Liverpool fans react to Fulham defeat

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Five defeats in our opening eleven Premier League games and injury problems aplenty has given many Liverpool fans food for thought.

Saturday’s 3-1 defeat at Fulham has raised many eyebrows about the potential of Liverpool’s title ambitions and the tactics of Reds boss Rafa Benitez.

Here’s a selection of fans’ thoughts after the game. You can join in with the discussion and debate with the thousands of Kopites already doing so in our forums here.

cb24: Fulham dominated once Torres went off. Sure a mistake led to the goal, but they were on top of us, we would have been lucky to hold out the way the game was going in my view. I agree on having to take Nando off though, however if we had better options than Babel and Voronin, and Carra and Kuyt weren’t in such terrible form it might not have been such a turning point.

1dragon: We have to give Fulham some credit I feel. They were very disciplined and did not get fooled by Benayoun’s trickery. We found it hard to draw them out of their area. And they had Hangeland and Hughes, who are good in the air, so putting crosses into the area will not help much too.

Raavishx: The current squad is simply not good enough. Our bench is poor. That’s why we are suffering at the moment. There is no point in blaming injuries. It is all part of the game and the ups and downs of a 38 match long season. It’s the job of the manager to prepare for this and build a squad consistent, good enough and with enough depth to triumph at the end of it. The Premiership is more difficult to win than the C.L because you have to be consistent over 38 games, not just over half that amount.

liverboy: I’m dismayed as a lifelong Red but we have to keep it together. On current form and the way we are playing we ain’t going to win the league. But its 9pts and while Chelski are going well, if we could get ourselves back up it by the Christmas break and be hovering around with Gerrard and Aquilani playing we might still have a say in the league destination this season, but at the moment it really is only ifs and buts!

LFC-Orlando: On strategy and tactics. When the game goes as it goes and you are not winning, and you have previously decided on your strategy for the more important game (yes, that is the Lyon game) you again, stick with your plan. You don’t make emotional decisions.

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