A Brave New World – Redux – Part Deus – The Sequel

With Gerry’s continued absence from Kopblog HQ, we approached Kopblog regular aitch to step up to the plate ahead of Monday’s big match with Spurs.

NOT sure how fitting it is to steal one of Gerry’s own blog title’s for my first touch as a substitute, but like an eager teenager coming on for Steven Gerrard, there it is.

So without further ado… somebody pass the choc-ice and let’s get this party started.

Its been a rocky start to the season, with points, like a bar of soap in the Prison showers, dropped where they shouldn’t have been. But for all the wrist-slitting that a lot of fans were doing (more so elsewhere than at kopblog,) over recent, pre-Manc performances, by-and-large the Reds have been playing pretty well since the start of the season.

Unfortunately, the reality is that we did not amass the points we needed to from many of those good early performances, and so we find ourselves, a bit off the Premier League pace going into a big game against Spurs.

Conversely, while Spurs have collected points from their good performances, they also did so from the few dodgy ones they’ve put in… leaving them lying in a relatively comfortable 3rd place, and giving credence to their claims of “top 4” pedigree.

We had a tough time of it at White Hart Lane. There’s no getting around that.

They blitzed us for the first 15 minutes of that game and we were looking very ropey. But as many a game has shown… just because they dominated us for 15 minutes and got an early goal for their troubles, doesn’t mean we’d have been under that cosh for the full 90. We’ll never know though, coz in stepped the referee, sending Charlie Adam to an early shower.

Now Charlie Adam makes some stupid fuckin tackles, of that there is little dispute, but there was very little wrong with the tackles for which he got either of his yellow cards that day. The same could be said for the two shown to Skrtel.

Suffice to say, we were up against it, once Charlie walked… and it left them in a position to continue their dominance in possession, and us with a much bigger task in attempting to turn that around…yet we still kept the scoreline respectable until the 2nd red card.

Excuses… or Circumstance?

I think I’ve explained my take on that in the past… which brings us to Monday.

Spurs are on a decent run of form… but they have had a few injuries of late… and good ole ‘Appy ‘Arry is not so happy at the moment… being in the dock and already admitting to perjury… he even missed his chance at a good old through-the-car-door-window, deadline day, SkySports News interview… so with a bit of luck, we’ll catch them a bit off peak.

Kenny on the other hand, looks like he might be getting things to click a bit. Suarez is back, Spearing is back, hopefully Stevie was just resting, Downing is starting to perform a bit more consistently, Bellamy has been a revelation, and even Andy Carroll scored a goal! We raise ourselves for the big ones, and we’ve kept better teams at bay, so hopefully that will be the case this weekend.

So there it is… not the most earth-shattering blog in the history of kopblog, but something to get the discussion rolling going into of the weekend.

Come On You Reds, YNWA, Patrice Evra is a Liar and The Red Are Coming Up The Hill Boys!


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