Where Jurgen Klopp will rank in Liverpool history with contract extension

Liverpool have a long line of illustrious managers throughout their history and have seen only three eclipse the decade mark at Anfield, until now.

Jurgen Klopp‘s decision to sign a new deal and extend his stay at Liverpool to at least 2026 is the latest piece of incredible business by the club.

The 54-year-old had long been expected to bid farewell in 2024 after nearly nine years at Anfield, but now revitalised with a desire to create a dynasty, he’s going nowhere anytime soon.

The new deal is to keep Klopp at Liverpool for four more years, by which time he will have been in the top job for 10 years and eight months.

Having arrived in 2015, it is a significant investment of time and it promises many successful years ahead for the Reds.

Notably, fulfilling the new contract will see Klopp leapfrog Bob Paisley as Liverpool’s fourth longest-serving manager, with the former boss taking his leave after eight years and 11 trophy-laden months.

Bob Paisley at Anfield after taking over as Liverpool manager following the resignation of Bill Shankly. 26th July 1974. (PA / Alamy)

But if Klopp is wanting to even attempt to match Bill Shankly, or George Kay, he’d have to sign a contract until 2029 at the very least – at which point the German would be 62.

The legendary Shankly presided over Anfield for 14 years and seven months between 1959 and 1974, a time he built the club into a bastion of invincibility and made what we see today possible.

But he is not the longest-serving manager in Liverpool history, that honour is Tom Watson’s – by some distance over Shankly!

From 1896 to 1915, more than 18 years, Watson was the man in charge and guided Liverpool to their first-ever First Division title in 1900/01 before matching the feat in 1905/06.

Think Jurgen will be up for 18 years at Anfield?

Liverpool’s 10 longest serving managers

  • 1. Tom Watson – 18 years, 9 months (1896-1915)
  • 2. Bill Shankly – 14 years, 7 months (1959-74)
  • 3. George Kay – 14 years, 5 months (1936-1951)
  • 4. Jurgen Klopp – 10 years, 8 months (2015-2026*)
  • 5. Bob Paisley – 8 years, 11 months (1974-1983)
  • 6. George Patterson – 8 years, 5 months (1928-1936)
  • 7. Rafa Benitez – 6 years (2004-2010)
  • 8. Gerard Houllier – 5 years, 10 months (1998-2004)
  • 9. Kenny Dalglish – 5 years, 7 months (1985-1991)
  • 10. Don Welsh – 5 years, 2 months (1951-1956)