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LFC fans urged to complain to BBC

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Liverpool fans are being urged to send in their complaints to the BBC following their employment of former Sun newspaper editor Kelvin MacKenzie to discuss the Russell Brand / Jonathan Ross saga which the organisation is currently embroiled in.

To those who don’t know, MacKenzie was the editor of The Sun at the time of the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 when the paper published the incorrect and deeply offending headline declaring ‘The Truth’ about the disaster. The article went on to describe a series of events which were proven to have been lies and despite other newspapers apologising, MacKenzie’s paper failed to do so in print until 2004.

MacKenzie though has failed to admit his mistakes and in 2004 declared “I was not sorry then and I’m not sorry now because we told the truth” [Source]. He told how he only apologised at the time as he was told to do so by then owner Rupert Murdoch.

At this point you may wish to read his Wikipedia page, or search for further slurs from MacKenzie and quotes such as this which he is attributed with:

“When I published those stories, they were not lies. They were great stories that later turned out to be untrue ‘” and that is different. What am I supposed to feel ashamed about?”

With a track record like that, can you understand why the BBC employed him on Breakfast news and BBC Five Live Radio on Wednesday to take the moral high ground and call on Ross and Brand to apologise when he himself will not do so?

Liverpool fans have already sent several hundred complaints to the BBC, questioning why such a person is being paid with your TV licence fee. A sample complaint letter was posted on LFC forum today stating:

“I wish to complain that Kelvin MacKenzie was used as guest on Wednesday morning’s Breakfast News. That he was giving moral guidance (regarding the Ross/Brand fiasco) is even worse.

This man has actively inflicted pain on the many victims of the Hillsborough disaster, and his lies have inhibited justice being acheived for thousands. How dare he call for Brand and Ross to apologise when he won’t? The BBC have suspended Ross and Brand for causing vastly less pain than Mackenzie has.

The man also has a track record of racism and homophobia. He is neither a respectable or suitable voice to be on the BBC. It is a disservice to licence payers, thousands of whom MacKenzie has insulted and hurt, to use this man as a guest at the BBC.”

BBC Complaints

Online link
Phone: 03700 100 222*
Textphone: 03700 100 212*
Write: BBC Complaints,
PO Box 1922
G2 3WT
*UK-wide rate charged at no more than 01/02 geographic numbers; calls may be recorded for training.

Ofcom complaints link

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