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Ode To Luis Suarez

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Apologies in advance, I haven’t attempted to write verse since my school days and I’m sure it probably shows. But parts of the below Ode to Luis Suarez have been buzzing around in my head for awhile so I decided to write them down and post them as a little filler between blogs.

Dear Luis Suarez you’ve ruined my summer
All the talk of your leaving has proved a real bummer
You’ve been a Red hero, the star of the show
I can hardly believe that your ready go

I agree you’re a victim of the British press
But they hate us too because their Manc-obsessed
Let’s be honest you haven’t helped yourself all the time
Still, the media manhunt has been the real crime

A comment deemed racist yielded an 8 game ban
but it only yields 4 to an English man
Your 10 game ban for biting was beyond defence
Unless your an English international, in which case, it’s a yellow card offence

Every time your brought down it’s a dive, the media claim without fail
It’s the height of bad cheating, unless your name’s Gareth Bale
Your complaining is highlighted, your branded a loony
Why can’t you be a good example to children, like their own beloved Wayne Rooney

So the stories are spun with their rent-a-quote hype
They really don’t care for you foreigner types.
FIFA say they’ll kick racism out of the football one day
Perhaps they should start with the British media and the English FA

And through it all we’ve stood with you, through each stick and stone
Always ensuring you did not walk alone
We share your frustration and know that you’ve got good reason
But doesn’t our steadfast support deserve at least one more season

The grass is not always greener, a career can be wrecked
We write songs for our hero’s, other clubs just write cheques
We know you’ve had issues and sometimes it’s been tough
But smile and remember The Kop, singing We Just Can’t Get Enough

The decision is yours, but in case you’re in doubt
I’ll try one more time to spell it all out
Stay Red be a Hero, our number one guy
Or go and play second fiddle to a lady boy

Hope that wasn’t too painful!

Keep the Faith

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