Finally, a half-and-half scarf that is acceptable

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Half-and-half scarves are universally seen as one of the worst aspects of modern football, but there’s finally one that you can wear without looking like a confused human.

Quite where the appeal of buying a scarf with two different clubs represented on it is baffling for most, and half-and-half scarves have become almost synonymous with what’s wrong with modern football.

Although most of us would never consider purchasing one with both Liverpool and, say, Man United on it, enough must be being sold for it to be worth somebodies’ time.

Now, Hat-Scarf-Or-A-Badge, an independent fans outlet which can be found just along Walton Breck Road from Anfield, have released a brilliant half-and-half scarf, inspired by the great Bill Shankly.

Liverpool’s legendary former manager once famously said, “there’s only two teams in Liverpool…Liverpool and Liverpool reserves.”

The response to the new piece of merchandise has been resoundingly positive, with fans reacting to it on Twitter.

Find out more about Hat-Scarf-Or-A-Badge and order their half-and-half special here.

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