Carragher hits back at “age” criticism

Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has admitted that some of his performances for the Reds this season have been poor, but insists it is nothing to do with his age.

Carragher will be 32 in January and media criticism has pointed to that as a reason for some disappointing performances so far this season.

But the centre-back insists his age makes no difference and hates the way people pin player performances on one or two incidents a game.

He said, “What will happen with me now is that every time I have a bad game, people will mention my age, whereas before it was just a case of me having a bad game,” he said.

“I look after myself very well. It’s just that when things aren’t going well for you, nothing goes well.

“Like against Chelsea, I thought I played well, but then I made a mistake at the end for the second goal. If I hadn’t made that mistake, everyone would be saying I’d played well.

“That’s what happens when things aren’t quite going for you.”

Carragher now faces competition for his place with Daniel Agger expected to be fit and available to play in this Saturday’s Premier League clash against Sunderland after recovering from a back injury.