These are just my four candidates for our new manager when Rafa is sacked! Yeah as you can see, anyone can randomly select someone and say they will be replacing someone else. I was thinking of removing Jesus as a deity and installing Robbie Savage in his place too.

Mugabe – Manson – Lennon – Jesus

The reason for me doing this is that I am thinking of applying to be a sports writer at any of the tabloids, including the Scum as that seems to continuously write rubbish about everyone associated with and around Liverpool Football Club will get you a decent paying job. OOOO Jamie Carragher, how dare he do the good thing of finishing his warm down then go and sign autographs and have photos with Luton fans. How dare he give a little back to fans that do not even support the club he plays for. He is a disgrace, I cannot stand him and I should support another club as he is a bad example. Yes I mean that wholeheartedly, he is a bad example to all the kids coming through who think earning a fortune for kicking a ball around a field is all football is about. In essence Carra is one of us, a bloke that appeared to have been told by Gerrard Houllier some time ago when he was still a young whipper snapper ‘œWhy go into that bar now and be hassled when be professional and in 10 years you can own it!’ (Not an exact quote I am sure but you get the gist of its meaning!). The lad was spat at and had ale thrown at him in front of kids and their families who were happy to see a footballer doing what he should do for the fans. The fact that they were Luton fans (doing the spiting etc. and having photo’s taken) is irrelevant. I know that Sol Campbell has of late been bemoaning the stick players are getting from fans during matches and I am sorry but just take it then walk away.

However, I DO NOT condone any racial or the like abuse. The odd jokes are fine. (I remember a while back at a pre season friendly at Anfiled poor old Lilian Thuram endured for the full match someone shouting ‘œLIIIIIIIIILLLLLLIIIIIAAAAAN’ in their best girlie voice. Of course the humour was lost on him but the rest of the fans who knew that he in essence has a girls name chuckled!! That was and remains harmless banter. I remember the days Beckham had to endure chants of ‘œPosh Spice takes it up the arse!’ and I still agree that that is fine (as long as her kids were not with her!) as it is just harmless banter in my opinion. At no point did it seem implied that it was taken up the jacksy from anyone else other than David himself therefore not implying she was anything other than his girlfriend / wife!

It appears that even with eyewitness accounts from Luton fans, The Scum as usual did want to print something a little distant from the truth!! Ah well what can you do!

Now anyway, the other mater is yet again going back to my pictures above. Ottmar Hitzfeld announces he will leave Bayern at the end of the season and Jurgen Klinnsman will be their new coach. Allegedly, a high ranking Bayern official stated ‘œWe had to move quickly to get Jurgen as Liverpool had tabled a full proposal just awaiting his signature!’. Now let me think’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦..(still thinking)’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦’¦(sorry still am!)’¦’¦’¦’¦.Ahhhhhh! The penny has dropped.

The fact that the papers have yet again been proved wrong means another line must be spun. ‘œOh damn!’ Rafa has just broken the club record for a defender and some corners (including fans) are saying it just shows how little money we have to spend. What they fail to see here is that in defence over the years we have been pretty good in most cases in buying players for our back four. Lawrenson, Hansen, Gillespie, Hyypia, Risse (He was good once!) Arbeloa, Agger, Carragher and they have been a mainstay over the seasons. It seems that yet again, when one tabloid made up story is blown out of the water, another is just crossed off the list they have in reserve and they move down one and print that. Where will it end?

Now it is just Martin O’Neil and Jose Mourinho as candidates then maybe when they say no, it will be one of my four. Given that one is dead, one has not come back to earth for a second time (although like his father he may well be an omnipresence (look it up!)), another is going to die in prison and the last has more pressing matters given that his country has 85% unemployment (although tabloids could use this as an excuse to link him to Liverpool!) and 8000% inflation rates and appears to be more dodgy than Thanksin Shinawatra, they may have to randomly pick some more names!!

If Rafa was to be sacked, shot, contract Avian flu or whatever, who would replace him? Hicks and Gillett do not seem to have infinite funds to give Rafa so why get rid of the man that has given us a few trophies in his 4 years and replace him with a man (or woman, you never know with the british press!) who will want to build their squad and probably want over £100 million to do it when we have a pretty decent squad as it is that needs a few more players adding and the deadwood shifting out.

My closing point is this’¦The press like characters, ever since Shankly, Liverpool have not really had a character manager! Paisley will always be a legend but was quiet and reserved, as was Fagan. King Kenny was in the same vain and Roy Evans was never one to ball and shout and mouth off. Houllier was the closest to a character we have had in 30 years! That is only since his Robbie playing at being a sheep chewing the grass rubbish.

We await the result against ‘˜Boro and the tat that will follow in the Sunday press!!!