‘Joey ate the frogs legs’

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Joey ate the frogs – A book of banners is a limited edition book made and published by 13 year old Liverpool supporter George Sanderson. The impressive collection of banners and flags is available from George’s website here with some proceeds going to the HJC (Hillsborough Justice Campaign) and the Marina Dalglish Charity.

This is a book of Liverpool Football Clubs Legendary Banners, never before has a book been written on our unique Banners Culture. This book has over 500 colour photographs of LFC Banners . It has a varied content from some of the most famous to some of the more obscure Banners. This book will appeal to every Liverpool fan who has ever looked at a banner and liked what they saw.

The book is a quality production in a large size A4 and has some 210 pages all in full Gloss Colour. There are banners from all over the world, either sent to me from banner owners or taken by myself at games. There are only 1000 copies in total for sale and the book is for sale in the HJC shop (Hillsborough Justice Campaign), priced at £13.50.

The cost for 1 book is £12.50 + £2.50 UK postage. Total price £15.

Please make cheques or postal orders payable to G.Sanderson. Send payment and your return address to the address below.If ordering more than 1 book the total price is still £15 per book. If you live outside the UK the postage is £5 per book.

If you want to pay by Paypal, the cost per book is £13.50 plus £2.50 post & packing, forward your payment to lfc-banners@hotmail.co.uk and let me know that you have done this.

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