Gerrard ‘“ We need to buy spark Utd have

Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard says he’s not proud that Liverpool failed to win any trophies during the 2008/09 campaign, but admits progress has been made and the team is just one or two top players off winning the Premier League.

Speaking from the England training camp, Gerrard said Rafa Benitez needs to find players with the ‘œspark’ that Manchester Utd show to catch up with the league Champions.

He said, “I think if you look at the squad in general, Manchester United won the league this year because they had that little bit of spark coming off the bench, that little bit more strength in depth. If we can add two or three more to the quality we’ve already got in the squad, then I feel we’ll be on a par with them.

“Judging our season as a failure is a bit strong but you know you’ve got to be realistic and look at the bigger picture. We’ve finished the season without a trophy, which hurts. But from a Liverpool point of view there’s certainly been a lot of progress made. We’re getting really close to being champions so our next two or three signings are vital to push on and try and go one better than this year. But I’m certainly not sitting here proud of not winning a trophy.”