Bye bye Rafa? Don’t be daft!

How many times have we gone through this in the last few years?

It’s not fair on us the supporters, the players, or on Rafa himself. In fact as far as I’m concerned, it’s almost disrespectful.

Rafael Benitez is still the manager of Liverpool FC. He has made no noises about wanting to quit, and he hasn’t actually walked out. What you saw or heard yesterday was all media speculation. All because he hasn’t yet signed the new contract offered to him. It’s not the first time someone has turned down a contract, and I’m sure it wont be the last.

You don’t accept something if you’re not happy with it. You take it back to the board and negotiate. That’s all Rafa’s doing. He said days ago that he’d rather this was sorted in the summer. I don’t think Rafa has any intention of walking. He’ll sign the contract when he’s happy with the terms offered, and when he’s good and ready. Not before.

He’s also stated many times over that he’s more than happy here on Merseyside. His wife doesn’t want to move back to Spain, and his daughter speaks better English than he does! Rafa’s got his eyes set on being here for a long long time yet, so don’t believe all the media claptrap that’s being spouted currently. Please.

You wouldn’t bury a man before he’s actually dead. So why look for someone to fill a job that isn’t actually vacant? Why look for a new manager when we already have one? Now is not the time for all this speculation. That time will come if or when Rafa actually walks or is pushed.

But now is the time to get behind the team in the fight for the title. In the fight for the Champions League. And that team includes Rafael Benitez. As for now, he’s still one of us. He’s still our manager. And instead of sticking the knife in already, we should be behind him all the way.

In Rafa I trust. YNWA