’ve been impressed with your new signings. I think if they settle in quickly you could challenge for top 2. That’s if Benitez can pick the right team.

montanatoffeefan: With the quantity of it, yes. But not necessarily the quality. Benayoun will be an effective pest. Torres should do okay, but hard to imagine how he’ll justify the cost. I’m glad as hell you guys didn’t reel in Eto. Still rooting for you to pull of the Heinze deal (never has so much wrangling gone on over so little quality).

Q. Tips for this coming season:

Title: Man United / Man United / Man United
Top Scorer: Whoever partners Rooney at United / Van Persie’s a good shout / Tevez
Relegated: Wigan – Bham – Reading / Fulham – Bham – Derby / Bham – Sland – Derby
Player to come from no-where: Steven Pienaar / Luke Moore / Vogel, Nugent
Liverpool will finish in: 3rd / 2nd / 2nd
Everton will finish in: 5th / 7th / Uefa or Inter-toto

  • Thanks to all the lads and lasses at NSNO who took the time to answer our questions.