Video: Jordan Henderson talks Klopp, Suarez, injuries and more

Jordan Henderson chats to Chris from Redmen TV over a game of FIFA 16, it provides a relaxed discussion with the Liverpool captain.

Henderson talks about his return from injury and the changes made under Jurgen Klopp.

Asked for his favourite football memory, Henderson picks out Luis Suarez’s performance against Norwich at Anfield in 2013/14; “them two moments, I just stood and thought ‘wow'”.

“I really liked Luis, player, everything. He had everything. He was never injured, just wanted to play all the time, just got on with it.”

With the interview taking place during a game of FIFA, it’s more relaxed than your usual interview and there’s a fair bit of banter between Chris and Jordan – especially when Chris subs Jordan in the game!

Chris asks Klopp about the manager’s slaps, saying he hasn’t been on the receiving end of them yet! “They look sore don’t they!”

“He’s brought a lot of energy, you see the belief we have, the confidence we have.”