James Maddison gets Liverpool fans talking after ‘best’ Anfield declaration

The Anfield atmosphere is in a league of its own and has intimidated countless world-class players and teams throughout the years, and James Maddison was the latest to get a taste.

Anfield isn’t always rocking, far from it. But when the call comes, Anfield answers – and while often reserved for European nights, the League Cup sparked a fierce reaction.

Leicester‘s time-wasting on the pitch to the crass words from the away end mixed with the need for a fightback created a cauldron of noise that helped push the Reds over the line.

The Anfield atmosphere is no ‘myth’ as some John Doe will profess having never come close to experiencing what the ground is capable of, sorry if Burnley at 3pm doesn’t get quite get the same reaction…

But while some love to continue to pedal such rhetoric, Maddison said just the opposite after Leicester fell to defeat in the penalty shootout.

“Cruel end to a great game at the stadium with the best atmosphere in England. Tough one to take!” Leicester‘s No. 10 penned on his social media, and it received mixed views from fans.


Perhaps the knee slide at the Kop end was a little premature from Maddison but he spoke nothing but the truth regarding Anfield and what it can cook up.

‘There’s no noise like the Anfield noise – and I love it!’