Ayre listening to 39th game idea

Liverpool Football Club Managing Director Ian Ayre says he is open to the idea of playing a 39th Premier League game overseas.

The idea to play one more game a season abroad to help promote the league’s appeal worldwide and generate extra revenue has been the source of much debate since it was initally discussed in 2009.

Ayre says, however, that the club has a duty to its fanbase around the world and giving them access to the club.

He told Management Today magazine, “Never say never. What was unfortunate about last time was that the idea was created as some kind of reality before it had been thought through.

“Whatever’s going to happen in football, it needs to have been absolutely thought through and every element considered – what’s right and proper for the fans, the club, the league, the confederation, the local markets where you’d play.

“It all needs to be properly considered and I don’t think last time that was the case.”

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