Luis Suarez charged again by the sweet F.A.

An incident at the end of the F.A.Cup tie between Liverpool and Manchester United has led to a possibility of further censure to Luis Suarez. A complaint that the Uruguayan’s celebrations at Dirk’s Kuyt’s goal, is being taken very seriously, as it may have been seen as provocation to the sensitive, current nature of their fans state of mind and invoked the rules regarding players celebrating with the crowd. Sir Alex Ferguson was distraught at the final whistle in a match that he cannot believe his team lost bearing in mind the chances his team created.

Especially considering the nature of the lucky goals, one of which should have been disallowed because their fragile goalkeeper was not allowed to catch the corner, while the second was “definitely” offside. The charge against Suarez was considered much more critical though as United now look forward to the fact that he can play against them soon and the fear of further damage in their quest for silverware.

Liverpool Football Club have made no comment currently, but this followed a further complaint allegedly by Patrice Evra that United had scored ten goals during the match. Sir Alex Ferguson immediately urged the player to complain officially to the referee. Mr Halsey was accordingly horrified by the allegation but admitted he had not seen them go in, to which Monsieur Evra responded that, o.k then, perhaps six or seven goals was more of an accurate assessment but anyway, they still definitely won the game.

Mr Halsey then asked any of his team mates if they could recall scoring them but although Wayne Rooney claimed four, his statement was a considered inadmissible, not because he didn’t play, but solely because was he was a blue nose before he grew his hair.

Mr Halsey subsequently interviewed Pepe Reina at length who definitely admitted picking the ball out of the net once but could not remember any of the other five or six though the Spaniard appeared nervous and spoke in broken English. Unlike the Liverpool player then, Evra was considered a reliable witness and was probably telling the truth so therefore Liverpool will be thrown out of the F.A.Cup and Reina and Suarez will be banned for the rest of the season.

No further comment was made other than an admission that, yet again, Fergie owes them one.

Happy days to be a red?

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"I've supported the lads all my life, started in the boys pen in the days when we outsang the Kop. Graduated over the fence and stood right in the middle of the kop for the halcyon days under Bill and Bob. I was one of the nutters who used to cascade down to the front when we attacked the Kop goal. Veteran of the infamous "Ajax" and "Inter Milan" games in the 1960s, Rome 1977 and Paris 1981. Graduated, like most owl arses to the Lower Centenary. Seen the lads win everything and my last ambition is to see them win the title again now the miracle of Istanbul provided the other half of that dream."
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  • Ashfah Ngog

    Oh my “Puki Mak”, they are charging Suarez again for whatever reason! How I wish to”Kunkit” with the FA guys to settle this matter. though I am not Faria Alam.

  • Anonymous

    To digress a little – why shouldn’t Louis call Evra a Negro?  He is one.

    Would I get all bent out of shape if Evra called me a Caucasian?  Or an Arab?  Or an Asian, or Indian, even Eskimo?  They are all long-standing, scientific designations of genetic characteristics.  May even be embedded in the law.

    PC has gone utterly crazy these days.  God help us.

    • Paddymcd

      Eskimo is an offensive term. It was coined by the french meaning short and fat

    • David Smith

      He didn’t call him a negro.  He said “porque Negro” or “why Black”.
      So he called him black. 
      Down to each individual whether you see that as offensive or not, or whether you believe Suarez meant to give offence or not.

  • Adam

    Haha amazing article. Was worried until I realised it was a joke. Fantastic although I’m disappointed with Liverpool for not telling Suarez to ask for it to be taken to a criminal court as is his rights and the case would have been laughed at as it was just one mans word against another’s, but as we all know this was masterminded by fergie himself and 2 out of the 3 “independent” panel had such close ties with man utd and the fa have been up fergies backside for 20 years we all knew what the outcome would be! Great article though. Loved seeing fergies face at the end

  • Gary LFC

    haha made me laugh, i did think it was real at first though because the FA are pathetic and are looking for him to do something else they can charge him for.

  • enough is enough

    WWow isn’t it great to see a player celebrate like that ynwa

  • Shahinanwar


  • Anonymous

    I am so over this discussion (not ranting on the piece that was amusing). I feel like we’ve lost the argument and it shows that the majority of people are black/white about racism at least those who are in charge – the grey.

  • Robmf

    Indeed why shouldn’t Louis call Evra a Negro……as you rightfuly point out “he is one.” But let’s just imagine a scenario shall we where your good self is involved in a particuarly heart-felt discourse with say…..Mike Tyson. Would you… any stage during said debate…..directly refer to his skin colour be addressing him as…..a Negro? NO? But he is one! I wish people would refrain from constantly rolling out the utterly well-worn cry of “PC gone crazy”. It’s nothing to do with being politically correct……but it has everything to do with the assumption of racial hierarchy.

  • Andrew Dotie

    english fa should be disbanded as they are afraid and always sopport ferguson and mamchester united. why are they afraid of luis swarez. FA is killing the game

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha ha ha.
    Good one – with a touch of truth !!

    • Robmf

      You know what im saying. La..

  • Me

    racist scumbags

  • Martin Brugman Germano

    I came from Uruguay to tell something and end this discussion. Here to call somebody “negro” never was offensive. Damm, my girlfriends call me “negro” somethimes, saying “negro come here”, “i love yo negro” and so on.
    But to call somebody “sudaca” it’s offensive.

  • Pedrogomila

    sadly, Luis Suarez must leave England and de Liverpool team and he must go to a country more tolerant with “sudacas” like Evra call him, i think 

  • Bon_Jovi4

    it was just jealous because man utd didnt win if fergie was distraught how do you think the wrexham manager will be feeling after the brighton reply where brighton only just won on pens where wrexham should have had the game won. But with Suarez is done with racist what about when John Terry if he gets found gulity? and also Suarez to be charged with provkation does this mean Evra will as well

  • Rolfharris23

    I’d like to know will the FA completley clear of rascisum out off football including Fans or players calling other Fat Bast**** thats rasict as well not just about skin colour if players take it that much 2 heart what about snooker say a coloured skin snooker is going for the black and the Dennis taylor Or Mike Hallet says Just this Black for the 147 is he gonna get upset saying about going for the black and he if he did it be a big joke where the black snooker ball has been donkey years on snooker till coloured skin player complains. What about the phas Sticks and Stone may break my bones but names will not