“Lucho is really happy” – Jurgen Klopp speaks after Luis Diaz’s father released

After Luis Diaz‘s father, Luis Manuel Diaz, was released by his kidnappers, Jurgen Klopp has commented on his winger looking “really happy” in light of the news.

The Diaz family can finally have peace of mind that Luis Manuel is safe after he was released, following nearly two weeks of being held hostage.

Thursday afternoon brought news of his release, with Diaz’s father rescued by representatives from the United Nations and the Catholic Church after being held by ELN, a guerrilla group recognised as terrorists.

There is widespread relief of his safe return, and after being named in Liverpool’s starting lineup for the first time since the kidnapping, Klopp commented on his winger’s state of mind.

“It looks like Lucho is really happy, thumbs up all the time,” Klopp told TNT Sports. “It looks good, very very good.

“Timing-wise it couldn’t have been better, if it’s now [release has been confirmed], great.

“Yes, we asked him [if he wants to start]. He wants to, good. And he will.”

Diaz missed two matches for Liverpool during the period of his father being missing but returned with a goal at Luton, where he unveiled a message reading “LIBERTAD PARA PAPA” in Spanish, meaning to “FREEDOM FOR DAD” in English.

The Colombian is set to be called up for international duty and it is likely that his reunion with his father will take place following Liverpool’s final match before the break against Brentford.