We’re on Our Way To Wembley…

… But You Wouldn’t Know It By The Headlines….

By Aitch

So here we are….
With roughly 24 hours as I type this, before the biggest game of the season so far, instead of being able to prepare quietly under the radar while the press sharks wrestle over the chum that is United losing to Wigan (coz you know, top sides don’t lose to Wigan) and City winning to “open up the title race”…
… we jumped feet first into the already blood soaked water like a hemophiliac with a self inflicted knife wound and started thrashing about like a drowning and bleeding hemophiliac.

There has been a lot that has impressed me about Henry and Werner and the way they took over.
There has been much that has unimpressed me.
The termination of Damien Comolli… and certainly the timing of it…
…for me… falls into the latter.

We should be talking about the FA Cup Semi-Final… instead, as John Lennon put it, “now there’s all this.”

Some people have already made up their minds about “his” transfers, so I’m not entirely sure a reasonable discussion is even possible. I’d hoped to wait until the end of the season to have that debate… which is why I haven’t yet answered the pointed questions, put to me in that regard.
I had hoped to have Kopblog reel back a little and keep its powder dry on such opinions, coz I think there is an element to the timing of Comolli’s firing that could be driven by groundswell of opinion on blogs and forums.
It shouldn’t be that way… but our owners are not footy experts… and have openly admitted to widely casting their nets for knowledge and opinion on the subject…
…and while I applaud them in this attempted knowledge gathering (our former Yank owners made no such attempt)… there is a real danger in that there is a wide array of truly outrageous opinion out there, that they are gonna need to filter in forming their own.

It is for that reason I have called on people to stop openly questioning Kenny (and certain players) in such harsh terms… not coz the man is somehow untouchable or beyond reproach, or “bigger than the club”…
… but because his bosses that make the decision on his future (and more importantly ours) know less about football than many people who feel the urge to pontificate on it in forums and blogs. (said in pontificate fashion in a blog.)
(apparently necessary disclaimer stating: that is not directed pointedly, veildley, or in any other way underhanded, disguised or perceived, at anyone specific in Kopblog by name or loose inference… for fucks sake!)

The headlines this week should have been all about questioning United and Fungus, and posing the idea that they might just stumble and hand the title to City, should they find the wherewithal to grab it.
… but it wasn’t.

I suppose we have no choice but to discuss Comolli now… but with an FA Cup semi-final against Everton at Wembley on our doorstep, I’ll leave that discussion for the comments section after the game.

Is this be a make or break moment for the Club?
… for certain players?
… for Kenny?
I think Yes, very possibly, and very probably in that order.

Does or Will our League form have any bearing on the 90 minutes (or more) that will be played at Wembley?
My opinion is no… just as it didn’t when we faced United and City.

Cup games are one-offs… and Cup games against Everton even more so.
There is so much coming into play here, from the history of these match-ups and their results, to Moyes unhidden hard-on for us, to the far less friendly “all-merseyside derby atmosphere” that these things used to get played in back in the 80s…

…and that’s before you get into 3rd string goalkeepers, poor form, Bellamy’s knees, Andy Carrol, where to best play Stevie G., Howard “the Manc” Webb, and the enigma that has become Stewart fuckin Downing!

So my prediction, barring likely interference from Webb, is that while Everton have been on a good run lately, that’ll go out the window the minute they step out on the Wembley turf and their inferiority complex will once again scupper their ability to play footy, allowing Liverpool to run out traditional 3-1 winners!

Come On You Reds!

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