Attitude comes first at LFC – Comolli

Liverpool’s director of football Damien Comolli says one of the most important attributes he and his scouting team now look for in a player is their mental attributes.

The Frenchman says they look for whether the player is a “team player” and the psychological aspect of the player.

Comolli said;

“The first thing we used to look for is the talent, but not anymore.

“What we want is a talented player but with the right attitude and intelligence. Is he a team player? Is he intelligent enough that he puts himself at the disposal of the team? We need to look a lot more at the psychological aspect of the player, the attitude of the player, the mentality of the player on the pitch than we used to.”

Another factor Comolli sees as being crucial is how often the player is injured;

“We turn enormously toward players who don’t get injured.”

On Luis Suarez, he said “We also took into account the number of assists, his performances against the big teams, against the smaller clubs, in the European Cup, the difference between goals scored at home and away.”

  • Quotes from article: Damien Comolli helps to promote the statistical revolution at Liverpool (Sports Illustrated)
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