Liverpool move closer to leaving Anfield

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Liverpool look increasingly unlikely to stay at their current Anfield stadium, according to chief executive Ian Ayre.

Since the club’s new owners came in last October, a new review of increasing the club’s stadium capactiy has begun.

But Ayre has warned that there appears to be many obstaces stopping the club from increasing the capacity of Anfield to 60,000 seats.

He said, “Land/property acquisition, environmental and statutory issues are creating barriers to our ambition.

“It looks increasingly unlikely there is any way we can move forward on a refurbishment of Anfield.”

The club may be forced into the more expensive option – a brand new 60,000 seater stadium on nearby Stanley Park.

The new stadium would allow for a redevelopment of the local area, but the Reds would be forced out of their historic home.

Ayre continued, “In the nine months since the new ownership, an enormous amount of work has been undertaken to explore the building of a new stadium as well as exploring a refurbishment solution.

“In terms of a Stanley Park stadium versus redevelopment, there is absolutely no question that a refurbishment of Anfield would come at a significantly lower cost than a new build.

“It’s disappointing that based on where we are at the moment, we seem to be unable to press on with the more viable economic option of a refurbishment, but we remain committed to finding the best possible long-term solution.”

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