Alonso saga in circles as Real almost admit defeat

The Xabi Alonso transfer saga of 2009 has now twisted to an all too familiar ‘œoutcome’ that will surely, like its many times before, not signal an end to Real’s persuit of the Spanish international.

Reports over the last couple of days have suggested that Alonso has firmly told Reds boss Rafa Benitez that he wishes to leave Anfield to join the La Liga giants, with Benitez only willing to let him go for £35million.

But today Real sporting director Miguel Pardeza said the club are quickly losing hope of signing Alonso and fellow transfer target, Bayern Munich striker Franck Ribery.

He said, “Rumours have abounded this week. Xabi Alonso is a great player and we can’t deny that this team would greatly benefit from his work, but it looks like the situation may not end up well for us.

“We’ll nevertheless keep fighting for him and hope negotiations become reasonable again.”

But we’ve been here before, haven’t we?

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