“Not his team” – The worst excuse possible

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I am tired of hearing media pundits and former managers providing their backing to Roy Hodgson as Liverpool manager by proclaiming that “it’s not his team” and how he needs time to build his team, or how Rafa Benitez left him a poor squad.

Let’s get one very simple thing straight here; was it Alan Pardew’s team when Newcastle beat Liverpool in Pardew’s first game in charge as Newcastle manager? Was it Steve Kean’s team when Blackburn beat Liverpool on Wednesday night?

It is always the manager’s team.

The manger’s job is to manage the players at his disposal. Whether he signed them or not is irrelevant. The manger coaches, provides the tactics, gives the teamtalks and seeks to motivate the players. If he is not doing this, he is not doing his job.

As for the “Benitez left him a poor squad” argument. Let’s look at some good old FACTS;

– when Roy Hodgson took charge on July 1st, Liverpool had more players represented at the 2010 World Cup than any previous World Cup, and more than any other Premier League side had.

– the squad which Hodgson inherited finished second in the Premier League just 12 months previously, with the club’s highest Premier League points tally

– Roy Hodgson choose to loan out Alberto Aquilani and Emiliano Insua…

– … and then signed Christian Poulsen and Paul Konchesky

– Roy Hodgson signed Raul Meireles for £11m, then admitted how he wasn’t sure where best to play him

A message to all of Roy’s friends in the media – 35 years in management without a major honour says it all. He was out of his depth the moment he got the job.

Here’s one for you, Kenny Dalglish has won more trophies than Hodgson has won away games in all his time managing English sides.

Another thing, please stop reporting his overall win record (which includes pathetic Europa League games). His league win percentage is the lowest for any Liverpool manager post-war (35%).

Goodbye Roy, Goodbye Roy’s media chums.

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