Revealed: What VAR claim happened for “human error” on Luis Diaz goal

The farcical offside decision for Luis Diaz‘s goal at Tottenham has been compounded by the apparent events that transpired in the VAR room, with claims now emerging of the mess up.

Diaz’s first-half goal, which would have put Liverpool 1-0 up while down to 10 men, was deemed offside by the linesman, but the television images showed otherwise.

It was expected that VAR would overturn the ruling and signal a goal, but that never transpired in what was a quick check that showed no lines being drawn in Sky Sports’ coverage.

After the match, the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) admitted “a significant human error occurred” and that a goal should have been awarded through VAR intervention.

Darren England was at the helm of VAR at Stockley Park, assisted by Dan Cook, and claims have now emerged as to what is said to have unfolded.

According to Sky Sports, the following occurred after the flag was raised once Diaz found the back of the net:

  • Lines were drawn to check offside
  • VAR, England, thought the on field decision was a goal
  • ‘Check complete’ message was passed onto the referee
  • In saying ‘check complete’, the referee stuck with the on-field decision
  • PGMOL released a statement after the game that a “human error” occurred

Dale Johnson, ESPN’s resident VAR specialist, readily breaks down incidents like these – though none appear as calamitous – corroborated the abovementioned breakdown of events.

Immediately, one would question why England would not clarify the right call after seeing referee Simon Hooper signal a Tottenham free-kick.

Johnson explains that “as soon as Spurs take the free-kick for the offside, which they were set up for, the decision cannot be rolled back.”

A complete farce from start to finish, so it appears! Something has to change.

That a correct decision cannot be communicated effectively from one official to the next is staggering, especially with what is at stake.

There will be plenty of disgruntled and frustrated figures where Liverpool are concerned, and those emotions are one hundred percent valid.