Reds congratulate Shields family after release

Michael Shields, the Liverpool supporter who was sentenced to ten years in a Bulgarian prison for an attack he did not commit, has been given a royal pardon and released from prison.

Michael Shields Is Released From Jail After He Is Pardoned

Shields, from Wavertree, was found guilty of a violent attack on a barman in 2005 as he was traveling to the Reds’ ultimately successful European Cup Final in Istanbul.

However Shields always protested his innocence and a campaign run by his family with the support of many Liverpool supporters claimed there was never enough evidence to convict the now 22-year-old.

British Home Secretary Jack Straw today announced Shields’ pardon and he has been released after four years of his sentence, the final bit of which was served in England.

The club issued a statement shortly after the news broke. It read:

“It’s great news that Michael has been granted a pardon by the Justice Secretary Jack Straw.

“We know how difficult the last four years have been for Michael and his family and everyone at the club, the staff, the players and the fans have tried to support them during this time.

“We hope now that Michael and his family will be able to move on with their lives and look to the future.”

This Is Anfield would also like to pass on our congratulations to the Shields family.