Theo Jorgensen: The $3 million Reds Fan

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Meet celebrity Liverpool fan Theo Jorgensen, a poker play with $3 million in career earnings.


Accomplished poker professional Theo Jorgensen has dominated the live tournament scene, earning around $3 million in career winnings, along with titles from some of the most prestigious events, including the World Series of Poker Europe and World Poker Tour. The Team PokerStars Pro is also a keen sports fan, regularly playing tennis, squash and even boxing. However, it’s when you ask him about football and gambling on the big games where his passion and knowledge really becomes apparent.

“Let’s just say I don’t mind football betting,” he said modestly. “The fact that the best guy or team doesn’t always win and there’s a tad of luck involved makes it for me.”

Explaining why Liverpool has become his club of choice, Jorgensen said: “I support Liverpool for various reasons, some of them are named Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush, Terry McDermott, Ray Kennedy, Alan Kennedy, Sammy Lee and the big one: Jan Mølby.”

From making a name for himself on the felt, Jorgensen has managed to meet his heroes from the pitch. He has even enjoyed the opportunity to play against some of the many who have taken up poker as a hobby following their retirement from lucrative football careers. “I’ve played against Teddy [Sheringham], [Tony] Cascarino and some Danes like John ‘Faxe’ Jensen, Kim Christofte and so on,” he said. “Teddy and Tony know what they are doing, which is a tad more than you can say about Faxe.”

Although he has supported Liverpool since the 1980’s, the Danish poker pro holds out little hope that Denmark will be taking home a championship anytime soon. “Considering the fact that we have five million people in the country and most other countries have the same amount of footballers to choose from, my hopes and expectations are not really that high,” he said. Of course, that doesn’t mean Jorgensen wouldn’t be thrilled to see his home country play on the world stage: “I’m just happy if we qualify for the World Cup and European Championships.”

As an experienced gambler, Jorgensen has managed to emulate some of the success of his poker career in football betting. Offering some guidance to others hoping to turn a small profit from the game, Jorgensen said: “Ally yourself with someone who’s doing it for a living would be my best advice,” before warning: “Just don’t ever think you know something that the bookies don’t.”

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