22 February 2020, North Rhine-Westphalia, Gelsenkirchen: Football: Bundesliga, FC Schalke 04 - RB Leipzig, 23rd matchday in the Veltins Arena: Timo Werner of Leipzig shows his raised thumb. Photo: Bernd Thissen/dpa - IMPORTANT NOTE: In accordance with the regulations of the DFL Deutsche Fu?ball Liga and the DFB Deutscher Fu?ball-Bund, it is prohibited to exploit or have exploited in the stadium and/or from the game taken photographs in the form of sequence images and/or video-like photo series.

Timo Werner talks yet to progress beyond “informal stage” due to season’s break

Liverpool were expected to launch a bid for a big summer transfer signing in the summer, with Timo Werner one of the linked candidates—but that’s on hold for now.

Like much of the football world, transfers and when they can happen are something of an unknown quantity at present.

Of course, if Liverpool—or any team—hold an interest in a player, that isn’t going to go away…but the decision-making process is changed entirely, from timelines through to valuations of players.

And now Simon Hughes, speaking on the Athletic‘s podcast, says that the Reds’ interest in Werner remains—but nothing is imminent in terms of accelerating a move.

It’s important to note that Hughes feels this is as much to do with Leipzig’s end as much as Liverpool’s, given the situation they are in and the fact that their campaign has similar unknown factors.

“Everything is changed. At the end of February people were expecting that Liverpool would not just ramp up their interest, but formalise it around this time,” Hughes said.

Timo Werner (PA Images)

“A lot of people have gone quiet on that [interest], but it seems like everything that has happened has slowed things down.

“Leipzig are going to be wanting to find out what’s happening with the Champions League, they could win the Bundesliga, they are having a great season.

“Nobody can afford to make decisions until they know when next season will start.

“At this stage from what I can tell, the discussions remain at the informal stage.”

It’s a perfectly reasonable conclusion to draw that matters are simply in “wait and see” mode right now, not just with Werner but with contracts, sponsorships, selling players and staff appointments.

The Werner saga might well go on through the summer now if seasons don’t resume until May or June.

Long-term, it’s important that Liverpool get it right with regards to choosing the player to challenge the forwards next season and beyond.

And as Jurgen Klopp and Co. have already shown more than once they are willing to wait a year if needed to get the player they believe in, this current postponement won’t cause any anxiety with them—they’ll make their move when the time is right.